May 2021


Native Advertising Market

A few years back native ads held a share of more than 60% of display advertisements and today they are the fastest growing ones in the market. If you have started working on them, then other players in the industry will earn additional benefit.

Today content has moved a step ahead and from being the king, content is now the emperor. It is so, because now search engines, especially Google, have started understanding context. This advancement has pushed content writers to change their approach to writing content.

This approach of writing understandable and goal-oriented content is termed as content marketing and now is the time to move ahead with native advertising market.

So, here is all you need to know about native advertising market.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising means paid advertisement. However, this type of paid advertising is a bit different from traditional paid advertisement.

Native advertising one of the format of advertisement and also called sponsored Ads or Content,
This is is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.
It looks like native content or original posts or content where you are reading.

Generally, people do not understand the difference between the content type and they keep reading the content like they were reading the post

Let us understand native advertising market with an example.

In a magazine, native advertising is like the addition of a content piece in the form of an article but actually, it is an ad. The placement of content and other elements around the content makes it look like an article, despite it being an advertisement.

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There are three ways to present native advertisements:

  • In-feed ads: These advertisements are displayed on the news feed of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.
  • Search & promoted listings: These advertisements are displayed on the top or sidebar of the Google SERPs.
  • Content recommendations: These advertisements are displayed as recommended articles.

Native Advertising Market Segmentation by Product Type

  • In Feed Ad Units
  • Search Ads
  • Recommendation Units
  • Promoted Listings
  • In-Ad (IAB Standard)
  • Custom / Can’t be Contained

Native Advertising Market Segmentation by Application

  • Closed Platforms
  • Open Platforms
  • Hybrid Platforms

Purpose of Native Advertising

The purpose of native advertising is to publish your content in the best fit space to attract the relevant target audience.

Today, a lot of content curation is done and hence it is not easy to find an appropriate place for your content. However, content is the one thing which should be served to people regularly.

Also, the  biggest advantage of native advertising is that it proved helpful in pitching the right content to the right group of people, without leaving them to guess what the thing is gonna be.

How Does Native Advertising Work?

Primarily, the brand pays for the right placement of their content on the choice of their platform for native advertising.

Selection of the right platform is important like any other thing.

Secondly, the content should be the reflection of your brand. It should talk about what your brand is about, the purpose, aim, mission and vision.

The brands actually pay to rent a space on the platform to promote brands.

Lastly, after the finalization of content including approval and other go-aheads, this content is tagged with a “warning” such as “Advertisement” or “Paid Advertisement.” This offers clarity to the target audience and is seen as an advertisement.

Native Advertising Trivia

70% of individuals wish to know more about products via native advertising instead of traditional advertising.

The demand for native advertising increased by 18%.

The CTR is 1% greater for the pets, food & drink, and family & parenting categories.

People trust native advertisements more in comparison to traditional advertising. It can be understood from the fact that 2 out of three-generation X and Z consumers trust native content more.

Native Ads, Native Advertising

Native advertisements have a CTR of 40x in comparison to classic display ads.

Know Why is Native Advertising Effective

The primary reason behind the effectiveness of native advertising is that the audience accepts them better in comparison to other advertising methods. This practice proves helpful to increase the involvement of users.

The audience does not experience it as advertisements, the audience enjoys viewing it and also purchase products by referring to them.

Native Advertising

Another reason behind the effectiveness of native advertising is that it spreads the word about the brand to a larger group of target audiences. However, the traditional advertisement is taken as a regular advertisement by the audience.

The addition of content marketing has increased with the increasing scope of digital marketing and native advertising is the way to spread the message loud and clear. These two things work in the favor of native advertising.

With technological advancement, the viewers also know how to turn off the unwanted ads and marketing messages are strictly prohibited from their pages.

Native advertising and content marketing find new ways to make space for brands on the pages of the target audience.

This blog is an overview of the native advertising market. We will talk about the same in-depth in our upcoming blogs. Stay tuned with us till then.

