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Everything about Google Meet User. How to use Google Meet? A Guide

We live in interesting times. With the increasing penetration of the internet and ample data availability, the “Information Age or the Data Age” is well and truly here.

This phenomenon has led to a massive growth in social media and chat platforms. They have truly changed the way companies interact with their customers.

Today, any organization of repute has a substantial online presence. Google is one of the pioneers of the “information age” and offers several services and platforms which are extremely useful for individual as well as businesses.

One of the exciting service it offers is Google Meet or Google Hangouts Meet.

This is nothing but a powerful videoconferencing calling platform. This is targeted primarily at professionals and successfully links users across remote locations to a common platform for real time simultaneous interaction.

It’s a very effective platform that can be easily used across locations. 

On a basic Google Meet call, a conference can be set up with up to 25 participants at once. All can speak and can share video simultaneously. If one needs to connect more people, you can use the higher tier membership available from Google.

One needs a paid Google suite account to initiate the conversation but anyone with a regular Google account can participate in the conference.

While the Google Meet it a nifty software, it is not suitable for use in all browsers, especially Safari. It is best if used with Google`s own Chrome browser.

Google Meet Membership tiers

As mentioned earlier to initiate a Google Meet video call, one needs a paid G-suite account. The G-suite account are available in the following tiers

  • G-Suite Basic: US$ 6 per initiating user per month upto 25 users at once
  • G-Suite Business: US$ 12 per initiating user per month upto 50 users at once
  • G-Suite Enterprise US$ 6 per initiating user per month upto 100 users at once
Everything about Google Meet User. How to use Google Meet? A Guide

Each of the said tiers provides additional storage space on Google Drive depending on the tier chosen and also provides extensive data security features.

Additionally there are tailored solutions available for educational institutions and Google offers these free to certain institutions. 

Google Meet User Guide

Now that we have a basic idea of Google Meet, let’s look at how to use the said features.

How to Schedule a meeting on Google Meet

The most efficient way to schedule a Google Meet is through the Google Calendar. Follow these steps

Everything about Google Meet User. How to use Google Meet? A Guide
  • Login to your paid G-Suite Google account
  • Open your Google calendar.
  • Click on the day you propose to set up the meeting
  • Add a title to the space provided and click on more options
  • Here you can set the event for all-day or else uncheck it and set the time you want the meeting to occur
  • Under the Event Details, click on ADD CONFERENCING drop down and choose HANGOUTS MEET. Choose the VIEW DETAILS link which appears to the right which includes info about the meeting.
  • Under this choose the option of ADD GUETS section. Here you can add the email addresses to invite them to the meeting.
  • Now you need to click SAVE.
  • After this there is a pop-up that will give you an option to send an invitation to all your guests. You can click send in case you want to send the invitations.
Everything about Google Meet User. How to use Google Meet? A Guide

How to Start a Meeting on Google Meet?

To start a meeting the following needs to be done

  • From the Google calendar, click on the meeting that you set up.
  • In the subsequent window, click on “Join Hangouts Meet” link
  • From this window next click “Join Meeting” button
Everything about Google Meet User. How to use Google Meet? A Guide

The meeting is now live.

How to start a Meeting on Google meet?

Once the meeting has been joined by all the participants, the following options will now appear:

Everything about Google Meet User. How to use Google Meet? A Guide
  • Meeting Details – This is normally labeled as the title of the meeting
  • Turn off the microphone – This option mutes the microphone
  • Leave Call – This option ends the call for you
  • Turn off Camera – This off turns off the camera for the user.
  • Present Now – One gets the option to choose the entire screen or just a specific window/ application
  • Captions – This option makes it easier for the participants to follow what’s on by displaying the text of the conversation.
  • Removing participants – In case any participant needs to be removed, the same can be done by clicking the back arrow, pointing to the person, and clicking remove.
  • Mute a participant – In certain cases when there is background noise disturbance, there is an option to mute a participant.
  • Viewing attachments – In the lower-left corner there is an option to select and download attachments affiliated to the meeting.
  • More options – Here you can choose to record your meeting, go full screen, or change your settings such as your video resolution, and selecting the microphone and/or camera you want to use.

How to use ‘Present Now’ option in Google Meet?

When you choose the A window option in the Present now menu, you are presented with a screen containing all of the available windows currently open on your computer.

Simply click the one you want to present to your students. For example, if you want them to see your web browser, click on the thumbnail to select it.

Settings section in Google Meet

When clicking the Settings link in the More options menu, you are presented with the following two tabs:

Everything about Google Meet User. How to use Google Meet? A Guide
  • General – Here you can select the camera, microphone, and speakers you want to use. You can also test them to make sure they are functioning correctly.
  • Network – Here you can choose between High Definition (720p) or Standard Definition (360p) for your Send Resolution (maximum) and Receive Resolution (maximum). Use high def when you have a good internet connection and standard with a slower connection

People and Chat in Google Meet

Click the left pointing arrow next to the thumbnails on the upper right of the screen to expand the window. Here you have the following:

  • People – A list of participants currently in the meeting. Here you can pin their video so it’s being viewed in the main window, mute their audio, or remove them from the call.
  • Chat – Here you can send a chat message to the group. This would come in handy if you cannot get your audio to work, or if participants cannot hear you through their speakers.

How to Record a Meeting on Google Meet?

Video meetings can be recorded. Meeting organizer’s or those in the organizer’s domain can record a meeting. Participants are notified when the recording starts or stops.

Recordings are saved to the Google Drive of the meeting organizer and in the Calendar event. The organizer will also receive an email with a link to the recording. To record a Google Meet, do the following:

  • Click the More options (three little dots) icon on the lower right and choose Record meeting.
  • Wait for the recording to start.
  • To stop the recording click the More options icon again and choose Stop recording. The recording automatically stops when everyone leaves the meeting.
  • Click Stop recording again to confirm.
  • Wait at least 10 minutes for the recording to be processed and saved to the organizer’s Google drive. It will appear in the Meet Recordings folder. An email with the recording link is also sent to the meeting organizer and the person who started the recording.

Latest Developments

Following the COVID-19 crises, since March 2020 Google has begun offering the premium features previously available for the premium G-Suite accounts for free.

Everything about Google Meet User. How to use Google Meet? A Guide

This has resulted in massive growth of the platform with more than 100 million users a day now accessing meet. With the increased videoconferencing requirements during the crisis, Google took this step to roll out free services. Currently the Free calls have a single initiator and up-to 100 participants.

However the paid G-suite users can have more participants. Further with the free services, the chats and calls cannot be recorded unlike the paid services.

While currently the free calls have no time limit, starting September 2020, the free calls would be restricted to 60 minutes.

Top 10 PPC tools for 2020- Search Engine Marketing Tools

The past decade has seen a massive penetration of the internet amongst the developing countries. Over time, the data is now available at cheaper rates and this has prompted the growth of internet as a critical advertising medium and has ushered in the virtual “Information Age”. In this information age, any company serious about selling its products has an online presence. One of the most up and coming segments in digital marketing is Pay Per Click (PPC).

In internet marketing PPC model is becoming increasingly popular. As per this model, a fee is paid by the advertisers for every click on their advertisements. In other words this is nothing but a way of buying prospect visits to your online marketplace.

Advertising through search engines is the most common and one of the most effective forms of PPC.

Search Engine Marketing enable marketers to place bids on for Advertisement placing in the search engine`s links (sponsored section) which would be triggered when a prospect searches for a specific keyword related to the marketers product or service.

