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Tips to Create best Email Marketing Plan

Are you sending your first Email Marketing Campaign? Stop it now. A good Email Marketing plan always helps to reach the right audience and this is Email Marketing Strategy for you.
Create an Email Marketing Plan, Email Marketing Strategy, and Set Goals.

The ideal way to reach a target audience is email marketing. A maximum number of companies prefer email marketing to connect with the target audience, as it allows them to share information at large by shooting bulk emails.

Another reason to use email marketing is effectiveness and cost-efficiency. A high return on investment is expected with each emailer. Hence, companies prefer to spend less when they can earn more by using a specific technique.

If you wish to connect with the audience, then here is the way to build the best email marketing plan:

1. Create Your Email List

Firstly, build your email list because relevant content and a beautiful layout are useless if nobody is there to watch it. So, start preparing your email list for which you be required to do:

  • Insert Call-to-Action button on Website
  • Promote Newsletter on social media
  • Send invites to people to sign up for your email  list
  • Gather email addresses from point-of-sale such as billing desk, window shoppers and regular buyers.
  • Offer deals, discounts, coupons and referral points to those who have already signed up.

While doing all this, you will realize that building an email list is also easy and somewhat promotional to make your brand presence strong. 

2. Know your Audiences that you Wish to Connect With

It is important to segregate the email marketing plan as requirements vary from client to client. Let’s suppose you are promoting skincare products. Then, some potential buyers will come running to try the new range of products you are offering. However, some would just check in to see what all products are there. Similarly, some people will come down asking for a specific brand or a product.

So, you must have a convincing answer for each one of them. This can only be done by segregation. Hence, segregation will make your email marketing plan more effective to answer the right thing  to right people.

Segregation depends upon various factors such as customers by age, gender, customer type, loyalty level, and more. 

3. Build Campaign with Goals to Achieve

After finishing work on the email list and segregation process, now it’s time to focus on your goal. The best email marketing plan is the one which focuses on questions such as what will be the frequency of your email to the audience and what do expect the audience to do with the information you shared?

Your list of goals to achieve should include something like:

  • Growth in registrations for an upcoming event
  • Increase in bookings for appointments or treatments
  • Increase in Website Traffic where people can know more about your brand
  • Increase in footfall at outlet

You must have multiple goals to create content and shoot them at different times. Running behind only one goal will not work. Let’s suppose your goal is to increase footfall in your outlet.

This can be achieved by scheduling in-store events where people need to register their email addresses to mark their attendance. This goal can be accomplished by running an email marketing campaign.

4. Build Content Calendar for Email

Content is the king in email marketing as well. Thus, the content should be of the high-quality.

Plan a content calendar while noting down the purpose of the same. Select theme for the content if you plan to send a newsletter on a monthly basis. To create email content you can work on ideas such as:

  • Highlight blog content to increase website traffic
  • Build exclusive deals, coupons, and discounts for regular subscribers
  • Remind people about the upcoming events and ask to buy tickets for the same in advance
  • Share alluring photographs to get maximum user engagement as soon as email drops in the subscriber’s inbox
  • Send personalized messages to the subscribers

Set the tone right while writing email content and choose relevant images, fonts and templates to make the entire email look perfect.

5. Monitor your Growth

The most important and crucial stage of the best email marketing plan is to monitor your growth. Keep a track of important points such as open rate, click-through- rate, and unsubscribe rate. All these things will help you understand where the scope for improvement is?

You can also monitor conversions which were possible because of the content. Give them exclusive coupons and deals for the same and foster your relationship with the client.

Monitor the above-mentioned points every month and find your growth trajectory moving with time. It will prove beneficial in strengthening the brand presence and win customer loyalty like no other company.

6. Timely Review Your Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing plan proves beneficial to accomplish goals. But, only an effective email marketing plan can do so. Experience comes with time as you progress, you are likely to feel the need for change in approach. It is because not all subscribers or email receivers are responding the way you expected.

To meet your goals on time, it is important to review your email marketing plan at regular intervals. Steps to review email marketing plan:

  • Set up twice a year review system.
  • Review frequency, content, and call-to-actions in your email. Also, review email marketing plan according to the segregated data. Set new and higher goals to achieve in the next six months.
  • Understanding the importance of customer retention. You need support of loyal clients to gain the trust and reliability of the new prospects to yield maximum profit.

Use email marketing to stay connected with clients and keep them updated about every new thing in the business. It will help you hold back the client and promote your brand.


Email marketing is a smart, cost-efficient, and inefficient way to reach the target audience. Use it wisely and focus on all the above-mentioned points to build the best email marketing plan for the growth of the business.

Top Online Email Marketing Courses Free

One of the simplest methods to learn email marketing is to enroll in an online course. By enrolling in the best email marketing course you can understand how to use email marketing as a tool to enhance user engagement, brand presence, sales figures, and more.

This blog post lets you know everything about the best email marketing courses online:

Who should enroll for an email marketing course?

Prior to knowing about the best email marketing courses online, it is important to know if you should enroll for the same or not. Polished email marketing skills are a must, if you are a digital marketing professional.

Similarly, Email marketing is one of the pillars of digital marketing and it is important to connect with the clients.

So, if these are your requirements, then it will be a wise decision to enroll in the best email marketing online course.

Why choose the best online courses in email marketing?

Best means the trust and reputation of providing the premium quality.  Same goes with online marketing courses. The best email marketing courses online offer the education and knowledge according to the industry standards. Some amongst them are free to learn, while some charge fees for the same and also offer certification.

Best 9 Email Marketing Online Courses

Here are the nine best email marketing online courses are:

1.  Email Marketing Course by Reliablesoft Academy

This ranks number one as it provides an email marketing course for beginners.The course covers everything including the importance of digital marketing channels. Also, the concepts are cleared by giving examples. The email marketing course by Reliablesoft Academy provides insight into:

  • Ways to create an email list
  • Proven tactics to build email list at a fast pace
  • Tips to enhance user engagement with emails
  • Ways to get started with email marketing automation
  • Budget-Friendly email marketing tools that you  can use

You will receive digital marketing certification at  the end of the course and the establishment also has a 60-day money-back guarantee. Visit their website to know more about the course.

2. Mailchimp Email Marketing Course by Udemy

Mailchimp is a very famous email marketing platform as it provides a free plan for up to 2,000 contacts and is easy to integrate. This is the second best email marketing online course, you can opt for to learn email marketing skills. The course covers topics like:

  • Email Marketing Introduction & Basics
  • Mailchimp Set up, Management, & Audience Organization
  • Tutorials on Mailchimp Features
  • Mailchimp Integrations
  • Best Subject Lines
  • Email Marketing Analytics
  • Resources, Updates, FAQs, & Bonus Material

You can join without any tension, as the company has a 30-day money-back guarantee. On the course completion, you will receive certification for the same. Also, you  need to appear in any examination to download the completion certificate.

3. Email Marketing Certification Course by Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most trusted and reliable names in the online education industry. The email certification course by Hubspot comprises a total of 9 lessons, 28 videos, 9 quizzes, and a little bit more than 3 hours of theory. The email marketing online course by Hubspot cover  topics such as:

  • Overview of Email Marketing
  • Building a Contact Management and Segmentation Strategy
  • How to send a Perfect Email
  • Building Email with high-performance level
  • Know the basics of Email Deliverability
  • Overview of Marketing Emails
  • Evaluating Your Marketing Emails
  • Test Your Marketing Emails
  • Building Relationships With Lead Nurturing

The completion certification can only be downloaded if you pass the examination. After passing the examination, you can download the certificate and can get it printed to use as a qualification.

4. Email Strategy and Optimization Course by LinkedIn Learning

The LinkedIn Learning course was launched recently to offer the best email marketing best practices. You have to take a LinkedIn Learning membership style learning library by paying $29.99 per month or $240 yearly. This fee opens doors for learning a large number of online courses.

Although, you can opt for the solo purchase for this course by paying a one-time fees of $49.99.The email marketing online course cover topics like:

  • Discover the Power of Email Marketing
  • Fit Email Into Any Marketing Plan
  • Identify All Types of Emails
  • Optimize Everything
  • Monitor and Revising

Add the completion certificate of this course as a badge to your LinkedIn profile and achieve greater heights of success by being a digital marketer with the polished skills in email marketing.

The course has 19 videos along with 1 hour theory. The LinkedIn Learning has a 30-day money-back guarantee if fee is paid only for this course.