Instagram Account is Hacked?

OMG! Is it not you? Seems like your Instagram account is hacked? If your Instagram account is hacked, deleted, or disabled.

Don’t worry as a few simple steps will help you deal with the same. Follow the below-mentioned steps to protect your account and get your hacked account back.

I have seen many cases where Instagram accounts have been hacked, deleted, disabled or suspended. A few cases are solved and rest remain in hackers hand. However Instagram has helped many profiles to get their account back and now this has become simple to get your account back.

So, If your account is hacked, Don’t get panicked, communicate with Instagram support and follow the steps professionals have provided.

There are different scenarios. Hence we have elaborated what to do one by one.

If you can still log in to your Instagram account

If you doubt that the Instagram account is hacked but you are still able to login then:

  • Change your password or send yourself a password reset email.
  • Turn on two-step authentication for greater security.
  • In the account settings, confirm that your mobile number and email address are correct.
  • Check the account center and remove any linked account that you do not recognize.
  • If you suspect any third-party app, then withdraw their access.
  • View messages from Instagram in your email account.

If you have received an email from that your email address has been changed, you can make this change as before by selecting Cancel this change in that message.

If additional information was also changed (eg: your password) and you are not able to change your email address back, then request a login link or security code from Instagram.


Request login link from Instagram

Request Instagram to send a Login Link to your email address or the mobile number to confirm that it’s you.

To request a login link:

On the login screen, click on the Get help to log in for Android users and Forgot Password for iPhone users.

Enter the username, email address or mobile number registered to your account. Now click on the Proceed button.

Remember: If you do not know the username, email address or mobile number registered you’re your Instagram account and need some more help. Then, click on the more help under the proceed button. Click and follow the on-screen instructions.

Select either your email address or phone number, then click on the Send Login Link.

Tap on the login link in your email or text message (SMS) and follow the instructions on the screen.

Request a Security Code or support from Instagram

In case you are not able to recover your Instagram account via login link, then raise a request for help from Instagram.

To request help from Instagram:

Request a security code or support from Instagram

Instagram App for Android:

On the login screen, log in below get help logging tap.

Enter the username, email address, or mobile number associated with your account, after you need some more help? In case you have more than one Instagram account, then first select the account which is having trouble logging in. Now follow the instructions on the screen.

Need more help? Tap on, then follow the on-screen instructions.

Select either your email address or mobile number, and then tap Send Security Code.

In case you have not received the security code, then under the Send Security Code, tap on I am not able to access this email or mobile number. Then follow the instructions on the screen.


If your account is hacked and disabled or deleted. Please let me know I have personally helped some businesses to get their account back but I do not guarantee it as this will depend on case to case and profile to profile

Top 10 Local SEO Tools

What are the top 10 Local SEO Tools? What are the Free Local SEO Tools? Which Local SEO tools should I use? We have answered your all question in this blog post.

Local SEO plays a pivotal role to strengthen brand presence. Also, the competition to acquire maximum clients is always there. Hence, you must focus on Local SEO to make your presence felt in the market strong.

Local SEO is important as more than 86% of customers take online reviews seriously and prefer online recommendations. Similarly, over 16%of local mobile searches convert into sales on the same day.

Interestingly, 50% of local mobile searchers prefer local business addresses and the same percentage of consumers visit the store within a day.

Considering all the above-mentioned figures, it becomes important to use local SEO for business growth.

Here is the list of top 10 Local SEO tools you must know.

1. Moz Local

Developed by Moz, Moz Local is the number one in the list of top 10 SEO Tools. The company ensures that the business listing details are true and are visible on the digital platform everywhere.

Moz Local, is an ideal local SEO tool to rely on as it places the correct business location details of your business on various data aggregators and online directories.

This proves beneficial to update business details as and when required.