For instance if one clicks “Anti-Virus”, Norton Antivirus shows as the top result on Google`s results page. Every time this is clicked, Norton would pay a fee to Google.

However creating an effective PPC campaign is an arduous task and isn’t very simple. However, over the past decade or so, extremely worthwhile and capable PPC tools have been developed and released.

Here we look at ten of the most efficient PPC tools for 2020 which not only significantly reduce the effort duration but help create an impact PPC campaign as well.

1. Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a fundamental and critical developed by Google to manage PPC campaigns. The tool is free for use and helps in the simultaneous editing of multiple Google Ads campaigns. This feature rich tool performs the following functions

  • Bid management by raising or lowering bids for keywords
  • Campaign management by tweaking of ad text, keyword lists
  • Managing the keyword match types.

It offers a near complete suite for efficient optimization of bulk edits and is quite efficient and fast.


SPYFU is the virtual equivalent of an intelligence agency for PPC marketing. As the name suggests, it is used for spying on your adversaries. 

With its enormous data base, it tracks and records the campaigns and keyword lists of your competition.

Not just this it let us know the amount bid by competition keyword wise, the advertisements run and edits made to them over their entire run,  the total amounts spend by them amongst other things.

By getting to know the keyword optimizations of an adversaries’ successful PPC campaign, one can save a truckload of time and effort for the same.  In short, you gain a critical advantage.

3. Wordstream Advisor

As mentioned earlier management of a PPC campaign is not very simple, but is inherently time consuming and complex.

To make this job easier, an efficient tool called Wordstream advisor is available.

The tool is especially useful for SME and mid-size businesses and is extensively used by this segment to efficiently manage their PPC campaign.

The flag tool highlights the areas of the campaign that require swift attention.

The tool can be customized to take corrective action based on personalized recommendations and it can keep track of the resulting performance.

Apart from PPC campaigns, the toll of also adept at managing Facebook campaign making it a feature rich integrated platform.

4. Opteo

This tool is primarily targeted to cater to the SME segment, medium businesses, freelance marketers and Social Media managers.

Opteo is essentially performance enhancing optimization tool which populates recommendations basis continuous data tracking and account monitoring of the performance related data points.

The tool allows simultaneous bulk editing of the GoogleAds.

The software has over forty different enhancement features like bid control, spend control, efficient schedulers, and real time trackers amongst others.

5. TenScores

This tool is unique in its methodology towards managing the PPC marketing.

It does not vouch to be a complete know it all tool. Instead it focusses on one of the most important aspects of PPC marketing. i.e efficient optimisation.

The tool uses a unique scoring approach to instantly optimize your Google Ads.

The user interface itself is extremely intuitive with detailed and simple to understand analysis represented through various charts. Basis its analysis, Ten-scores provide adequate recommendations to improve ad engagements, reduce spends and enhance overall returns.

This is one tool which provides real time performance improvement.

6. SpeedPPC

SpeedPPC was launched in 2007 and had been a hit ever since launch.

It has presence in close to 100 countries. The software is a cyclical tool that robotises a company`s PPC marketing campaign.

This automation enables the company to create a focused and targeted campaign in the matter of a few minutes. The tool optimizes the ad quality scores resulting in cost savings and tighter integration between the keywords and Ad placements.

The tool is highly flexible and can be tailored to your organization`s needs.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an all in one tool that encapsulates various aspects of analysing content, discovering trends, measuring performance and determining Return on Investment.

All in all it serves as a one stop shop by providing important and essential features pertaining to trend discovery and content management.

The tool has features like alerts for brand mentions, deep research tools and trending keywords pertaining to your product.

Additional features like customer query analyser tools, Facebook analyser tools, keyword influencer and top author tools are unique features of this software.

BuzzSumo is considered a critical part of PPC content stack of any organization.

Its layered approach is extremely unique and provides critical inputs into prevailing trends.

8. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is an intuitive and simple tool developed by HootSuite and it focussed specifically on Facebook ads. The tool breaks down every complete Facebook campaigns into a series of manageable parts. The individual parts are then optimized using demographic tools and subsequent results. AdEspresso is also extremely efficient at result tracking and allows users to get access to conversion tracing and subsequent customer conversions.

9. MeetKite

The MeetKite is a PPC a fast paced tool focused on ROI optimizations.

The tool prioritises recommendations from a large number of Social Media data points.

The tool tend to view your businesses as a combination of the following

  • Lead Generation business: Determines costs per trail and recommends suitable actions.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Focuses on sales volume scaling
  • eCommerce Business: Using inputs from the above, this module throws u immediate “hot” conversion leads and suggests unique campaign pitching.

10. Ahrefs

While Ahrefs is one of the leading search engine optimization tools, it has extensive PPC features as well. Similar to SpyFu, this tool has the spying ability.

It is able to spy on competitor keyword bids and analyse their traffic flow. It is especially adept at keyword benchmarking, Using its extensive data base, the tool is able to segregate the keyword basis spend, traffic and uniqueness.

Using internal analytics the tool is able to present scenarios which compare an organic search against a sponsored search.

Combining these features with the search engine optimized features, Ahrefs is an excellent tool to manage PPC marketing.

8 plagiarism checking tools for free

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying another person’s work without their knowledge or approval and then presents it as your own original work.  Plagiarism is an illegal act which violates the law and is punished by fines and in some cases up to one year jail sentence.  It is something very important that you need to keep in mind that work should never be plagiarized and it should be unique.

There could be lots of liabilities for them. It is very important that we keep that in mind, if do not then there could be some serious issue and people could face some problems. There are many people who do not understand how badly plagiarism can affect them, they need solutions which is something very important. If they go not get good results, there could be problems.

The major importance of plagiarism is to define your dependency on someone else work and also to draw a differential line between your original works from that of your source.  

It is very important that you do not copy what is there word by word, you can take idea from there but write in your down words which is something very important and should always be kept in mind, if it is not then you could land up in big trouble.

There are a number of ways to prevent plagiarism that include; understanding the concept and then presenting it as defined in your understanding(paraphrase), using quotation mark in case you have used somebody else work or you can also use software that aid in checking for plagiarism.  

So it is something very important that you take care of and if you want to give good results, then you can go in for that.

Examples of Plagiarism

  • When someone does an assignment for you then you present it as your own original work. This is something that should not be done and you need to keep this in mind and you can get very good results for this.
  • Copy pasting information from online sources and other literature sources then presenting that as your own original work.
  • Using other people’s brands, logos or names with the intention of presenting as the original, without their approval or their knowledge of it.

Different types of plagiarism and example

Plagiarism is divided into different categories based on the the technique used in copying.

Complete plagiarism is where the writer copies an entire external work then, without any alterations, pastes in their work then tries to own that work as their original.

This is the worst thing one can do and should be avoided at all cost and this is something that can cause major harm to your reputation and also have impact on your ranking in search engines if you are doing online market and should not be done at all.

Paraphrasing plagiarism is the case whereby a writer will find a source information reads it then try to paraphrase by editing; deleting and adding, some words.

This is something that should not be done and should be avoided as some of the told at the present time are quiet capable of getting this traced and that is the last thing that you want.

Direct plagiarism 

this is when you copy someone else’s work and inject into your work then you attempt to present this work as your own without any indications of trying to acknowledge the source of the information you are presenting.

Direct ‘patchwork’

here, the writer copies information from different sources. Rearranges this information to create a new copy without making citations from the external sources he/she has used.