5. Email Marketing Basics by Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is positioned at number five for its email marketing course online. You can study subjects such as display advertising, advertising on other websites, Google ads, and much more along with email marketing. This all is a part of the ‘Promote a Business with Online Advertising’ course. The email marketing online course by Google Digital Garage cover:

  • Email Marketing Basics
  • Email Marketing Options
  • Crafting Great Marketing Emails
  • Managing Successful Email Campaigns
  • Measuring Success in Email Marketing

However, no certification is offered by Google for this course. But, you can assess how much you learned by visiting the “Check Your Knowledge” section.

6. Email Marketing Free Course by YourPrimer

A Google-owned platform i.e. YourPrimer offers you the chance to join email marketing online. However, you can join these courses only on your Apple or Android device.

The only way to get enrolled in these classes is by downloading the application and signing in to your Gmail account. This course lets you learn important topics such as:

  • Why a Business Email Address is Good for Business
  • Keep Customers Interesting with Email Marketing
  • Get to the Point: Tips for Crafting Effective Emails
  • The Non-Spammy Way to Build an Email List
  • Make Email Marketing Your Secret Weapon
  • Build Your Email Marketing A-Team
  • Get Your Emails in Shape with Multivariate Testing
  • Reach Customers, Not Spam Filters

No completion certificate is offered for learning from there.

7. Email Marketing Master Class for Beginners by Wishpond

Wishpond has a simple user-interface that allows the learners to navigate throughout the website to explore and learn about email marketing. This course has 7 videos, 1 survey, 7 discussion forums, and 7 downloadable items.The Email Marketing Master Class by Wishpond cover topics such as:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Common Email Marketing Mistakes
  • How to Create an Email Marketing Funnel
  • Growing Your Email List
  • A/B Testing Your Campaigns

You require a Wishpond account to enroll for this course.

8. Email Marketing Essentials by SkillShare

This is trusted as one of the best platforms for online study. The syllabus emphasizes on  writing effective emails along with the  email marketing. The course cover topics such as:

  • Your Product
  • Core Principles
  • Voice and Tone
  • Written Elements of Email
  • What to Write
  • Core Types of Emails
  • Editing Tips
  • Final Thoughts

This is a half an hour course which covers all important topics and makes you a skilled email marketer. However, no certification is offered on completion of the course. But, you need a SkillShare account to take these classes.

9. Email Marketing course Sendible

In Sendinblue’s email marketing course, you will learn email marketing from the ground up. Upon completion of the certification, you’ll have the knowledge to create an email marketing strategy that effectively builds lasting engagement and stronger relationships with your customers as you grow and scale your business!

  • Write Better Subject Lines
  • Develop Emails that Drive Results
  • Optimize Your Email Content
  • List Management Strategies
  • Automating Your Emails
  • Create Optimal Landing Pages
  • Create an Email Campaign Checklist
  • GDPR for Digital Marketers

Some other courses for your reference which are completely Free

Email Marketing Course By Get Response

ClickMinded Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing by Emarketing

Free Email Marketing Templates

Sending an Email Marketing Marketing campaign to the desired list is one of the jobs for any Digital Marketers. Finding the right Email Marketing template is time taking and we have found some best email marketing template examples which are free to use.

Technology has given you the opportunity to drop a mail directly in the inbox of your client or the prospect and communicate to them right away. This is a chance to strengthen the brand presence. The receiver will either take the next step to stay in touch with you, else will delete the mail. In whichever case, the person will have a look at your brand and if it is relevant to him/her even by a small percentage, then you have the chance to build a relationship.

There are various email marketing templates available in the market. But, here we let you know the best ones.

Email Marketing template

8 Best Email Marketing Templates Sources

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Active Campaigns
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. Sendgrid
  5. Sendinblue
  6. Hubspot
  7. Beefree
  8. BenchMark
  9. MailJet
  10. 99 Designs

1. CampaignMonitor’s Email Marketing Templates

The responsive templates by CampaignMonitor are best suitable for desktops and mobile screens. The clean designs, colour combination and features of email marketing templates by CampaignMonitor makes it the user’s first choice.

The drag and drop feature of templates byCampaignMonitor allows you to place elements as per choice and customise the template according to the requirement. This is much better than depending on free tools that offer predetermined functionalities.

The responsive templates by CampaignMonitor are best to run email marketing campaigns on:

  • Vacation
  • Product Launch
  • Announcements

CampaignMonitor welcomes customer feedback while offering flexibility to modify templates as per the need.

2. MailBakery

Free templates by MailBakery are available in HTML. These templates can be used across industry types and some of the major uses of these templates are:

  • Property Listings
  • Launch

3. Zurb Foundation

HTML-based templates by Zurb Foundation are result-oriented. That is why, Zurb Foundation offers templates to help you achieve goals by using the same for:

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Transactional Emails and more.

You can search, preview, and download these templates for customisation further. However, these are the best in comparison to various other email marketing templates.

4. Email Monks’s Platform-Specific Email Marketing Templates

This is different. Free templates by Email Monk are HTML-based and are easy to integrate with the email marketing software you are using.

You can only receive one sample template which can be customised. However, you need to register your email address to receive the same.

5. Stripo

HTML-based templates by Stripo have more than 300 options to choose from. A wide range of templates can help you find the best one according to the industry standard.

The availability of an easy editor lets you customise the design prior to downloading. Also, you can test the template to find its flawlessness. You can also fix the error if any before downloading the template.

6. CakeMail

Templates from CakeMail are best for short, content-based and long email marketing campaigns. The wide range of 20+ templates can be used for newsletter and more. These templates are easy to use for categories such as:

  • Popular
  • Business
  • Restaurant
  • Seasonal
  • Special Events
  • Transactional
  • Educational

The availability of tags such as “first feature” and “second feature” proves beneficial to place elements if this is your first ever emailer campaign.

7. Litmus

Free templates by Litmus are accessible only after registering your email address. These high-quality templates are beneficial to use for:

  • Newsletters
  • Product updates
  • Receipts
  • Product Launch

The best thing is that free templates by Litmus are tested by their 50+ clients and have a high open rate and success rate.  So, you can bet on these templates without any worry.

Wrap Up…

Choose anyone from this list and get ready to witness business growth by manifolds. The increase in clientbase by using these templates will help you set new benchmarks in the industry for others.

The access to free templates and the choice of templates across industry types pushes you towards success in business. These are the ideal choices, if planning your first email marketing campaign.

Use of these templates is a time saving option, as you need not do brainstorming to finalise a design that will surely attract an audience. Explore and find the best template for your business and get ready to have an edge over competitors in the industry.

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021

What are the Social Media Marketing trends in 2021? What were the Social Media Marketing trends in 2020?

Social media trends have changed with the inception of new social media platforms, their new features, and algorithms.

These frequent changes present a completely new challenge for brands and social media marketers to review their strategies regularly. Also, they are required to add new types of content for user engagement.

Here are some of the facts for social media Marketing trends in 2020:

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021 1 The Digital Chapters
  • Active Social Media Users across the world 3.72 Billion
  • The average daily time spent on Social Media is 142 Minutes
  • 91% of Retail brands use social media channels
  • FB Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages a day
  • Social Media Networks earned an estimated 8.3 billion
  • 70 million blog posts are published every month on WordPress

According to statista following are the Social Media Users across the world

  • Facebook: 2.6 billion
  • YouTube: 2 billion
  • WhatsApp: 2 billion
  • Facebook Messenger: 1.3 billion
  • Instagram: 1 billion
  • TikTok: 800 million
  • Reddit: 430 million
  • Snapchat: 398 million
  • Twitter: 386 million
  • Pinterest: 367 million
  • LinkedIn: 62 million

Social Media Users in Philippines, Columbia and brazil spent average 3.30Hrs a day whereas Users in South Korea and Japan spend less than a hour in a day

Social Media changed over the years in 2020 building trust in Social Media, communicating, and solving the issues on Social Media channels became the trends. Apart from this showcasing product and services, and providing a great user experience has become a regular trend in the year 2020
Top brands started using social shopping, Influencer marketing, and sharing educational content to guide users about the brand were some of the trends on social media in 2020

What will be trends in the year 2021 on Social Media? Here are the top 10 Social Media trends for 2021

1. Increase in Popularity of Live streams

The pandemic, lockdown, and the pressure of work from home attracted people towards live streaming. All this began with zoom meetings, google meet, skype meeting, and more such applications which ensure that work is not hampered despite the pandemic situation.

This work trend soon turned into live performances and online workshops of chefs, artists, and other celebrity professionals.

With all this, live streaming became a hit and one of the top social media trends of 2021. Brands are using live interaction with their users, followers and product experts to engage the followers on Social Media channels this will continue till the year end.

Top 7 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021 2 The Digital Chapters

How Can Live Streaming benefits your brands

This is one of the powerful ways to connect with your audience, customers, and prospects. This helps brands engage with their followers on social media as well as find prospects.