Features of Moz Local

  • Local Listing Dashboard
  • Instant Directory and Aggregator Submission
  • Google My Business Listing
  • Real-time Update Distribution
  • Distribution Reporting
  • Review Monitoring
  • Review Management for Google

2. BrightLocal

Established in 2009 by Ed Eliot and Myles Anderson, BrightLocal is positioned at number two in the list of Top 10 Local SEO Tools.

The company is a one-stop platform to meet all the requirements of Local SEO. BrightLocal has a result-oriented approach which is evident from the fact that 45,000+ agencies, businesses, and freelancers across the globe use their services.

Features of BrightLocal

  • Audit Citation and NAP
  • Audit Google My Business
  • White-label Reporting
  • Track Search Rankings
  • Clean-up and Build Citations
  • Monitor Online Reviews
  • Generate SEO Reports

3. Listing Management Tool by SEMrush

SEMrush developed its Listing Management tool in association with Yext, a digital platform to manage business listings, reviews, and local pages.

The Listing Management Tool by SEMrush connects with the Yext Knowledge Network to publish data on almost every popular directory and intelligent service. These include Facebook, Google, Yelp, Bing, Amazon Alexa, Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yahoo, etc.

The Listing Management by SEMrush gives you a chance to manage a single centralized dashboard where you can  update information and publish the same to make it searchable on the digital platforms.

Simply type in your business information in the search bar and click on ‘Check listings’.Now, complete the payment part and start using the Listing Management Tool by SEMrush, one of the top 10 Local SEO Tools to boost your business.

At present, the Listing Management Tool by SEMrush is used in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France.

4. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is also one of the top 10 Local SEO Tools. GrowthBar allows you perform keyword research, backlink analysis, and PPC analysis.

Use GrowthBar to conduct Local SEO research by following the below-mentioned steps:


Activate your GrowthBar extension and type anything you wish to search on Google. GrowthBar will showcase keyword suggestions for the same along with monthly search volume and CPC data.

Step 2:

Click on the “See More” button to view the long list of keyword suggestions.

Step 3:

While being on the same screen, visit the “Keywords Tracking” tab and add your local competitor’s domain name in the search box and enter 1 or 2 keywords that you wish to monitor.

Step 4:

GrowthBar will prepare a detailed overview report of your local competitor’s top organic keywords, domain authority, and estimated organic traffic per month.

By following these steps, you can give tough competition to other players in the industry.

5.  Whitespark

Established as a web design company in 2005 by Local SEO expert Darren, Whitespark is now in the list of Top 10 SEO Tools. Whitespark now works as a full-time Local SEO company and provides solutions to companies across industries to rank high in search engines.

Whitespark has several tools which make optimization of your website easy and result-oriented and they are as follows:

Local Citation Finder: helps you find all the critical citation opportunities you’re missing, so you can increase your local search rankings.

  • Local Rank Tracker
  • Reputation Builder
  • Link Prospector

6. Uberall

Uberall provides local listings management service for companies and agencies who wish to list their business for optimization via the whole local search network.

Uberallis also one of the Top 10 SEO Tools as it emphasizes platform and data quality. The company has a reputation to help businesses grow and it is evident from its client base of over 500 companies and publishes business of more than 600,000 businesses on various platforms.

Navads’ local marketing solutions comprises of:

  • Google My Business Management
  • Local Listings Management
  • Local Data Optimization
  • Local Search

  7. GeoRanker

GeoRanker is also one of the top 10 Local SEO Tools which is beneficial to search local citations and monitor local search rankings of your business.

Below-listed are the local search marketing tools offered by GeoRanker:

  • Local Citation Finder
  • Local Rank Checker & Tracker
  • Keywords Density Tool

8. Synup

Synup is a local SEO tool which permits you to track the performance of your business on several directories, search engines, and review sites. Synup is currently managing more than 55,000 local businesses.