Incomplete citation

when a writer attempts to copy someone else work for his or her use then they need to completely show citation for every single piece of work imported. This is something that should be completed avoid and if you want to do good work, you should not be doing this at all.

Top 8 Tools for Plagiarism

As part of a fight against plagiarism, there are several tools designed to help in detecting any form of plagiarism thus helping people to create original and unique work.

Top 8 Tools for Plagiarism

Some of these plagiarism checking tools are free of charge while others have a fee charged.  They include;

1 DupliChecher

This is a free plagiarism tool which allows the users to either paste their work on it or to upload the work for checking any copyright breach.

This is something that one must know and are looking for solutions which will make things easier for you.

2 Copyleaks

This plagiarism checker tool detects plagiarism by scanning document(s) over the web resources. This is known to give good results and you can be sure, that it will give you perfect output and will help you to detect any kind of plagiarism which is there.

3 Whitesmoke plagiarism checker

This tool scans a document over the online web sources to seek to detect any plagiarism preset.

4 ProWritingAid

This tool is designed to check for plagiarism in manuscripts, novels, or literary works. Other than that, it also helps in detecting grammatical errors in a document.

This is known to work well and give desired results and it has got a paid and a free option as well and can really give some good insights about the quality of work in term of plagiarism.

5 Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a free plagiarism aid tool designed to detect copied content from blog articles. This is known to give good results and is very popular.


It’s a vital resource in helping to detect plagiarism by comparing your presented document against its database information

7 Quetext

In This plagiarism tool, you simply paste your work then it compares your work against the web pages in its database.

8 Copyleaks

Checks for unauthorized content used, by scanning a document over a web database. Even shows where the work was extracted from.


In the modern day world, doing business has become very competitive thus to grow or to remain relevant in the market entrepreneurs have to learn how to swiftly adjust their modes of marketing their businesses.

Over a long period of time, many businesses that remained conservative in their marketing strategies have found themselves on the edge of being overtaken.

wise entrepreneurs whose got the best interests of their business at heart will always stay on their toes finding out every time how best they can improve their marketing strategies in accordance with the rapidly changing technology.

Digital marketing is a convenient way of reaching out to a large audience in a fast pace while at the same time incurring minimal cost. Also, it helps the business to improve on their product and service as it provides an interactive platform where the clients can freely express their opinion, complaints and other comments.

There are many modes of marketing your business digitally. We are going to focus on a few most effective 14 digital marketing trends used in 2020.

1 Social Medial Story

Social medial has provided a very convenient platform for digital marketing like facebook and instagram. They enable businesses to reach new remotely located clients in a simple way.

Facebook has story features as well as its other platform like WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. YouTube has story tab, LinkedIn is going to roll it out and Snapchat already has this.

This method allows businesses to present their intended information easily to a large audience.

2 Video Marketing

This is when live videos are broadcast-ed in media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram where an individual gives detailed information about their business.

Now Facebook has its own video platform, YouTube has improved a lot and twitter has already joined this club. LinkedIn has started video enabled posts.

It is a good mode as it brings out the ability to see and ask relevant questions and get answers.

3 Influencer marketing

This is an old system that’s been baptized through technology and it still works miracles in the modern world.

In this mode, a business takes advantage of an influential individual in the social media like a blogger who markets the business through the social media.

4. Visual search

In this type of digital marketing, people can use the images to search online and find detailed informative results. It takes the advantage of the Google lens, Pinterest lens and the Bing visual search.

5. Voice search

With the advancing technology of the voice search like alexa and siri, many businesses and brands are now including it in their strategies because it plays a major role in providing the right information to the people without much struggle.

6. AI – Artificial intelligence

This technology helps the business to understand their clients’ behaviors and their ways and patterns of search.

It uses the information from the social media platforms and other online sites like the blogs e.g. the chatbots

7. Chatbot

Chatbot is a technology that uses the artificial intelligence to send instant messages at all times of the day or night to the clients. They are efficient and timely in making communications.

There are many chat-bots available in market. One of the chat-bot I have been using is Mobile-monkey This is really nice and easy to use.

Top 14 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 you should watch 3 The Digital Chapters

8. Personalization

In this marketing strategy, you are required to make sure you have personalized all of your; content, products, emails and more. The practical example here are; easy jet, Cadbury and star bucks

9.Local SEO

This strategy works by creating a well structured content that the search engines can be able to quickly locate and present to your consumers with ease. The content needs to have certain keywords; mostly used by viewers, well placed.

Google my business has improved a lot and its helping small business a lot. Bing Places has its own place in Local SEO

10. Social Commerce

Comprising of e-commerce and visual commerce like the instagram are a real great way of presenting your products to the consumers. It helps to reach a huge audience quickly.

11. UGC- User Generated Content

The targeted audience in this marketing strategy is mostly the Millennial and Gen Z markets.  The strategy works by offering discounts or partnering with the consumers. User Generated Content are presented as; blog comments and testimonials, blog posts, images and videos.

12. Big Data And Deep Learning

If a business can manage to find the right tools to tap the power of big data then this marketing strategy is going to be effective to your business.

13. Structured Data SEO

Here, the business organizes their data in a way that makes it easy for th search engines to categorize them and crawl the content.

14. Content Marketing

Content marking is a source of creating credibility and trust from the viewers. A business will have to update their articles on a regular basis so as to keep the viewers on the go with the latest details of the business.


Marketing is the key of success. However, the choice of which type of marketing strategy to use depends on a number of factors like the cost of the strategy, availability of the required technological knowhow, the intended audience etc .

The main reason for a business to decide to adopt the digital marketing strategy is because the business will be exposed by big number of people easily.

Technology is the foundation on which digital marketing is build upon.

The fast rate of changes witnessed in the technological sector from time to time affects the manner in which businesses have to adjust.

Today, all kind of businesses need to adopt digital marketing if they are to remain relevant.

This is because the world has gone digital in all manner of ways; for instance, today people can comfortably purchase, pay for and wait for the delivery of their products from the comfort of their homes by simply using their mobile phones.

However, digital marketing also comes with a high maintenance cost as the business will have to hire professionals who will manage the strategies and watch to protect the security from hackers amongst other things but without traffic one cannot sustain at all.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing tools

Social Media plays a critical role in enhancing the prospects of businesses. It can be a source of great information and a platform with a great number of people. They are gaining an immense amount of popularity with each passing day. Its integration is quite important in order to take businesses to greater heights of success with best free social media management tools 2020.

Social media can drastically improve the traffic your website gets, also the traffic is quick and much targeted and if done well is going to product good results and that is something that you need to know well, if you take care of a website and look for social media marketing tools free.

You need to take help of social media tools 2020 for marketing, which makes the process much easier to make use of social media for promotional work.

Once you get hold of good tools you will be able to make your process much easier and will be able to get very good results out of it.

One thing you need to keep in mind that good quality social media management tool will not only help you to make your social media promotion more productive, but also very efficient and less time consuming.

Also if you have multiple website that is even making things much more difficult. You should keep this goal in mind and based on that you need to select some good social media marketing tools and they will surely help you in reaching your goals and make the process much simpler with best free social media management tools.

There are abundance of tools in the market and selecting the best is never easy and hence you need to be sure, what tools offer what features and how they will help you improve your social media marketing efforts and give a better ROI which is something very important that you need to keep in mind and this can be done with help of social media management tools free.