  • Access to the large global audience
  • Analyze user engagement based on language, demographics, and interest.
  • A great to connect with the audience and engage users
  • No Marketing Cost
  • Opportunity to Monetise your streaming

What are the tools for Live Streaming

Here are the some of top live streaming platforms which cost nothing to you-

  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • Twitch
  • TikTok Live
  • Snapchat Live
  • Vimeo Live
  • LinkedIn live
  • Twitter Live

2. Content-based Stories

Social Media stories have been adopted by almost all Omni channels However they are not new but now as users have loved this feathers so we have to follow. Today you can post on Facebook Story, Instagram Story, Facebook Messenger Story, WhatsApp Story section in one go from a any of the platform. Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Tiktok or almost all social media channel have accepted this market demands. Users are liking Social Media stories are a lot.
What are the social Media stories ? Social Media Stories full screen vertical visuals that appears outside of your social media channel feed and last only for 24 hours and they disappear automatically.
More than 500 million users currently engage with Instagram stories on daily basis.

Brands need to plan and organize in a better way and should specifically work on the content part.

The number of brands using videos and stories to promote themselves will surely increase from 51% to a higher percentage.

Users across the social Media Channels who use Social Media stories features

  • Facebook Stories: 76%
  • Instagram Stories : 83%
  • Snapchat Stories : 87%
  • YouTube Stories: 76%

3. Surge in Demand for Virtual reality on social media

VR i.e. virtual reality will be the in thing in 2021. This is the best thing to stay from depression, negativity and to forget work stress while staying back home. VR is one interactive and meaningful technology that is currently one of the top social media trends in 2021.

Virtual Reality will take gaming and education sectors to new heights of success. For example, Facebook Horizon. From the beginning of 2021, Facebook started the Oculus VR platform to beta-test a virtual world where users can explore and connect with other users and enjoy gaming.

4. Augmented reality

AR is Augmented reality which has marked its presence in social media. Augmented Reality does not need hardware support apart from a smartphone to make it more accessible in comparison to virtual reality.

Augmented reality is more interactive and effective in user engagement.

AR or Augmented reality has become common in social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google have launched their own lenses where customer can find similar photos on these platforms.

Many companies nowadays prefer AR for the promotion of their brands and interaction with users.

5. E-commerce on Social Media

The social media industry has grown by manifolds from giving a platform to connect with friends, family and professionals to buy and sell everything possible. The shop now or buy now types advertisements running in the start, middle and end of the videos, made social media more of an e-commerce website.

This trend will grow in 2021 and today you will find every possible thing on social media to buy. You simply need to search for the right product tag and the search engine will do the remaining thing.

6. Goal-Oriented Campaigns to win the Game

Pandemic has made people feel emotional and that is why any brand contributing a share of their earned money for the welfare of mankind is receiving a round of applause. Any company promoting its product or services says buy this and we will donate medicines for poors, shop for this and we will donate masks to people living below-the poverty line grabs eyeball.

According to a study, more than 70% of respondents in a Twitter survey expect acts of kindness from brands which they love to shop from. Similarly, over 76% of the users feel like to shop with brands who aim to help the needy.

Brands with a goal-oriented strategy will win the battle. Being kind to those in need is the new strategy to grow business. This is one of the top social media trends in 2021.

7. Inclusion matters the most

Brands are trying to add meaningful and heart-touching lines to their tags, as it will attract more prospects and help in expansion of business operations and marketing. Users have a lot of options to choose from, but it is you who can make them realise how beneficial your brand is for them. This is only possible by showing a connection with the community.

Brands with slow and inactive strategies lag behind in the race to become the best and those who will click the right chord with customers will move ahead by a large margin.

 Inclusions are one of the top social media trends in 2021.


Strategies need to be changed with time as buyers approach and their expectations change according to the conditions around them. Keep these top social media trends of 2021 in mind and get ready to touch new heights of success, because pandemic is the possibility to build a bright future.

8 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns you should launch

The creation of an email list is a wise decision. But, the next question is what types of emails you should send in email marketing campaigns to reach the target audience.

Remember only the right types of email marketing campaigns, can help you achieve the goal of business expansion. The more user-engaging content you produce, the more exciting rewards, deals, and discounts you offer, the more your business will grow.


Email marketing will allow you to build a connection with the clients who will eventually turn into loyal ones. Make maximum use of Email Marketing Campaigns to engage your customers.

Here are types of email marketing or types of emails you should while doing email marketing

Build Email list using Email Marketing campaigns

We are doing a lot of email marketing campaigns from time to time but have you ever thought How important is building email lists?
If you need effective email marketing and want to get a good open rate and click rate then you should focus on building email lists.

Here are some of the options that will guide you in building email lists from the scratch-:
1. Create Lead Generation campaigns for your product and service
2. Use Pop up forms on your website or micro-sites to collect emails
3. Run Offer and sale campaigns with contact forms
4. Add more call to action buttons on your website and blogs
5. Connect your landing pages with email marketing tools

Here is the list of the top 8 most popular and engaging types of email marketing campaigns that can prove beneficial for your business. Scroll down the post and have a look at them:

8 Types of Emails for Email Marketing

1. Welcome emails

types of emails in email marketing campaigns

A welcome email is a sweet gesture you show towards clients. Also, it is a way to thank the subscribers who signed up to be a part of your mailing list. This can also be a friendly message to know what they expect, how beneficial your brand is for them, rewards, deals which are in the offering from them, and more.

The best thing about welcome emails is their high open rates because people always like to be appreciated, welcomed, or thanked.

Still, there are a lot of things to be revealed.

A welcome email is all about acknowledging a person. That is why only “Hello’” will not work. You need to tell subscribers about what they have unlocked by adding to your mail list.

2. Service feedback Emails

Feedback is important to improve product or service. Hence, it is important to ask clients to share their reviews about the product or service via email.

Feedback is important not only for development but also to know what clients expect from your brand. This is the best way to boost user engagement. It is advisable not to ask in-depth questions in the review form. But, ask some precise questions about the product working, the scope for improvement, and more. It will help better.

3. New Launch Emails

Subscribers must be aware of updates and latest happenings about your brand especially if it is about a launch of something new. Give away a free trial or a one month subscription free and make the clients feel special. This also proves helpful in keeping clients happy and feel valued.

A new launch update is one of the types of email marketing campaigns. The new feature update is one prominent type of email marketing campaign that suggests you add maximum details to share with the clients. This email marketing campaign will be an answer to many doubts, and queries.

4. Email confirmation Mails

Confirmation is the one thing we all look upto. The email confirmation messages to the subscribers increases authentication of your brand. Confirm your subscriber of being a part of your family and this small gesture will make them trust you. Also, ask them to acknowledge the same and this will work as a mutual consent to send and receive emails.

Email confirmation mails help you stay more accurate with the open-rate, click rate and conversion rate. 

5.  Thank you Email

After a successful event or after the achievement of a milestone in business, share a thank you mail with subscribers. This will motivate them to be an active participant in all your events and activities in the future.

Also, it shows good gesture to thank all of them who help you achieve success.

With email marketing, it is easy. You can push thank you mailers to earn clients’ trust. Let’s suppose, companies like Grabyo use them to celebrate special events. One different approach would be to such emails to share rewards, coupons, and more to foster the relationship with clients.

 6. Fun Activity Email

Fun and vacations go hand in hand. Run a vacation-based or a fun activity email. Share interesting holidays or a festive thing in the email and encourage subscribers to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Such emailers are always appreciated and clients start looking forward to more emails. This is also one of the best types of email marketing mails you can send to subscribers.

7. Nurturing emails

Many people subscribe to email lists, but they never open them to view any of the  products or services your company offers. Sometimes it is good to look beyond customisation and target audience. That is why it is called ‘nurturing’ email.

For example, CloudApp is almost perfect as it has a personalized feel as if it is asking a friend for an opinion. It also offers free-of-cost services for a month. So, to understand what the client expects from them and to meet the client’s requirements.

Remember, softness is always beneficial rather than being direct. It’s best to focus on improving user experience.

8. Email Newsletters

Share a weekly newsletter that comprises all updates which happened recently. Right from the increase in share price to finalizing a new deal, everything. This will keep your client informed about what all your company is doing to offer the best user experience.


Choose the types of email marketing campaigns, as they play an important role in increasing the number of subscribers, clients and users. 

Let suppose your emails have a fairly good open-rate, but you start sending emails with intricate content which is difficult to understand. Then, this open-rate will fall quickly. So, it is always better to go with the flow in spite of experimenting and making your own loss.

However, it is important to work on the sales pitch, as the business will grow only if sales figures increase. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and you will be the best in the industry.

If you have any feedback or query please write in comment box

What is Google Local Search?

