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In the modern day world, doing business has become very competitive thus to grow or to remain relevant in the market entrepreneurs have to learn how to swiftly adjust their modes of marketing their businesses.

Over a long period of time, many businesses that remained conservative in their marketing strategies have found themselves on the edge of being overtaken.

wise entrepreneurs whose got the best interests of their business at heart will always stay on their toes finding out every time how best they can improve their marketing strategies in accordance with the rapidly changing technology.

Digital marketing is a convenient way of reaching out to a large audience in a fast pace while at the same time incurring minimal cost. Also, it helps the business to improve on their product and service as it provides an interactive platform where the clients can freely express their opinion, complaints and other comments.

There are many modes of marketing your business digitally. We are going to focus on a few most effective 14 digital marketing trends used in 2020.

1 Social Medial Story

Social medial has provided a very convenient platform for digital marketing like facebook and instagram. They enable businesses to reach new remotely located clients in a simple way.

Facebook has story features as well as its other platform like WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. YouTube has story tab, LinkedIn is going to roll it out and Snapchat already has this.

This method allows businesses to present their intended information easily to a large audience.

2 Video Marketing

This is when live videos are broadcast-ed in media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram where an individual gives detailed information about their business.

Now Facebook has its own video platform, YouTube has improved a lot and twitter has already joined this club. LinkedIn has started video enabled posts.

It is a good mode as it brings out the ability to see and ask relevant questions and get answers.

3 Influencer marketing

This is an old system that’s been baptized through technology and it still works miracles in the modern world.

In this mode, a business takes advantage of an influential individual in the social media like a blogger who markets the business through the social media.

4. Visual search

In this type of digital marketing, people can use the images to search online and find detailed informative results. It takes the advantage of the Google lens, Pinterest lens and the Bing visual search.

5. Voice search

With the advancing technology of the voice search like alexa and siri, many businesses and brands are now including it in their strategies because it plays a major role in providing the right information to the people without much struggle.

6. AI – Artificial intelligence

This technology helps the business to understand their clients’ behaviors and their ways and patterns of search.

It uses the information from the social media platforms and other online sites like the blogs e.g. the chatbots

7. Chatbot

Chatbot is a technology that uses the artificial intelligence to send instant messages at all times of the day or night to the clients. They are efficient and timely in making communications.

There are many chat-bots available in market. One of the chat-bot I have been using is Mobile-monkey https://mobilemonkey.com/chatbots/website-chatbot. This is really nice and easy to use.

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8. Personalization

In this marketing strategy, you are required to make sure you have personalized all of your; content, products, emails and more. The practical example here are; easy jet, Cadbury and star bucks

9.Local SEO

This strategy works by creating a well structured content that the search engines can be able to quickly locate and present to your consumers with ease. The content needs to have certain keywords; mostly used by viewers, well placed.

Google my business has improved a lot and its helping small business a lot. Bing Places has its own place in Local SEO

10. Social Commerce

Comprising of e-commerce and visual commerce like the instagram are a real great way of presenting your products to the consumers. It helps to reach a huge audience quickly.

11. UGC- User Generated Content

The targeted audience in this marketing strategy is mostly the Millennial and Gen Z markets.  The strategy works by offering discounts or partnering with the consumers. User Generated Content are presented as; blog comments and testimonials, blog posts, images and videos.

12. Big Data And Deep Learning

If a business can manage to find the right tools to tap the power of big data then this marketing strategy is going to be effective to your business.

13. Structured Data SEO

Here, the business organizes their data in a way that makes it easy for th search engines to categorize them and crawl the content.

14. Content Marketing

Content marking is a source of creating credibility and trust from the viewers. A business will have to update their articles on a regular basis so as to keep the viewers on the go with the latest details of the business.


Marketing is the key of success. However, the choice of which type of marketing strategy to use depends on a number of factors like the cost of the strategy, availability of the required technological knowhow, the intended audience etc .

The main reason for a business to decide to adopt the digital marketing strategy is because the business will be exposed by big number of people easily.

Technology is the foundation on which digital marketing is build upon.

The fast rate of changes witnessed in the technological sector from time to time affects the manner in which businesses have to adjust.

Today, all kind of businesses need to adopt digital marketing if they are to remain relevant.

This is because the world has gone digital in all manner of ways; for instance, today people can comfortably purchase, pay for and wait for the delivery of their products from the comfort of their homes by simply using their mobile phones.

However, digital marketing also comes with a high maintenance cost as the business will have to hire professionals who will manage the strategies and watch to protect the security from hackers amongst other things but without traffic one cannot sustain at all.

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