Each of the tools have got its own set of  pros and cons and hence it is for one to figure out the best and the ones which works for them, but not to forget that some of them are classics and they give the best results with most people.

So let us look at social media tools list.

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is, One of the best Social Media Management and Marketing Tools that provides all Publishing, Promoting, Scheduling, reporting and ORM at one Place.

It is one of the best free social media management tools. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It helps in effective management by providing a proper social media campaign with regular reports and statistics.  

This is a great tool and helps people in managing multiple social media accounts, and that makes it much easier and hence this is something very important.

Agorapulse Features

  • Easy to use and quality messaging inbox with automation.
  • FB and Instagram ad management
  • Find the right content and label the best contents
  • Social publishing, reporting, messaging and listing at one place

Agorapulse Prices

  • Medium- 79$ (2 Users with 10 Social Channels)
  • Large- 159$ (4 Users with 25 Social Channels)
  • X-Large- 239$ (8 Users with 40 Social Media channels)
  • Enterprise-399$ (20 Users with 60 Social Media channels)

2. Hootsuite

Social Media management can be made easy by this tool. It will aid your business by connecting you to millions of people in no matter of time. Access properly to all the eminent social media networks with this tool.  

This is known to give good results and people really like this one, lots of people from all over the world are making use of this and it is worth the price which is there.

Hootsuite is one of the best and renowned Social Media Tools and most popular tool among social media managers. I have been using this over 5 years. It is also trusted by millions of users across 175 countries for social media management  

Hootsuite Features

  • Multiple integrations possible with this tool
  • Promote content and get analysis of each post
  • Schedule your post and curate content
  • Team collaboration and Monitoring 

Hootsuite Pricing

  • Professional – INR 1915/month (1 user with 10 social channels)
  • Team- INR 7540/month (3 users with 20 social media channels)
  • Business- INR-45000/month (up to 10 users with 35 social media channels)
  • Enterprise – Customized pack

3. Sendible

SENDIBLE, is the finest social media tools for marketing for any scale of the business arena. It provides detailed reports, analytics, statistics, trends and efficient audience management for the business networks.

Since there are so many features, you can call this one for all as there is so much that it offers and it is worth the price that you spend on it.

Sendible Features

  • The tool is quite simple, flexible and easy to use. Reports and menu of the tools are impressive with perfect reports that look neat.
  • Easy and handy reports in a few times that explain you all about the social channels performance.
  • Community building, customer engagement and Sentiment analysis is another great feature in it.
  • Creating Social Calendar, Scheduling posts in easy way and Shared library is a great feature of it

Sendible Pricing

  • Starter- 29$/Month (1 user with 12 Social Channels)
  • Traction- 99$/Month (3 users with 48 channels)
  • Growth- 199$/Month (7 users with 105 Social Channels)
  • Large- 299$/Month (12 users with 192 Social Services)

4. Tailwind

Tailwind is known for Pinterest Scheduling tools, one of the best tools ever I have used for Pinterest Scheduling. I have been using this tool for 5 years to grow on Pinterest and it has helped me to boost my Pinterest Business Profile.

This tool can drive great engagement to your business making websites in no time, greeting you with positive results in terms of audience. It manages all major social media platforms in order to keep the business’s trends updated.

Tailwind Features

  • You can automatically pin with this tools at the right time.
  • Analyse your web traffic, pin engagement, profile growth and all analytics in its dashboard.
  • Create Pins and analyse its performance
  • Schedule pin for anytime
  • Free to use
  • Safe and secure tool

Tailwind Pricing

  • Pinterest Plus- 14.99$ /Month (1 Pinterest profile with 400 posts )
  • Instagram Plus- 14.99$/ Month (1 Instagram profile with 400 posts )

5. feedly

It is the most promising one in the social media tools list as it has a users list of more than 15 million people. It provides you with all trendiest updates at your own pace and allows you to keep an eye on all the updates in the business world.

6. Tweepi

Tweepi, Twitter app is one of the astounding applications as it has a great audience. This tool will assist you in developing more followers on Twitter using some sharp tactics.

This is AI-Artificial Intelligence based twitter tool to grow your brand. With the help of this tool you analyse, measure and grow followers on twitter. It is best for them one who have no time to spend on twitter to grow.

Tweepi Features

  • Follow relevant users who match to your profession or profile
  • Unfollow undesirable users
  • Get updated for latest recommended users

Tweepi Pricing

  • Silver- 10.75$/Month (300 daily recommendations, 150 f0llow)
  • Platinum- 20.75$/Month (600 recommendation, 250 Follow)

7. Crowdbooster

It is among the best free social media management tools. It helps in gaining rich traffic in the social media platforms especially Facebook and twitter by optimising them with sheer perfection. It supports the business in expanding its reach by enhancing the quality of content provision.

8. Canva

It is a major social media management tool-free. It offers stupendous graphic designers for creating brilliant layouts and graphics in order to promote businesses on a wider scale.

Canva is most popular tool for graphic designer and visualizers. Her you can create all types of Digital marketing graphics, posts, resumes, PDFs, presentations, and even videos. It is free tool for you if you are planning to learn graphic designing.

Canva Features

  • Free layouts for all types of designers
  • Fonts and multiple colour choices
  • Customise branding assistance and recommendations
  • Image cropping, video edition and video creation free

Canva Pricing

  • Free Trial- Use free templates over 8K
  • Canva Pro- 12.95$/Month (100GB storage, Team functions)
  • Canva Enterprise- 30$/Month (Multiple features, team collaboration and assignments, Unlimited storage)

9. Influential

Through this tool, a business can formulate strategies for wide campaign promotion. It includes a massive audience engagement which will provide you with good analytics’s reports and timeline strategists to boost the audience on the bigger social media networks.

10. Socedo

It rewards users with great audience insights and helps them in engaging audiences with their business portfolio. Elevate your marketing database to a greater extent. It helps the business making websites in developing these dogs’ amount of followers on twitter in order to make business oriole at remarkable rates.  

11. Mention

is another effective platform by which one can grow traffic on their business websites and can also effectively manage the competition existing in the outer arena. Take your business to new heights of success by following all trends. Engage with online media and greet an enormous audience on your site.

There are hundreds of social Media Marketing and Social Media Scheduling tools available but what is best for you is you can decide. Review your requirements, Team Size, Social Chanel’s, Social media goals and Industry

Here is the video where I have explained all these tools and additional tools to schedule your posts online.

12 Bulk Email Marketing Tools | Mass Mailing Tools

Well email marketing is something that is surely going to give you good results over a period of time and there are no two ways about it. So one needs to have a plan for getting good results with best email marketing tools and for that you need to find the ones which are known to give best results which is something very important that you need to keep in mind.

There is so much choice in the market and it is never easy to sect the best one. But we have tried to list the top then based on lots of research and have made your work much easier. Also you want these email marketing tools to be affordable, and also easy to use.

Once they have these feature then you can may be make use of few of them to make your process easier and start getting good results with your email marketing efforts with help of bulk email marketing services.

You want your customers to be repetitive leads for your business and for that you need to tae care of email marketing is bound to produce a good results with mass email marketing.

This is like and equity that you have with you and you can send them a message whenever you want, but not too frequently and they may start taking you less seriously also you need to keep one thing in mind, that your content has to be well written and attractive to get more attention and sales and you will need to take help of some good tools which can help you reach your goals.