   It’s the greatest marketing opportunity for your local business. Google new tailors Search Results by the user’s location. If I am based in Ocala, Florida, and search for “Land surveying” I will be given local results for a business that offers services in Ocala and Florida.

Google search is very important because it always provides Local search results. It’s easy and convenient.

  What is Google Local Search? What is Google Local SEO? What are the Local SEO Ranking Factors? What are the Local SEO strategies?

 As a local business or service owner, you may wonder how you can attract more local visitors. By improving your visibility on Google’s search engine, when they use keywords that correspond to your business, and your website.

Here are 4 strategies to help you improve your SEO:

1-      Make sure to develop your website for local search

Your first step in improving SEO is to optimize the content on your website. The best way to do this is to use terms and phrases that the daily user may write in the search engine, by including them in the textual content of your site in a natural manner, as this helps Google determine where you work.

To get full use of keywords try to use long words; So you don’t miss any opportunity to match it with words a user might type.

Here is a simple example: if you’re an organization that sells classic furnishings, the possibilities square measure that your pages square measure ne’er planning to seem close to the highest of AN organic look for “furniture” as a result of there’s an excessive amount of competition (this is especially true if you’re a smaller company or a startup).

However if you specialize in, say, up-to-date art-deco furnishings, then keywords like “contemporary Art Deco-influenced semi-circle lounge” square measure planning to faithfully notice those shoppers trying to find specifically that product.

Managing long-tail keywords is just a matter of building higher lines of communication between your business and also the customer’s UN agency square measure already out there, actively buying what you offer.

Think about it: if you google the word “sofa” (a terribly broad keyword typically spoken as a “head term”) what square measure the possibilities you’re planning to find yourself clicking through to a sale? however, if you google “elm wood veneer day-bed” you recognize specifically what you’re trying to find and you’re most likely ready to get it then and there.

Obviously, you’re planning to draw less traffic with a long-tail keyword than you’d with an additional common one, however, the traffic you are doing is going to be better: additional centered, additional committed, and additional envious of your services.

 2. Install the GMB tool on your site- gmb

Google My Business is an essential website for local listing, which all companies should use, Which will help you put your business on Google Maps. So that customers find you when searching for business activities, for example, your company in the geographical area in which you are located.

With proper optimization, your business will appear at the top of the SERP search engine results page. 

So far it used 44% of the companies only tool: (GMB Google My Business), the reason is that many local companies do not recognize the importance of e-marketing yet, therefore, progress in the competition would be a smart move for any business local. 

What are the effective ways to Use Google My Business in local SEO?

Humanize Your whole With Photos and Videos.

Try to add several photos and videos of your whole to provide your customers a glimpse into your business and its operations. There are several tools offered to assist you are doing this.

Your customers like to see you not as a whole however as an individual’s a bit like them. Share your team member’s photos, your sub-rosa, your work-in-progress videos, and the other factors you’ll be able to consider. Just bear in mind that these photos ought to be real and will actually represent your business.

3. Give sufficient information to communicate

Providing adequate contact data about your online activity is important in improving your search engine visibility locally. When building a website for your business, you must keep in mind what is known as the citation website, They are not links, but they are references that contain information about your business name, address, phone number. It is also called NAB which is a name, address, and number). Google takes this data into account when determining which website business will be shown for geo-targeted searches.

4- Enhancing the presence through local links

Backlinks – that you place on websites will work; To refer to your site – to strengthen your position online in the local market, It is one of the important elements that contribute to raising the ranking of sites in the search results. But keep in mind that having backlinks to your site on low-quality sites will hurt your business more than it might benefit. Therefore, be sure to carefully choose the sites on which you will place backlinks to your site. And try to contribute more to community engagements; To obtain greater press coverage, through sponsoring events, hosting events, volunteering, or establishing partnerships with local companies, and other similar activities.

What is Google Local Search? Top 4 Local SEO strategies? 4 The Digital Chapters

What Is “NAP Consistency” and how will It facilitate local SEO?

A simple Google rummage around for “pizza in the city, FL” pulls up a neighborhood map and a brief list of pizzerias with contact data from their Google My Business (GMB) profiles.

As a business owner, you will be asking yourself, “With such a lot of pizzerias in exactly one town, however, will Google confirm which of them create the list?”Google initial confirm where to rank your business by propulsion the Name, Address, and signal (also spoken as “NAP”) from your GMB profile.

It then takes your profile’s NAP and compares it with the NAP listed across your social media, website, and on-line directories.NAP Consistency relates to however consistent your business data is across these listings, that is what ultimately decides wherever your business ranks in native searches. 

How to Improve Your Local SEO NAP Consistency

with NAP Consistency, you get what you place in.  This implies if you create any vital business changes like moving workplace locations, obtaining brand new signaling, or dynamic your name, you’ve got to form associate degree updates across all of your native listings to keep up consistency and keep your Google listing at the highest computer program spot.

Depending on however massive your business is, what number of directories it’s listed with, and the way several social platforms it posts on, that may take loads of your time and energy.

The SEO team at net Solutions of America is aware of the way to rank. That’s why we have a tendency to use a combination of progressive listing management software packages and innovative local SEO techniques to expand your digital reach and boost your GMB presence.

While managing your growing listings, we’ll optimize content that will increase your website traffic and, ultimately, your sales. Contact the US nowadays to be told additional information.

Local SEO Ranking factors

SEO requirements are constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments. But if you want your Google rankings to go from invisible to the top of the list, you have to be in the know.

The most important ranking factors in Google should be taken into consideration on your site

1- Semantic saturation

Your SEO content should have an appropriate number of keywords, entities, and images related to the length of the copy. Content, as in the old days of SEO, shouldn’t be stuffed with a natural copy written in an informative style.

How to improve semantic saturation

It can be a little tough to know exactly which keywords to use, where to place them, and how many to get. So, if you want to play, it safe, a good strategy is to create a benchmark by analyzing the top-rated pages of your competition in search

2- Local seo Web basics

Web Fundamentals are the latest user experience metric that will soon become Google’s ranking factors. Metrics will measure the first impression that users get when they visit the page.

Specifically, how fast it loads, how quickly it reacts, and how stable the layout is. Now, it’s important to note that vital elements aren’t official Google ranking factors yet. But it definitely will be, so, it’s best to use the remaining time to get it into the appropriate shape.

How to improve Web basics?

Google has been kind enough to provide every vital item with a detailed set of optimization guidelines. For faster uploads, Google recommends better server response times and faster resource loading. To improve interaction

Finally, to improve visual stability, Google recommends using size attributes for photos and videos

2-      Structured data

Create links between entities, pin your site, and optimize your search snippets with rich elements these wonders which it can be obtained for your SEO

How to improve structured data?

If you are not a tech-leaning person, it is best to use Google’s structured data coding assistant. Choose the type of markup (article, local business, highly recommended product) and send a link to the page you want to optimize. Now highlight parts of the text and choose the corresponding ones.

If it is completely done, keep an HTML file and then publish it on your site. Extra step – check if your structured data are working with the help of Google’s Curated Scores Test.

Local SEO Competitors analysis

Competitor SEO analysis or as it is called competitive analysis is very important as it is considered an essential aspect in the early stages of your SEO campaign.

Most of the time, organizations skip this important step and start right away with keyword assignment, content optimization, or link building.

But to understand who our competitors are and to be able to determine their positions in the arena helps us understand much more what our goals should be and reveals our gaps and weaknesses.

At the end of the analysis, you will be able to gain a comprehensive view of what keywords are important, and what backlinks strategies work best Which can then be used to gain and increase free visits to your site.

Determine Local competitors

One of the most important steps in this process is to determine who are the most important and best competitors we want to use in this analysis. I would like to use a mixture of competitors through direct business (you can usually identify these competitors from the same customers) and others by searching online.

Usually, there is a big difference between competitors, this discrepancy is due to local business competitors and those who pay for Internet search ads.

Although your customer might be anxious about your competitor in the same city. But the actual competition will be online and maybe a commercial activity from a neighboring city or another country.

What you should aim to gain

By looking at what your competition is doing, you should be able to identify your biggest competitors in terms of who else is using the same top keywords that you’re trying to use to attract more traffic and optimise your website. You should also be able to identify what backlinking strategies your competition is using in order to garner the success that they currently have.

Get more links for Local SEARCH

If your competitors have a lot of great links on certain websites already, and these websites are also relevant to your website, why not go after those sites and ask for links to your website as well? This eliminates the need of working towards locating the same high-quality linking opportunities on your own.

Basically, your competition has clearly already done the hard work, and you can take advantage of the data that you’ve collected during your analysis to save time and effort.

Just be sure to check the quality of every website before going after a link on the site. After all, you don’t want to blindly follow the competition and lead yourself astray.

