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Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs you should read daily

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Top 10 best Digital Marketing Blogs every Marketer should read every day 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs
Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs

How you can keep growing in Digital Marketing? Do you want to keep learning in Digital Marketing? My answer will be’ Yes’ Because in digital marketing you need to be very active and alerts; what’s trending and which tactics is working. You need be carefully all changes and happenings in internet marketing. You can keep learning with the following blogs where industry experts and top digital marketing professional keep sharing their knowledge

The Moz Blog 

Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs
Top 10 Digital Marketing Blogs
When it comes to learn about SEO- search engine optimization than you will remember Moz blogs. Learn about DA and PA from their blog. What is link building and how SEO works? This is the perfect blog for this.


Are you tired of Google Analytics or any other Analytics platforms than you need to learn about how analytics work? What is data and what is the role of it in Internet Marketing? Kismetrics gives you detailed knowledge of analytics and insights.


MarketingProfs is like learning through Marketing Professionals. It shares on blog multiple types of posts including SEO, SEM, SMO and Other Marketing formats. It takes you through the depth of marketing and variety of content for internet marketing however it requires you to sign up to read all but gives you unlimited free resources.

HubSpot blog

one of the favorite blog of Digital Marketers. There no Internet Marketing professional whose has not seen their blog post. This is known as Inbound Marketing. If you have not read their blog posts you are not expert in Online Marketing.


If you are planning to learn about new strategies for content marketing and this is the best platform. It provides you latest techniques and trends in content marketing. For bloggers and writers, this is a must read blog.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to promote your products and services on the Internet and to learn the latest trends and tactics search engine journal is the best resource for any digital market. Once you start learning about SEM or PPC marketing than you will realize the importance of this blog. Don’t forget to get their E-books

Marketing Land

You are on MarketingLand’s blog then you are on the planet of marketing where you learn about all aspects of Digital marketing. They take you through all steps of Marketing including Social Media, Analytics, SEM, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Viral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and more. You can learn all these things by their free resources like e-books, free guides, tips and tricks, articles, blog posts and infographics

Social Media TODAY

As its name suggests you its meaning. SMT social media today gives you the updates and strategies for social media marketing. If you think you are not good in Social Media marketing or management then you can start reading this blog and you will become an expert. They provide you infographics, tactics and great tools for social media marketing

Content Marketing Institute

In this year content marketing is trending and if you want to know more about content and how this work than you should keep learning from this blog. They provide strategies, content marketing plans, and trends in different industries

10. Social Media Examiner

Its not about the Examiner that you have seen in Exam rooms it’s all about the struggle and challenges you face while marketing on Social Media. Social Media Examiner guides you throughout the social media channels. How you can grow fast on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram or so on. This blog gives you depth knowledge of social media.

Some other blogs you also need to read

Coshcedule Blog

Hootsuite Blog

Buffer Blog


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