This is one of the main reason why we created this guide as it gives very good insights about which tools you should be making use of and what you should be avoiding, here we have been very honest with what we have listed and that will surely make things much easier for you and you do will surely get better results with mass email marketing tools.

Though all this sound very simple, it is not since there are so many email marketing tools out there, and finding the best one is not easy and will require lots of time on your part.

Hence here we will be providing you will a list which will make the process much simpler and that will make things much easier for you.

As this will help you to get more traffic and better sales and but sure to know email marketing pricing.

Emails play a pivotal time when it comes to the business arena. They should be impactful and influential enough to make you reach your goal effectively in one go.

Here are some finest tools which one can integrate into the business procedure to make it grow at wider scales-

1. ActiveCampaign

It is one of the finest tools which allows the users to access services like email automation and effective email management along with CRM categories to make the business prosper. It is available and effective for all scales of businesses.

This is one of the most popular tool in the market and is known to produce good results. It has done that over a period of time and this is considered to be one of the best and is liked by people one and all.

Activecampaign Pricing

Free- 500 contacts a month


  • Lite – 9$ a month
  • Plus – 49$ a month
  • Professional -129$ a month
  • Enterprise – 229$ a month

Activecampaign Features

  • Set up Personalised Inbound and outbound email and automation
  • Tasks, territory, Contact and account Management.
  • Best in integration.
  • Lead Management and opt in management

2. Sendgrid

It is among the best email marketing tools as it effortlessly manages the emails providing an enormous range of organizing images. It offers the business portfolio with considerable guidance and expertise on emails.  

This is very popular and gives very good results. People really like making use of it and is worth every penny you spend.

Sendgrid Pricing

Free– You can store 2000 contacts and Send up to 6000 emails a month free. You can design and edit the campaigns and learn how to send email campaigns.


  • Basic- 200$ a month (1L Contacts and 3L emails you can send)
  • Advanced- 900$ (Save 2L contacts and send upto 10L Emails a month)
  • Custom Plan- Talk to sales as per your requirement  

Sendgrid Features

  • ISP monitoring, SMTP and SMTP Api available
  • Detailed analysis of email campaign such as open, click rate, unsubscribers tracking
  • DKIM customization, Custom integration and marketing campaign

3. Sendinblue

It will help to organise the working criteria in an enhanced manner by assisting with impactful strategies.

 The organ uses emails and creates an everlasting impact on other business making companies.

Take your business to a huge level of success by building strong relationships with other platforms just by right email hits.

Sendinblue Features

  • Personalized email campaign to your existing or non-existing customers or prospects.
  • Use any service Email, SMS, Or Chat at one platform
  • Use FB Ads and landing page to collect contacts
  • Easy integration with any tool with their API

Sendinblue Pricing

Free- 300 Emails a day and Unlimited Contacts you can add

Paid- Sendinblue offers 4 types of packages which are here-:

  • Lite- 25$ a month (Send up to 40,000 emails a month)
  • Essential- 39$ a month (Send up to 60K emails a month with Advanced statics and A/B testing)
  • Premium- 39$ a month (Send up to 120K emails a month with marketing automation and multi user access)
  • Enterprise- If you need more things to add in these plans. Communicate with team.

4. Mail-chimp

It is one of the organised best email marketing tools which help in building a strong relationship with clients.

It is loaded with features and strategies to enhance your business prospects.

Mail chimp features

  • One of the oldest Email Marketing tools which adds only Opt-in database
  • All Marketing and Automation at one place including social, landing pages and web integration
  • Best in security and 300+ app integration

Mail chimp pricing


  • Store Contacts up to- 2000
  • Send Emails up to- 10000

Paid – following are monthly plans based on contacts and Mail chimp Pricing policies*

Essentials- 9$

  • Store Contacts up to- 5, 0000
  • Send Emails up to- 5, 00,000

Standard- 14 $

  • Store Contacts up to- 1, 00,000
  • Send Emails up to- 1.2M

Premium- 299$

  • Store Contacts – 2, 00,000+
  • Send Emails – 3M

5. Drip

Drip provides bulk email marketing services including email support which will assist you in designing perfect emails for satisfying clients.

Drip Features

  • You can store your customer database here with no cost.
  • Set easily personalized notification to web visitors and customers
  • engage with your customer while analyzing the customer buying journey
  • Detailed analyzing with compete customer behavior and analysis

Drip Pricing

Free- Use free subscription to send up to 100 contacts


  • 2.5 Contacts- 41$ a month
  • 10k Contacts- 149$ a month
  • 100k Contacts-779$ a month

6. Converkit

It allows businesses to expand their email reach by perfect CRM automation and email management. It can provide up to 1 to 6 million client base.

Convertkit Features

Attractive signup forms and landing pages.

Create multiple landing pages and sign up form in no time

Best to set up automation based on customer choice and visitors

Analyse and organise the customers’ behaviour with the database

Converkit Pricing

Free- create account, create landing pages and store subscribers up to 500.


  • 3k Contacts- 49$ a month
  • 10k Contacts- 119$ a month
  • 105k Contacts-679$ a month

7. MoonMail

One of the promising bulk email marketing services which help in enormous email marketing and aids the business portfolio in creating and organizing the finest emails.

Moonmail Pricing

  • Free- NO
  • Paid-
  • Lite- 21$ (1000 contacts, 5K Emaila a month)
  • Starter- 149$ (10K contacts, 60k Emails a month)

8. Mailjet

This useful tool helps the business organisations in creating superbly organised emails and also assists in fetching good client responses by designing accurate emails.

Expand your emails proficiency with Mailjet.

Mailjet Pricing

Free- No trial expiry, No credit card needed. Send up to 6,000 emails per month

200 emails a day


 Based on your contacts you can choose the best plan that suits to you starting from 10$

  • 9.65$- Send 3ok email a month
  • 18.95$- Send 60k Emails a month
  • 68.95$- Send 150K emails a month

You can also select different plans offered on their site.

9. iContact

iContact aids in mass email marketing by providing mass email marketing tools. It allows plugins and assists the business makers in creating fine responsive email designs. 

It presents free templates along with the creation of approx 40 thousand emails at reasonable rates and in the minimum time possible.

icontact features

  • Create Email Marketing campaign speedily with their hand made templates. Easy to customize
  • Do a/b testing on different devices
  • Automate your campaign based on requirement and customers
  • Nice chat support

icontact Pricing

Free- No trial   


icontact offers two plans Base and PRO. You can choose one that suits to your need.

  • 15k contacts- 129$ a month
  • 55k Contacts- 349$ a month

10. Infusionsoft or Keap

earlier it was infusion-soft but now this is keap. It offers professional email marketing tools

In a reasonable email marketing pricing. It allows business organisations in creating the best designs for emails and responsive email designing.

It is loaded with GDPR compliant and serves the purpose in a short course if time provides the fastest speed possible. 

Keap Pricing

Free- No trial 


  •  Keap Grow- 79$ a month
  • Keap Pro- 149$ a month
  • Infusionsoft- 199$

11. Campaign Monitor

It uses a known email marketing software-based tool which assists users in creating the best designs with utmost proficiency.

It allows a wide range of tools to create emails which will fetch clients as well as a good reputation. The speed is comparable and the creation of emails is imbibed with professionalism 

Campaignmonitor Pricing

Free- No trial 


  • Basic- 9$ a month (2500 emails)
  • Unlimited – 29$ a month
  • Premier- 149$ a month

12. EmailOctopus

It is packed with smart features and concrete analytics which will gain a good response from clients. Create the best email designs for your business along with compliance and bounce email tracking.