Start your Local SEO analysis now

SEO analysis of competitors is a process that should not be neglected at all in local businesses. We have to make it one of our most important online marketing strategies, this process can help you build a unique and distinctive SEO campaign strategy based on readily available data.

This analysis is available for immediate use to enable you to outperform your competitors who use different and difficult SEO programs that do not give immediate results.

Then start using this strategy as soon as possible and try to adjust it based on what is important to your business or the activity of your customers.

Local SEO Keyword research

What are the keywords?

Keywords are words and phrases that define the topic of the page’s content, and in SEO language, they are the words, and phrases that people search for in search engines. Keyword selection is the skill of finding the words, and phrases that people enter into search engines for use in the content of your pages.

Types of Local SEO keywords

Keywords are divided into several types:

  1. Short tail keywords: consist of 3 words or fewer, and are highly popular in search engines, but they are highly competitive.
  2. Long-tail keywords: consist of at least four words, are poorly received in search engines, and are the main source of web traffic.

The main factor here is determination, the longer the sentence, the more specific it is, and the fewer search results for it in search engines, which means that the opportunity for competition and the lead conversion will be better. For example

  • If you search for “shirt” (short keyword), you will get 25 million results.
  • If you search for “green shirt”, you will get fewer results (around 4.7 million results).
  •  If you search for “Adidas green shirt” (keyword extended), your search results will drop to just 0.4 million results, meaning the more specifics the user adds to his search, the more accurate the results are.

 The importance of keywords in Local SEO

The importance of choosing the right keywords is not only limited to content creation but also includes all promotional and marketing activities.

 How to use and choose Local seo keywords:

  1- Create a list of important topics related to the content of your site or project. Think about the topics you want to rank high in the search engine results. You can come up with 5-10 topics that you think are important to your project, then you will have to extract keywords from them. In other words, put yourself in the shoes of the researcher. What topics do you think your target audience is interested in?

    2 – Getting initial ideas for keywords. For example, if your site specializes in digital marketing automation, here are some keywords that could be targeted: * E-marketing tools

* The best e-marketing tools

 * What is the meaning of digital marketing automation

You can also get ideas about keywords by analyzing the keywords that people come to your site from search engines, and one of the best tools is the Google Search Console, which provides you with reports on the number of visits to your site, assessing its performance level, and solving its problems, and improve its ranking on the Google results page.

Local SEO Content and link building

In the modern world of search engines, and based on the updates made by «Google», all the indicators and factors you need to reach the first pages of the search engines and outperform competitors are related to building and coordinating content to be compatible with the search engines.

Some post interesting content for site viewers and most create SEO content, but few can combine the two processes, and achieve the required success of search engine marketing, interactive content must be built based on the best effective SEO practices.

That when interactive content and SEO go together in one way, it brings company and organization success.

Visitors and researchers interact with the content in 4 steps:

* The user enters a group of search words to reach the results

* The title of the page attracts the customer and pushes him to enter the page

* The audience interacts with the content

As a result of this process, potential customers are converted into real customers who consume content and conduct operations that achieve marketing goals, then after a period of consuming your content, customers become loyal to your brand.

To reach that success, we provide you with the most important steps for building SEO Friendly content that will help you to top search results:

1.       Content drafting

Drafting content is the largest part of the content because you are unable to stand in front of it, but here is a tip (use the 20/80 rule) which is to use 20% of your energy to produce 80% of the results, drafting for the content as it is the first draft that will be modified more than once to reach For what you want,

build the content in the simplest possible way and explain the topic at length until you feel that you have reached the climax of simplicity, then rewrite again, of course, the second time will never be like the first and then rebuild the content over and over again and you will notice each time that you are cutting Content, change of expressions, and fewer words until you reach what you want to say.

2.       Writing the page description

You might think that writing the page description is a simple thing, but it is not that easy, as it is the second assistant for the user to enter your page in the search results. And enter it or not.

3.       Review internal and backlinks

The importance of internal links in building a good user experience on your site, and facilitating access to articles related to each other through a few clicks, as well as its importance to «Google» that helps in indexing your site better, and you must verify that the internal links are working properly

So that the customer does not click on an internal link for a page to find himself on a different page than he is searching for, which leads to a bad experience for customers;

Which will affect your ranking in the search engine results. Optimizing backlinks: It is preferable to acquire them from trusted sites to help you raise your site in search engine results, and build confidence in your site among users.

What is Local SEO? What is a Local SEO strategy? What are the Local SEO ranking factors? This is Local SEO Guide is a part of the Local SEO course by TDCH

Local SEO is the strategy of optimizing signals on and off a website to influence how the site shows up when certain keywords are searched for.  Companies can promote themselves via the internet to local customers within a specific geographical area.

In simple words, Local SEO services are ranking your online business website at the top level in search engines for local searches. Here is a complete Local SEO Course for you with a detailed Local SEO guide and Local SEO ranking factors.

What Is Local SEO? How does it work? A complete Local SEO guide 5 The Digital Chapters
Local SEO BY tdch

 Prospective customers can find information about your company online, either when they search especially for your enterprise or for a business that provides particular goods and services nearby them. For example, Company India.

How Local SEO works?

The internet is a very vast world, an important source of information and data. It is almost the only source at all, due to the ease of accessing information through it.

So all of the thanks to the search engine.

Different search engines have three main functions:




Below is a detailed explanation of each of the previous functions:    

·   Crawling

 We can say that crawling is the process of exploration in search engines. These engines send teams of robots to find new or updated content. These robots are just computer programs that browse the World Wide Web in an organized and systematic way. And it’s called other signs such as Web spiders, Bots, Web Crawlers.

How do robots discover new content?

The content takes a different form, it might be a web page, an image, a video clip, a PDF, etc. But they are all detected by crawler engines via a link URL.

How is that?

Let’s take the search engine Google for example; Google bots start by visiting a few web pages, then they explore all the internal and the external links on the pages, then move to new pages, and do what you did in the first time, and so on until the exploration network expands, then new content is found.

During the last process of navigating between links and pages, Google’s bot takes a copy of the link for every page it visits. Thus, the content is compiled and added to the Google index as Caffeine.

 ·         Indexing

  After the new content, search engines process this content and arrange it in a special index, which is a huge database of links discovered during the crawling process, which is referred to later to extract a suitable link that answers the searcher’s query for a specific thing on the search engine.

How is the link indexed exactly?

   During the indexing process, the search engine tries to understand the content of the page found, as it analyzes them and classifies images, videos, and other forms of content based on many factors and algorithms, and then this content is stored in a huge database saved in a huge number of computers.

·         Ranking

   When someone searches on the internet, search engines refer to their index and choose the links most relevant to the searcher’s query, then arrange and display them for the search in the hope of providing an appropriate answer to him.

   This process of ranking content is called ranking. The higher the site’s ranking, the more likely it is that it will answer an inquiry. This is why the first site you see on the search results page is often the best.

Importance of Local SEO and Local SEO Ranking factors

   Local SEO benefits are numerous for individuals’ websites, especially websites for projects and commercial activities, as it is a major source of website visits that contribute to increasing the profits of companies through free organic traffic, besides the many options that enable you to take advantage of the search engines, through search engine marketing campaigns through paid advertising campaigns.

We can notice the importance of local SEO for your own business in these points:

  1. 50 % of individuals World Health Organization did a neighborhood search on their phone and visited a physical store inside in the future.
  2. 34 % of World Health Organization did their search on a laptop or pill did a similar.
  3. 18 % of native mobile searches cause a purchase inside in the future.
  4. 60 % of yank adults conduct searches for native services or product data on tablets and smartphones.
  5. 50 % of searchers on their mobile phones World Health Organization conduct native searches in an area unit trying to find things sort of a native address.
  6. 78 % of local-based searches on a mobile device finish in purchases being created offline.
  7. 71 % of individuals World Health Organization are surveyed have the same expectations for the placement of a business so as to verify its existence before going there for a first-time visit.
  8. 1 in three searches on a smartphone was conducted simply before arriving at a store.
  9. 97 % of shoppers looked online for native businesses in 2017, with 12% trying to find a neighborhood business online on a daily basis.

Who needs Local SEO?  What is Local SEO Strategy?

Companies that always need to attract clients locally focus on local SEO like restaurants, doctors, lawyers, and dentists. Local agencies can do the same most easily.

If you have a physical address in a city and want people to trade there, you should improve your local SEO

Voice search – Local search

The voice search has the lion’s share across the various platforms these days. Voice search is basically a command given to an element by an early using the platform of speech. In our case, a command is a keyword, a lament is a search engine, the entity is a human being and the platform is ” Speak icon on Google search”

   According to the recent updates announced by Google, search engines will help to identify objects and collect visual information through the phone’s camera, and they are also supportive of sending money and buying many products.