10 best online digital marketing certificate programs for 2020

Are you looking for the best Digital Marketing Certificate Program ? Are you searching Online Digital Marketing Certificate ? There are many Online Digital Marketing Courses free. If you are doing Digital Marketing course , then you consider these free digital marketing certification courses. These are no cost courses which are available online for free.

The widespread penetration of internet and availability of cheap data has ushered in the “Information age”. A substantial proportion of the population world has access to smart phones and consequently to the internet.

This phenomenon has led to the massive growth of social media platforms. In today`s day and age any sizable company of repute is bound to have and online presence.

Thus it is extremely imperative for marketers to be aware of concepts of digital marketing. In contrast to the expensive, inflexible, in person attend programs, there are several quality training programmes available online which are free of charge.

While these programs may not make you the next Philip Kotler, they certainly provide a quality data base of information and a launchpad to learning digital marketing and terms like pay per click, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO) etc.

The programs would serve you well in terms of equipping you with the basic know how of digital marketing and prepare you for learning the more advanced digital marketing strategies and techniques.

Apart from pure information value, these programs also serve to provide you certifications which would add to your resume. Imagine being called a “Google” or a “Facebook” certified marketer. In the section below we look at ten of the best online digital marketing certificate programs.

Table of Content

  1. Google Digital Garage
  2. Inbound Marketing Certification by Hotspot.
  3. SEO Marketing Fundamentals Certification Course.
  4. Email Marketing Certification
  5. Video Marketing Certification
  6. SEM/ PPC certification
  7. Content Marketing Certification
  8. Social Media Market Certification
  9. Facebook Blueprint certification
  10. Google Analytics certification course

1. Google Digital Garage

One of the most extensive platforms for online digital marketing certification is the Digital Garage by Google. It is probably the best starting point for a digital marketer. The platform consists of a number of free course and certifications.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices to intermediates
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, reading material, activities, online workbook
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~40 hours

The program is designed to progress from basic concepts of digital marketing to advances concepts like re-targeting, search engine optimizations amongst others.

The material is delivered primarily by inbound Google Marketing experts. The entire course is divided into 26 unique modules with 100+ short instructional videos. Each of the 26 modules has been 2-7 videos which are easy to grasp.

At the end of every topic, a short multiple choice exam is conducted and on successful competition of the exam a badge is awarded.

If you are awarded all 26 batches, you can attempt the final certificate examination. On passing the same, a certificate is awarded and you are official a Google Certified Marketer.  

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

2. Inbound Marketing Certification by Hotspot.

One of the best Online Digital Marketing course and Free Digital Marketing Certification Program. The Inbound Marketing course is one of the premier courses offered by the HubSpot academy and over 130,000 marketers have successfully completed the course to become Inbound certified.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~4 hours

This certification is unique in the sense that instead of directly flooding a potential customer with multiple sale pitches, it looks to gradually build and nurture the link with the prospects.

The course would help the marketer to understand the core principals of Inbound marketing, clear concepts on related Inbound Marketing techniques and develop basic Inbound Skills.

The course is divided into 10 unique modules with over 34 instructional videos. The course completion is followed by a certification exam.

3. SEO Marketing Fundamentals Certification Course.

While SEMrush is a popular marketing analytics company and is present since 2008, it`s training academy is relatively new. One of the popular and emerging courses from SEMrush academy is SEO Fundamentals Course

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, additional reading material and short quizzes.
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~4 hours

Delivered by SEO expert Greg Clifford, this course aims at clearly explaining the basic principles and fundamentals of SEO and gradually advances to more advanced topics.

The course is structures into eight modules comprising of a total of 31 lessons and covers topics like SEO basics, Technical SEO, Mobile SEO, and geographical SEO amongst others.

On successful course completion and certification one can move on to the more advanced SEMrush courses like SEO Toolkit course aimed at intermediate and advanced marketers.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

4. Email Marketing Certification

The Hubspot academy has a specialized Email Marketing course delivered by renowned digital marketing expert Courtney Sembler.

Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices to intermediates
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, additional reading material.
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~3.5 hours

As is evident email marketing is one of the most common and effective means of marketing communication. The course successfully enables marketers to effectively understand E-mail marketing fundamental principles, write action driven content, and ensure effective targeting.

It then gradually moves to other advanced topics. HubSpot has designed this course in a complementary manner to the Inbound marketing course.

This enables the marketers to focus on sustainable relationships with customers. The course is divided into 9 separate modules covering over 27 lessons.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

5. Video Marketing Certification

Video mode is fast emerging as a critical element of the marketing strategy and hence it is critical to well-thought out and clear video promotion strategy. The YouTube certificate is delivered by Google academy.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices to intermediates
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, additional reading material, practical exercises
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~8 hours

The video certification is an excellent course spanning multiple modules and describing strategies and means to monetize a YouTube channel.

Apart from providing tips on how to create the right sort of content for the channel, the latter part of the course deals with legal matters and analytics. The entire course is broadly classified into four separate modules

  • Channel growth
  • Creative Essentials
  • Asset monetization
  • Content ownership

On completing the course, one needs to score 75%+ in the exam to be certified.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

6. SEM/ PPC certification

In spite of being a relatively newer entrant in the certification space, SEMrush academy is delivering some really good certification courses. Another popular course is PPC Fundamentals course.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices to intermediates
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, additional reading materials, quizzes
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~5 hours

The course is delivered by the renowned Joel Bondorowsky. This course takes you through various aspects of promoting your brand`s online awareness through paid search engine ads. The course module includes detailed elaboration on topics like Pay Per Click, AdWords, remarketing and also touches on aspects to measure, optimize and correct your SEM campaign. The course is divided into eight separate modules covering 36 lessons.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

7. Content Marketing Certification

One of the most popular and elaborate courses on fundamentals of content marketing is the CMC course by HubSpot Academy.

Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices to intermediates
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, additional reading materials
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~6.5 hours

The course is delivered through multiple renowned HubSpot experts including the likes of Sujan Patel.

It is designed to cover all critical aspects of content marketing like fundamentals of content marketing, effective writing skills, idea generation, content promotion and other important aspects.

Additionally the course touches on topics like keyword strategies. The course is delivered through 52 videos consisting covering 12 modules. This course is tightly integrated with Inbound marketing course.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

8. Social Media Market Certification

Another excellent course delivered by the HubSpot academy is the social media certification course.

Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices to intermediates
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, additional reading materials
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~5 hours

Designed in a stepped up manner and delivered by multiple instructors this course touches on important topics like socio-listening, influencer effect and research.

This course aims to equip marketers with ability to develop efficient social media strategies helping them leverage platforms to drive up sales growth. The course is divided into 9 different modules delivered through 40 lessons and quizzes.

Being a part of the HubSpot certification universe, this course is well integrated with Inbound marketing course.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

 9. Facebook Blueprint certification

One of the most important platforms for marketing in today`s time is Facebook. Facebook itself recognises this fact and has designed a multitude of courses catering to all levels of marketers.

 Salient features

  • Suitability: Novices to advanced marketers
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, additional reading materials, practical exercises.
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~50 hours

The course is extremely comprehensive and designed in a staggered and step up modules of increasing complexity.

This is probably the most detailed and elaborate one-stop junction for know-how pertaining to Facebook marketing. Apart from providing tips on how to create effective Facebook optimised content, the course also suggests ways to effectively monetize the Facebook page.