It’s emerging, just think if you can get all information from the website by voice and without scrolling!

Here are some points that we should consider for voice search optimization:

1-      Use of best-structured data for the understanding of the NAP

2-      Use of the keyword in title description and content.

3-      Usage of long-tail queries i.e search based on 2-3 words is now being replaced by 6-20 years.

4-      Mark important landmarks near your location.

  Did you know? You can speak more words per minute than typing.

Few painters that highlight some important facts of the results using a voice conversational search;

1-      The results returned were mostly from the three top organic results.

2-      The majority of the pages were secured by HTTPS.

3-      The content had a good amount of shares.

4-      The writing style was easy to read and interpret.

Hyper-Local Marketing or Local Marketing

Google’s John Mueller himself has aforementioned that directory links “generally” don’t facilitate SEO.

What’s a trafficker to do?

Move on the far side viewing net directories as a supply for links. Instead, read directories as a supply of traffic and trust. Any business with native|an area|a neighborhood} presence has to maintain their local citations with the same NAP, however, net directories won’t facilitate along with your SEO a lot on the far side.

The real returns are going to be from the quality and traffic they drive to your business website. As you start your look for net directories, keep those 2 criteria in mind.

Consider these queries before you begin filling out your listing:

  • Is this a well-thought-of website? place another way: if a client saw Maine on this site, would they read my business as additional – or less – legitimate?
  • Is my target market seems to go to this site? If not, it’s most likely not value listing your business.

Now, let’s get into what you came here for the online directories that are still relevant these days.

   Focusing on trying to reach customers, who are often long-Standing customers in the local business district, is the essence of local marketing. Here are some of the elements the companies want to add to their marketing efforts to reach local people.

Local marketing specifically focuses on a local service, physical store, or restaurant. All marketing efforts of this entity are focused on leading customers to that particular entity.

 Traditional local marketing tactics

In the days before the internet, many small businesses used some standard tactics to get people to their doors. They developed a mailing list; often their names are collected in the registry when a customer pays. Anytime a business is for sale or when a customer has a birthday, the company will likely send an email.

Digital marketing

  Mobile customers often search for information like a phone number, or a business location on Google Maps. Therefore, an experienced business owner puts that information on the company website, Facebook page, and other social media.

  A strictly focused marketing plan that aims to appeal to a specific age, income, and socio-demographic will make that get more money in the long term 

What is Bing?

Bing is a recently re-released version of MSN’s engine. Microsoft’s goal was to organize information according to better relevancy.

Why worry about SEO for Bing?

As it is one of the promoters of Yahoo search results

-Will give Bing nearly 30% of the search market share.

-Currently about 5% of search market share.

-Google has about 70% search market share.

Components of Bing Search Results

·         Explorer pane

-Quick tabs

-Related searches

·         Best match

-Chosen based on Query volume, Chosen by Bing(Team- not automated)

GMB- Google My Business

Google my business is the most significant issue for your native business ranking. you must come upon your GMB, which is shortened to make sure that Google has all the knowledge attainable for your native business. it’s central information with all the knowledge regarding your business and once a Google Search is sorting out your whole or your services, Google will primarily be based upon the proximity of the searcher, show a data Panel together with your|along with your} company’s info and it ought to encourage the searcher to click on a button with your web site link.


If you run a little business, one in every of the foremost necessary jobs you may undertake is obtaining your business found. Looking for your business is one of the primary steps potential customers can take before turning into actual paying customers, and it’s up to you to confirm that your business includes a presence altogether of the environments wherever folks may well be wanting.

One key surroundings you’ll wish to manage is Apple Maps. Here’s why.

1. uncountable folks use Apple Maps

Using a program is {way|is much} from the sole way for on-line users to search out your business. Once you take into account the quantity of individuals WHO use mobile devices to go looking for, realize and physically navigate to brick-and-mortar businesses, you’ll acknowledge the importance of capitalizing on one in every of the most important mobile user bases there is: Apple users.

Consider the actual fact that there are many uncountable iOS devices presently in the market. Apple Maps is the leading map search and navigation app across Apple devices by an element of 3x, with over five billion transactions per week.

This represents a large potential volume of daily searches in your neighbourhood, creating it imperative that your business is listed properly on Apple Maps once folks search. If somebody asks Siri regarding your location, you would like your business details to be available—and correct.

2. Be proactive with technology

    Automatically created listings typically would like management and sweetening from the supply that is aware of a business best: you.

Online listings and map information square measure force from a range of places, together with tax and registration information. however typically details will be amended.

As a business, you’ll need to actively check and manage your listing to be certain that it’s up-to-date and complete (What square measures your business hours? does one settle for Apple Pay? etc.).

A list that’s outdated, even though just for a handful of days, will mean incomprehensible opportunities to attach with potential customers and supply them with crucial data that may encourage them to decide on your business—and be ready to simply get in touch with you.

3- With native listings, details matter

     Yext, the listings syndication technology that herbaceous plant has partnered with to assist businesses to manage their Apple Maps and alternative online listings, conducted a study to work out whether or not a business’s approach to listings may create a distinction for a way a lot of folks engaged thereupon business.

Yext compared listing engagement for businesses that enclosed straightforward listing info (business name, address and make contact only) with listing engagement for businesses that used made listing information (including footage, website links, correct hours, and special offers).

A lot of complete listings received each a lot of listing views and a lot of Yelp reviews.

Yext calculated that, on average, adding business hours resulted in one.84 times a lot of listing views; together with an emblem resulted in one.99 times a lot of listing views; and adding a universal resource locator resulted in two.14 times a lot of listing views. every further read offers businesses a trial at conjointly increasing their in-store traffic.


This is a part of Local SEO course designed by the team of TDCH the for all Digital Professional. For more details watch our YouTube channel

How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing?

Time is money and you must start working on the ideas, as soon as they come to your mind. Getting started quickly after realizing the purpose to launch something new is the best way to stay ahead in the race.

This logic is similar in the case of email marketing. By doing so, you can ensure maximum return on investment as the creation of client base, software selection, strategy, etc by you at the initial stage, will leave competitors way behind in the race.

There are various email marketing software available today. But, Mailchimp can help your business flourish at large. Before you make up the mind to use this software, here is why it should be used.

How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing? The 5 Tips 7 The Digital Chapters

Why Should you use Mailchimp?

Incepted over a decade ago, i.e. in 2001, Mailchimp is one of the most popularly used email marketing software across the world. At present, Mailchimp has over 20 million users and the company is valued at $4.2 billion.

Reasons to use Mailchimp for Email Marketing:

How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing? The 5 Tips 8 The Digital Chapters
  1. Simple to Use
  2. Smart Features
  3. Reliable
  4. Zero Charges to Begin with
  5. Great User Interface
  6. Customer Journey Builder and analysis
  7. Great A/B testing with unlimited templates

Here, we let you know how to use Mailchimp, one of the best email marketing software. Before that you must know about the software. Let’s begin with:

What is Mailchimp?

Established in 2001, Mailchimp is an email marketing company that was solely launched with the purpose to create email lists for its clients. The company worked in the same manner for nearly five to six years.

However, things changed in 2007, when the founders decided to focus on Mailchimp as a serious business and utilize the profit earned for this company’s growth.

Mailchimp started growing rapidly and soon became one of the best email marketing software that changed the concept of online marketing upside down across the globe.

  • Website:
  • Founded in: 2001
  • Founder : Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzus
  • Head Office: Atlanta GA
  • Market Share in Email Marketing: 60.51%
  • Total Customers: 12Million
  • Email Sent a Day: 1 billion
  • Countries- 200 countries using Mailchimp

Let’s move on to getting started with one of the top email marketing software that is Mailchimp.

Getting Started with Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Step 1: Explore all section of Mailchimp

Visit Mailchimp’s website and click the “Sign Up for Free” button. This button can be seen in the top right corner. Fill in details such as your email, username, and password, once the signup form pops up on the screen.

Apart from this explore all sections on the top or just spend some time reading all tabs and their importance for you. There are some of the important section in Mailchimp you should learn about them such as-



Inspiration and


You will find the lists of products Mailchimp is offering like

  1. Get your business Online and
  2. Market your business

You should go with the 2nd option Market your business. Here you will see the ‘Email’ Option.

Click on this and move to the next steps. You can read more details of Mailchimp here and find the best and suitable Email Plan.

 Step 2 Create a Mailchimp Account and Activate it

After signup in Mailchimp, You will receive an email from Mailchimp after the submission of details. In this email, Mailchimp will ask you to activate your account. For this, you need to click on the “Activate Account” button.

Step 3– Create Your First Contact List on Mailchimp

Now you can create Email list. This is your first email list on Mailchimp so be careful while adding the contact details of the subscribers. You can add First Name, Last Name, Email, phone No, and any other information of the opt-in data of your customers.

Either you can create an excel file and upload and map the fields or You can copy and paste the data from excel file in the list on Mailchimp.
All the data you are putting here should be opt-in data. If you have purchased data from market or if this is not opt-in data, your email list cant be created.
There are chance for account suspension in future if you use such database for email marketing

Step 4– Set up Landing Page or Create contact form using Mailchimp

Now you can create a contact form on Mailchimp where you can collect contact details of the subscribers and generate leads for your business. You will find some options here like-:

  • General forms
  • Embedded forms
  • Subscriber pop up forms
  • or Integrate your existing landing page on your website

Either you can use your own landing page or you can create it from scratch on Mailchimp. This will require you design, develop and test all fields in that you want to collect users information’s

Step-5 Choose the right template or create Email Template

Now you have pre-designed templates by Mailchimp. pick one template and edit this as per your business or campaign requirements. If you want to create your own you can do that too. there option of creating your own templates

Step 6- Create your first campaign

Now you have set up everything. Its your first campaign to build campaign. Click on the campaign and keep following the steps to launch the email campaign

Sending Broadcast Emails with Mailchimp

Broadcast email is the one that can be sent only once. This is usually preferred for important events such as a product launch.

The same is possible in the Mailchimp. In the Mailchimp software, click on the “Create” button shown in the upper right corner of the screen. Next step is to click on the  “Email” tab, after which select the “Regular” tab, and the click on “Begin” button.

Now, select the target audience to whom you wish to send this email. Now fill the address in To, From, Subject Line and Mail body. Now, click on the send button to shoot the email. 

You have to select a layout for the content. You can choose from given layout options or can upload a custom layout, whichever you are comfortable with:

The layout is added to structure the email to make the content presentable.

Layouts can be customised with the drag and drop option, which enables you to place elements anywhere you wish to:

You can browse through themes, offer a distinct look. For this, you need to click on the themes tab, given on the top.

Now that you have begun the email marketing journey, it is important to track the performance of the email marketing campaign. To know the success rate, you need to keep below-given points in mind:

Mailchimp Pricing Plan

Mailchimp pricing are very competitive with other email marketing tools. In the beginning with 2000 contacts its free to use. The other thing is as your contact list grow you will have to pay more money to use this email marketing software.

If you are looking a tool which cheap in pricing than this is not right tool for you. Also its not good for mass mailing

How to Use Mailchimp for Email Marketing? The 5 Tips 9 The Digital Chapters

Things to Know for Tracking Email Marketing Campaign Performance

Improve Your Email Marketing with Data

Mailchimp lets you track the performance of your email campaigns in the real-time. This software also allows you to know the important and relevant data in addition to increase in the target audience.

This functionality plays a vital role in the process, as  you can know the types of emails that can perform better in comparison to others.

Also, it lets you know the right time to send mailers to the target audience to receive the best open rate, click rate and more.

Search for the _Report_ section in Mailchimp given on the top, after sending at least one email.

By clicking on the above-mentioned section, you will see an overview graph that shows the open rate and click rate of your emails in comparison to the industry average.

Most of the data shown here is relevant to you. However, if you wish to know things in detail, then scroll down the page and click on the “View Report” option on the right side. It will help you track the mailer’s performance in depth.

It will also help you know the mailer campaign data report in detail. 


Before selecting any tool for Email Marketing. I will suggest you to compare the features, plans and usages of the tool. There are 100s of tools which claim to use the same system but fail to deliver.

Mailchimp is good for building email list and contact forms however I don’t recommend this tool to use if you have a tight budget for email marketing. Also this is not right fit for mass mailing and for purchase data.

You account might be suspended if you use a data that is not opt-in.

If you have any suggestions or add one please write in comment box

The Complete Beginners Guide to Email Marketing: The 10 lessons for your email marketing campaigns 


New to digital marketing and want to grow business, but don’t know what is email marketing?

Well, prior to getting started, you must know that email marketing is a major component of digital marketing that enhances the chance of reaching the maximum target audience.

As a beginner, you must know everything about email marketing, as getting started without complete knowledge, can shatter your dreams of yielding maximum return on investment. To learn and sharpen your skill to promote brands, products, and services online, we bring to you the beginner’s guide to email marketing.

Let’s get started.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing: A Beginners Guide 10 The Digital Chapters

Email Marketing is one of the oldest formats of marketing. It is also one of the cheapest methods of marketing since it costs nothing to find prospects and communicate to existing customers.

Email marketing is so far the best online marketing strategy, as it allows you to connect with prospects and customers directly. This strategy is useful to increase brand awareness among the target audience.

It’s not just that, email marketing is useful to make the buyers and prospects know about the product, services, and deals you offer. Email marketing is a powerful strategy for lead generation and to user engagement by dropping them a mail about new deals, contests, loyalty programs, and more.

Email marketing permits you to share all the latest updates about your brand, product, and services with the people who agree to receive emails from your end.

In legal words, these people are the subscribers of your company. The approach to perform this type of online marketing changed with passage of time.

In today’s world, email marketing emphasize on content relevancy, customization and segmentation on the basis of users demographic, behaviour, interest and buying journey.

By doing the A/B testing of the subject line, email marketing also proves beneficial to find the relevant subject line which offers a better open rate.

To build a relationship with the audience you need to communicate with them and email marketing is the perfect way to do so.

By dropping a regular email to the target audience, you can increase website traffic and turn the visitors into customers. Once the customer reaches to your website later that can be used for remarketing and retargeting ads on Google and Facebook.

Types of Email Marketing

As a beginner, if you wonder how to do email marketing, then primarily you must know the types of email marketing campaigns. Each subscriber is different from another, hence you need to have different types of email marketing to connect with the audience. For example, some among them may be new subscribers and some may be pre-existing customers.

Below-mentioned are the types of email marketing that help you drop the right content in the right inbox.

Different types of email marketing are:

  1. Introductory Emailers – Its an introduction mail to a new web visitor or you can say this ‘ A Welcome Email. This is supposed to be very informative and creative that can bring the prospect back. This type of email can help you building contact lists or this is a partnership between company and user. This type of email has the highest open rates. 
  2. Email Newsletter-: This is the best way to keep your prospects and customers updated about the latest launches and product and service updates. This helps to keep the contact lists fresh
  3. Dedicated Emailers-: This is the time when a customer loves such types of emails. New users don’t know email marketing. They simply know that the company has sent to me. personalized emails always work and are a good way to get clicks and give you a good click rate. 
  4. Lead Generating mailers: Simple campaigns and straight to the point about selling services and products. 
  5. Sponsorship  Emailers: This is for them those who are looking for web traffic and engagement on their website. It can be useful for e-commerce, bloggers, or media networks 
  6. Transactional Emailers: Focused for payment of the checkout
  7. Re-Engagement Emailers: Automation always help in such campaigns. Ecommerce websites use this type of campaign and this type of activity is good for reengaging the prospects who have not to check out or bringing customers back. 
  8. Story-Based Emailers: Or you can say smart email campaigns 
  9. Review Emailers: To get product reviews, personalized campaign bring customers to leave their feedback on the particular service or product 

After knowing what is email marketing and the types of email marketing, the next thing to understand is how to do email marketing.

How to do Email Marketing?

Step 1: Find the Right Email Marketing Tool or Software

The primary step to get started with email marketing is to find the appropriate email marketing software. The perfect software will help you manage subscribers and email campaigns seamlessly.

The most popular email marketing software are Sendinblue, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and HubSpot . To find suitable software you must know the purpose of running an email campaign.

Also, the assessment of budget and feature comparison of several email marketing softwares allows you to select the best one to go ahead.


In short you must focus on:

  • Budget
  • Kind of emails do you want to shoot and how often?
  • How many subscribers do you have?
  • Will you design an email or use an email template?
  • Do you wish to opt for an automated mailer?
  • The data type- is your data opt-in or not

Step 2: Create Mailer List (email contact lists)

You need to have a list of subscribers to do email marketing. Make sure the signup for Newsletter is visible prominently on your website to have a list of those who are interested to receive emailer from your end.

Another way to build a mailer database is to offer a deal on being a subscriber. To build a mailer list you can offer:

  • Free one month trial
  • Free Download
  • Product Updates
  • Loyalty Points
  • Online leads
  • Existing customers
  • Purchased database

Step 3: Shoot an Introductory Email

Now, you are ready to communicate with subscribers. Shoot an introductory mail with the aim to build a relationship. A few lines about thanking subscribers for connecting with your brand and gestures such as

  • free coupon
  • first-time discount
  • Welcome message
  • Company introduction
  • Greetings 
  • Announcement news and offers

You can send the campaign to the selected database. Like you want to send new to data set 1 and announcement to data set 2 and greeting to data set 3. this will work positively for your brand.