The course is divided into 17 separate modules each having multiple instructional videos. While the entire course is free, one will need to pay a certification fee.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020

10. Google Analytics certification course

Google Analytics is the world`s most widely used analytics tool on the web. Google has recognised this fact and has created a learning platform for providing effective techniques for efficient analysis of the data.

Salient features

  • Suitability: Intermediate to advanced marketers
  • Course delivery: Instructional videos, additional reading materials, practical exercises.
  • Certification: Yes
  • Duration: ~40 hours

Designed in a manner to elaborate the practical application of harnessing Google Analytics for making sense out of unintelligible data, the course is an extremely critical ones in today`s times. The courses are broken down into two parts

1 Analytics for beginners

2 Advanced analytics

Both the courses are delivered through multiple modules with are broken down into sessions between 5 minutes to 45 minute sessions. Additionally there are other resources like Q&A sessions with Google Experts.

10 Best Online Digital Marketing Certificate Programs 2020 7 The Digital Chapters

10 Best Free SEO tools

Well, over last few years internet has evolved a lot and things have also changed with major search engine, especially Google and new trends keep on emerging as time passes by and if you are in thankless job of SEO then you need tools to help you and make things simpler with best free seo tools 2020.

It is not easy at the present time to do the Search Engine Optimization, all on your own and may require help. It could be even tougher is you are doing it on your own and just starting out.

Your budget would also be very limited. Hence you need the top free seo tools which can provide good results in quick time. People are also looking for best free seo tools for wordpress.

You can find hundreds of SEO TOOLS online, but most of them are not what you are looking for. You need something that can save your time and money.

You need something that can help you do your task quickly and at the same time also give good results, which is the need of every one. These things require time and you need to test so many tools to find the best as per your needs.

Which can help you achieve your goals and make things much easier for you over a period of time doing this process and eventually help you get more traffic and also more sales which is your goal?

Search Engine Optimization also requires you to have good content as without that you will not be able to do the SEO.

Table of Content

  • 1.Google SEO tools.
  • 1.1 Google Analytics.
  • 1.2 Google Search Console.
  • 1.3 Keyword planner.
  • 1.4 Google Page Speed Insights.
  • 1.5 Google trends.
  • 2 Moz Tools
  • 2.1 Mozbar
  • 2.2 Moz Link Explorer
  • 3. Woo rank
  • 4. SEMRush
  • 5. BROWSEO
  • 6. Ahrefs SEO toolbar
  • 7. Alexa and Simlarweb
  • 8. SERP checking
  • 9. SEO site check
  • 10. SEO Hero

1. Google SEO tools.

Google search engine optimization tools are of sheer importance in order to make a particular website popular in terms of search engines. Websites play a pivotal role in organising businesses and companies. Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO organisation of websites should be perfect.

1.1 Google Analytics.

It is one of the best Google SEO tools as it keeps us intact with the traffic which our website is receiving by regular reports. It helps the user in assessing the success and failure margin of the website. It greets the user with free tools by which they can assess data and statistics. It is the top free SEO tool available on Google.

Best Seo tools


  1. Complete view of your business website.
  2. It gives complete picture of users how they are engaging on your web or app.
  3. Best reporting can be made using the real data and insights
  4. Funnel, page insights, analyse by device, tech, and Geo, spend time and so on.
  5. Best for visualization monitoring
  6. Easy integration with Google Search Console, Google Ads, Google Cloud , Data studio, AdSense and other third party software’s.

Price: Free

1.2 Google Search Console.

It is the best free SEO tool 2020 as it helps you in boosting search engine results, it also helps in deriving the reports of traffic and permits the user in mending any problem related to the website.

Best Seo tools


1. Check if your website or app is being crawled in search engine pages or not

2. Search traffic analysis

3. Best for sitemap submission and crawling status check

Price : Free

1.3 Keyword planner.

Keyword planners are the impactful SEO TOOLS as by using it one can integrate appropriate usage of keywords on the website. If keywords simulation will be perfect then it will directly or indirectly raise the traffic on the website. 

Best Seo tools

1.4 Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google PageSpeed Insights analyzes the website and keeps on providing recommendations regarding the modification of a page in order to make it more moderate and eye-catching.

Best Seo tools

1.5 Google trends.

This is considered as one of the finest SEO TOOLS as it analyses all the queries that are asked to google and by hypothesising them must of the popular queries are refined in the format of Google trends.

Best Seo tools

2 Moz Tools

Moz tools are those SEO TOOLS which assist the user in link building and also aids then in creating SEO audits. By utilising then one can professionally increase high rankings and attain other benefits as well.

MOZ describes itself a complete SEO Tool-set for all businesses. You can use its premium pack or free services. Moz provide you 6 tools for your need

  1. Keyword explorer
  2. Link Explorer
  3. My Online Presence
  4. Free Domain Analysis
  5. Moz Bar
  6. Free Location Audit


  1. Predict the best trending keywords based on global data
  2. Keyword score and find keywords in different formats with the predictive volumes
  3. Use Mozbar bar knowing the DA (domain authority) and PA (Page authority score)

Price: Free/Paid

2.1 Mozbar

By integrating Mozbar, one can create high-quality rankings with detailed SERP reports. The visibility is majorly enhanced by this SEO tool which indirectly aids in bringing huge traffic on the site.

Best Seo tools

2.2 Moz Link Explorer

It will associate backlinks for the website in order to fetch a good amount of traffic. Create bad links in order to seek more traffic proficiently on your site by shattering all the risk and make your website a grand affair in the minimum time possible.

Best Seo tools

3. Woorank

One can do a lot with it like keyword organisation, organic SEO audits, monitoring website performance etc. Gain more out of your website by using this tool and properly plan strategies, implement keywords and manage traffic on the website.

Best Seo tools

4. SEMRush

This is an on-page SEO tool to help in monitoring the performance of the website as per competition. Its great features include Backlinks, position tracking, huge traffic etc. Make your website more soluble and enhanced with the impeccable features of SEMRush.

Best Seo tools


  1. On page SEO and Link building analysis
  2. Plan your keywords and predict the best for on page SEO
  3. Create and share report with your clients in no time. Fast and easy to use report
  4. Site audit, web page analysis, broken link check up
  5. Best to build links and analyse them

Price: Free/ Paid

  • Pro- 99$ a Month
  • Guru- 199$ Month
  • Business- 399$ month


This is the best browser for viewing SEO web pages without any hassle. SEO audit can be flexibly achieved by integrating this tool. One can achieve more traffic and leads to a website with it’s usage. It will guide with all the complications related to the website and will also aid in sorting the.

Best Seo tools


  1. It give the entire web details and page links
  2. Entire website pages, links, internal, no follow and external links.

Price- Free

6. Ahrefs SEO toolbar

It offers great tools for the web page monitoring and managing SERPs rankings. Analyse metrics, data and SEO statistics easily with this toolbar. It is compatible for setting up toolbars options both in google chrome and Mozilla firefox.

Ahrefs provides site explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, rank tracker, content explorer and seo toolbar

Best Seo tools


  1. Get the details of Ahrefs domain rating, get URL rating and back-links details
  2. Estimate organic traffic and keyword ranking can be checked easily.
  3. Get the detailed report of your website in one click

Price- Free/Paid

  • Lite- 99$-  
  • Standard- 179$
  • Advanced- 399$
  • Agency- 999$

7. Alexa and Simlarweb

Alexa helps in setting toolbar for various web pages whereas, By Alexa, one can seek great insights about organic and paid traffic. Create brilliant content with Alexa.