Step 4: Know your Goals

The next important thing to know about how to do email marketing is to have the purpose of running an email campaign. For example, you want to do email marketing for:

  • Introducing a new Product 
  • Offering a Discount Coupon to loyal clients
  • Sharing company’s achievement with subscribers

Step 5: Design a Responsive Emailer

If you wonder how to set up email marketing then this is an important step to know. People are tech-savvy today and you must use this as a tool to increase website traffic, user engagement, and conversion rate.

Shoot a responsive emailer and allow subscribers to participate in the activities such as:

  • Poll
  • Contest

Step 6: Curate High-Quality Content for Emailer

Content is undoubtedly the king in all spheres of digital marketing. Curate relevant content for the emailer by keeping things in mind such as:

  • What you want to communicate
  • Audience expectation from you
  • Curious Subject Line

Step 7: Get Customized

It is ideal to have a brand name in the sender’s email id. This makes the emailer more authenticated. The addition of brand name in the sender email also makes it easy to recognize for the receiver. For example,

  • Your brand name in the newsletter. For example, AB Newsletter
  • The combination of brand name and your name. For example,
  • Non-identical sender name for each emailer. For example, AB New Product Launch

Step 8: Test Run the Campaign

It is likely to miss small mistakes in the mailer content. But they can be embarrassing for the brand if noticed by the receiver. Ensure sending a flawless email to the subscribers by a test run of the same. This helps to find out:

  • Format of the template
  • Color combination
  • Font, Font Size, Alignment, and general temp settings
  • Spelling Mistake
  • Typos
  • Grammar Mistake

Step 9: Schedule it Right

The most important thing to consider, if you want to know how to do email marketing, is scheduling. Try to find out what is the right time to communicate with clients and shoot the mailer accordingly. The dropping of an emailer in the inbox at the wrong time can ruin the aim of sending a mailer.

Check the right time, day, and date which matters a lot in email marketing. Most marketing professionals focus on morning time somehow that works but the evening campaign or late night mailer might work as people get free and start checking their emails. 

Step 10: Track Open Rate, Click Rate, and Conversion

This is important if you wish to know how to set up email marketing? Monitor the email campaign by tracking open rate, click rate, and conversion after running an emailer campaign. This performance analysis of the campaign will help you sending the right campaign at right audience-: 

  • Open rate: It is the percentage of how many subscribers opened the emailer against the number of total subscribers who received the emailer.
  • Click-through rate: It is the percentage of subscribers who clicked on the given link in the emailer against the total number of subscribers who received it.
  • Unsubscribe rate: It is the rate of subscribers who unsubscribed against the total number of emailer receivers. In case, this number is high, then you need to check details such as email frequency, demographic selection, and other details.
  • Bounce rate: It is the percentage of emailers that failed to reach subscribers inbox. This may happen either because the subscriber’s inbox is full or there is an internet issue.


In the end, I want to tell you that sending an email campaign is easy but it will take time in setting up things in the right way. Be careful about selecting the right tools, buying the right subscription, creating contact lists, and setting the right template. For a successful email marketing campaign, three things are most important 1 Right tool 2. Contact list and 3. Catchy subject line. All these three are the main pillar of a successful email marketing campaign.

If we have missed any point and if you want to suggest or inquire about it. please write in the comment box

How to use Quora for marketing?

Quora is an online writer community or a Question-answer forum where anyone can ask questions and write answers. Users find it the right platform to get and read the insightful answers by different writers without any geo boundaries.
Quora has gone ahead and started its own ad network to run ads on it. Now you can reach to millions of users across the world with Quora ads.

One of the most important social media platform for marketers that has emerged over time is Quora which has a monthly active user base of over 500 million.

What is Quora?

Quora can be best described as a knowledge sharing and enhancement platform designed in a question and answer format. Here the users typically post Queries which are directly answered by other users on the platform. The users answering the questions could be

  • Industry Experts
  • Experienced with similar queries
  • Loosely related to the field of the query

Although one should not blindly trust he answers given on Quora as the veracity of the answers cannot always be completed validated, the platform provides for very interesting perspectives by various users.

Additionally there are several metrics that Quora offers which can be useful analytics for gauging the contributor command over his or her subject. These include views on the answers and uptick votes.

These give an idea of the relevance, usage and correctness of the answers.

Benefits of using Quora

  • Access to a platform where millions of users engage on a monthly basis
  • Access to views by industry experts
  • Chance to demonstrate your competency in the field by answering relevant questions.
  • Allows you to share content from other domains on your profile
  • It allows you to resolve queries pertaining to your product and service offering directly.

How to use Quora effectively

Creating a Quora profile

You can sign up for Quora by

  • Connecting your Facebook or Twitter account
  • Creating a standalone Quora account
How to use Quora for marketing? Quora Marketing Guide-

After the profile has been created it is imperative to create great bio for yourself. The platform shows the first fifty characters of your profile as a sort of an appended tagline to every query you answer.

So as a good practice it is essential to include relevant details about yourself like your company name, profile and relevant expertise. You can create multiple bios to demonstrate your niche in different areas.

For instance, you can have one bio that highlights your finance proficiency while you can have another one which demonstrates your supply chain capability.

Additionally on the right tab you can update the “Knows about” section where you can choose various topics you are well aware of and can successfully demonstrate your proficiency. Additionally it is suggested to elaborately complete the following sections of your profile.

  • Interests
  • “About me” section
  • Professional and academic details

A complete professional bio helps you get more traction.

Track topics relevant to your industry

Quora is a great way to understand the potential customer psyche. One of the way is to conduct a research. The platform allows you to gauge the trending topics in your industry by checking what experts are saying, the topics that are trending.

To start with, you can start by typing in a keyword in Quora`s search box.

How to use Quora for marketing? Quora Marketing Guide-

The A.I of the platform delivers various autocompleted word suggestions regarding the keyword. On clicking on any topic a list of other related topics will be seen alongside.

Once yu choose a topic of interest you can follow the topic and also crate email notifications from the settings.

Answer Questions

An important step in actually marketing on Quora involved choosing the appropriate questions you want to answer.

While there are well over a million queries on Quora, not all are of value to the business. You are to display your proficiency in specific case, not anything and everything under the sun.

To search for relevant question type in the keyword at the query search box and proceed. Post this you will see a list of queries from a defined timeframe. (a month by default).

From this pick and choose the relevant topics and drive the discussions as the field expert.

To build up your presence and have an effective marketing strategy on Quora concentrate on building your brand visibility

  • Choose relevant topics for your business
  • Answer questions pertaining your industry, products or services
  • Choose trending topics. Find the query thread with upvotes. The threads with upvotes have more visibility and get maximum votes.

Respond to queries with authority and knowledge on Quora

Once you have identified the queries relevant to your business interests, ensure comprehensive and impressive answers. A two line

response on a question won`t really influence people; rather one must provide deeper insights into the queries by pro providing elaborate response including but not restricted to case studies, you company blogs or analytics that drive your point.

Also be aware of the audience for the said query of question. The way one would respond to a question posed by young generation would be different from that posed by an industry leader.

Network with other Quora users.

Quora isn`t just a question and answer platform, it is a social media platform. It gives you an excellent opportunity to connect with potential clients.

The platform allows you to direct communicate directly with other users. There is a chance that people might have queries on your product or service.

A great way to connect is by addressing the queries pertaining to your business. To find relevant people to connect with you may do the following

  • Trace the trending answers of your followed relevant topics and connect with the people answering them
  • Create queries and knowledge boards pertaining to your industry or business
  • Connect with knowledge leaders of the industry

Review the quantitative aspects

Being actively involved in addressing Quora queries pertaining to your products/ services is bound to have a positive impact on credibility and will lead of growth in reputation.

However it is equally important to analyse the kind of impact your involvement is having and gauge the ROI of the time spent. You can do this through Quora analytics.

You get detailed analytics for the questions you`ve answered and you can gauge statistics like number of views, number of upvotes.

You can also enable the tracking feature on your answers enabling you to see the click through as well. With these you can easily determine whether the approach followed is reaping rewards or needs tinkering.


With using of Quora you can use your industry experience to highlight your position as a thought expert and build valuable connections with potential and existing customers.

By sharing out of site date, you can drive potential client traffic to your online marketplace.

However while this is an interesting platform, one needs to add value to the answers.

Projecting yourself as a thought leader and a knowledge champion will result in a flock of potential client traffic to your marketplace.

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