Best Seo tools

Similarweb helps to analyse analytics to the user. Traffic organisation and audience engagement is par excellence in Similarweb.

Best Seo tools

8. SERP checking

Search Engine Result Page hypothesis permits you to recognise whether your keywords are compatible as per market trends or not. Rankings can be monitored, maintained and boosted up by this SEO tool.

The user is provided with ultimate access to keywords and domains. The flawless SEO metrics permit you to modify your website and complete it with other prevailing websites as well.

Best Seo tools

9. SEO site check

This is loaded with ideas of how to modify SEO and seek good rankings. It provides detailed SEO tools including SEO audits and articles. SEO widgets are the best thing about this service and one can make the website more transparent using these tools.

Best Seo tools

10. SEO Hero

Make strategies and involve tactics in order to make your website prominent with this SEO tool and also curate the keywords. It assists you in formulating the best content for your business based website by properly integrating keywords. Produce more leads and tremendous traffic using SEO Hero.

You can let us know while commenting in the comment box if we left any tools which free for user

How to optimize my business in 2020

If you are planning to get more views and impressions on your Google My Business dashboard; Go though this article. Google my business optimization for 2020 have more tabs and customization. Now you can add more information about you business on Google Listings and grow traffic on website with this Local SEO activities

Here are the things that I am going to cover in this article

  • Google My Business Home
  • What is Posts tab in Google My Business dashboard ?
  • How to completed Google My Business Info
  • What is Google My Business Insights ?
  • How to use Google My Business Reviews tab ?
  • What is Google My Business Messaging tab and how to use this ?
  • What to add in Google My Business Photos ?
  • What is Google My Business Products tab ?
  • How to optimize Google My Business Services tab ?
  • What is Google My Business Website
  • How add users in Google My Business

Google My business Information:

How to optimize Google My Business  2020 ?

Google My Business Home Tab

Log in to you GMB account, then switch on the dashboard, choose “INFO” from the side bar and start editing the information about your business.

Please make sure that you include all of the services you have both in-sight and off-sight including your operations and delivery hours, Wi-Fi accessibility if possible, the year your business was founded, your business profile picture… etc.

You can edit your information whenever you need in the future but it’s better to keep your information as correct and up to date as possible.

The more information you fill, the more customers you’ll get.

Please notice that anyone can edit (suggest an edit icon) to you GMB, so you need to login to your account regularly to check whether the information was changed, and to write the information to the best in the first place.

How to optimize Google My Business  2020 ?

What is Posts tab in Google My Business dashboard ?

When you see the dashboard of Google my Business you can see the Home tab below your business name in top left.

You can post on your listing it will be visible to all who are searching for your business. There are three mini posts options

  • Offer Post– Post here the offer you are running in your business to customers. You posts picture, video and other information which relates to your offer.
  • Update- Post here Any Update related to your business
  • Event – Add event details similar to Facebook event. All event details can be posted in proper way which can be seen by users any time. It is visible to all of them those who are searching for events near me.
  • Product – You can create your product listings here. Product details and all details need to be added.
How to optimize Google My Business  2020 ?

How to Edit Info on Google My Business

In info tab you can edit your business information. You can even change the address, Map Location and Phone no as well.

you can edit or change the all business information from Name to its location on Google maps. You can change hours from here. You can edit the following

How to optimize Google My Business  2020 ?

1 Add Service Area

You can add Service area where you are offering your services. You can add more locations and areas in this section.

2 Add Hours’

Add your working hours’, you can mark special hours. You can change it any time whenever you store timings or business timings are changed

3 Add Phone

Change your phone no from here. You can edit it any time. It can be live in 1 hour or maximum 24 hours’.

4 Profile Short Name

Create Profile short name from this section. It’s easy to share with your connection. It’s also helpful in collecting Google reviews while sharing it with others.

5 Add Website

You can add your website link here

6 Appointment link

Create appointment from Google my business. If you have separate landing page on your website from appointment, you can insert it here.

7 Menu link

If you are a hotel or restaurants you can put the menu link here

8 Products

It also has a separate tab in left side of the Google my business dashboard

9 Services

 In this area you can add your services that you offer to your customer. Customer or prospects can easily understand about your business and can explore about the services you offer.

10 Amenities

Add all the amenities you have from offerings to payment facility. Let customers know what you offer that other are not offering or make your business stand out while filling all the information

11 From the business

 In this section you can put the information about your business.

12 Add opening Date

When was your business opened, insert that here.

Google my business photos

The cover photo is the most important to add.

Ideal photo requirements for dimensions:

  1. Google My Business Logo Recommended Size – Square, 250 x 250 px (min 120 x 120; max 5200 x 5200 px)
  2. Google My Business Cover Photo Recommended Size – Landscape, 1080 x 608 pixels (min 480 x 270; max 2120 x 1192 px)
  3. Acceptable Image Formats– JPG or PNG.
  4. Sizes: Between 10 KB and 5 MB.
  5. Quality: Google requires unedited, high-quality photos for all of its properties. The image should be well lit and in-focus, and have no significant edits or excessive use of filters.
    • The more photos you’ll add, the more clicks and customers you’ll get!
    • This is the most important things you should give attention to while working on your profile, because whoever finds your business, they will be so curious to know how it looks
    • Add the most appealing photos to pull the legs of your potential customers.
    • Take shots of every highlighted event and add it.
    • Make sure your photos are up to date and looks similar to how the place looks if you have any innovations.

Google My Business videos

Videos are very important nowadays for people all over the internet, they want to see short videos that are up to the point and that attracts them to visit the place immediately and that’s your next branding method.

While adding videos, you’ll have to maintain some requirements:

  • The video must be 30 seconds or shorter.
  • It must be 100 MB or smaller.
  • And also, 720p resolution or higher.

Make sure the video shots are also not shaken, the quality is good, and that it’s not in the portrait mode to attract the greatest number of potential customers by it.

Google My Business Reviews

Viewing and replying to reviews are ones of the most important features that Google My Business allows you to do through your profile.

How to optimize Google My Business  2020 ?

The potential customers will need to see the reviews of the people who already visited or used your business so it’s always good to leave a good impact for your customers to get good reviews.

Replying to the comments either good or bad is always in your favor…

for example, if someone left a good review, you can say “thanks sir, we’re glad you liked our (business service he was offered) and we’re looking forward for your next visit.”

This way it encourages your client to invite others and they take an even better picture for you.

But also, if you got a bad review, you must be very polite with your response as it leaves a good professional look for your business.

For example, If someone left a negative review, you can reply with “we apologize sir if the (service you provide) wasn’t good enough, we’re reviewing all of the orders now to maintain a better service, and we hope to see you soon to make it up for you and change your mind, thanks.”

You can also dispute fake comments, but not all of the disputed comments are removing, so make sure to reserve the number of disputed ones only to those fake.

As a conclusion, your business holds your name on it, good branding and good quality both together gets your business to the highest of mountains, and let’s you compete with the hugest businesses out there.

Make sure to go through all of our Guide on Google my business and do all of the steps to get the game to a start.’

How to optimize Google My Business  2020 ?

If your google my business account is suspended or turn down you can write back to Google My Business. Go in Contact us section and share the entire case. They will look in to the case if the case is genuine they will revert to you and also will help you to ge tthe business back.

If you need more help you can reach to us while comment in below box or by our social media channels

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