Features of Synup are as follows:

  • Location Management
  • Crawl All Listings
  • Instant-Sync
  • Niche Specific
  • Monitor Interactions
  • Respond Back
  • Analytics
  • Widgets

9.    Yext

Yext is also one of the Top 10SEO Tools which help in business listings, pages, and reviews various businesses according to their industry type. Yext increases brand awareness, website traffic, and sales.

Yext is best known for its tools such as:

  • Data Cleansing
  • Duplicate Listing Suppression
  • Google My Business Management
  • Local Pages
  • Listings Management

10. Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO Checklist is one free option in the list of Top 10 SEO Tools. This free-of-cost Local Search Optimization tool lets you optimize your website for local search rankings. Along with this, you can also use the free resources such as:

  • Schema Scanner
  • Google Checker
  • Small Business Checklist


Use any of these Top 10 Local SEO Tools to grow your Local Listings as these Local SEO Tools ensure the strong brand presence of businesses in the local search engines.

I personally have used some of the Local SEO tools and they are ok if you go ahead with any of the tool. It will depend no of listings you want to manage using these tools.

What is a go to market strategy? GTM Strategy

GTM Strategy is popularly known as a Go To Market Strategy. This is the way to launch a company’s product or service in the market. Its tactical action plan, rules, principles, and goals to achieve in descrived budget and a set time frame. This is also a step by step guide to launch a business’s product and service in a set target market

GTM strategy is useful for several purposes such as:

  • Launch of new products in an existing market
  • Venturing of existing products into a new market
  • Testing feasibility for the launch of a new product in the market

Here, we let you know several important things about the GTM strategy.

What is the importance of go to market strategy?

Go-to strategy i.e. GTM Strategy decides the success percentage of products and services. A lot of business depends upon go-to strategy for business expansion.

The go-to strategy offers detailed reports about the product development and makes sure that all business units are in proper sync with each other to yield the desired output.

After the submission of a detailed report, work can start in an organized manner.

  • To Understand Market Insights and Trends
  • To analyze competitors market and their strategy
  • To analyze the current situation of business against the expectations, SWOT analysis helps to understand the business
  • To find the real customer while going through Ideal customer profiles
  • To understand the Target Market and Demographics

Steps to building a go to market strategy

You need to follow a six-step approach to build your own GTM strategy. All these steps are described below:

Step 1 – Defining your ICP Ideal Customer Profile or Buyer Persona

ICP is the comprehensive description of your ideal client. The client who can avail the maximum benefit by purchasing your product and in return can give you the perfect cost of the product. And has the potential to help you gain profit in business.

However, in B2B, your ICP or Buyer Persona is the client that can fetch an advantage from your product. But in maximum cases, it will be the capability to use your product to boost their bottom line. This can have several advantages such as:

  • Diminishing value
  • Driving efficiency
  • Enhancement of productivity

The value given by the ICP is the revenue you gain from your product.  It can be anything: referrals, customer insights or testimonials.

For example, to build ICP, you must have information such as:

  • Who they are
  • Where they work
  • What kind of issues they face daily
What is a go to market strategy? How to develop it? 6 The Digital Chapters

Step 2 – Study your Competitors Competitor Analysis

Finding where your product or services fits in the present scenario is the major thing to build your GTM strategy.

By researching competitors you can find the loopholes which you can take care of in your product or service. This will give you an edge over other players in the industry.

By studying competitors you can also know what you must add and how to fill the void to make your product or service best in the industry.

By conducting study on the competitors you can also know how macro and micro trends can impact your product launch in the present and future scenario.

What is a go to market strategy? How to develop it? 7 The Digital Chapters

Step 3 – Build your Messaging

It is important to have effective product messaging to connect with clients.

Start communication with the ICP in such a manner that it directly strikes their pain points. Elaborate how your product can bring relief to relief.

This is important as the study of your competitor will also help you in this step.

Step 4 – Setting targets

The first part of this step is Outbound.

It is needless to say that all magnificently performing go-to marketing strategies have clarity about goals.

You can also develop these goals according to the budget you have in hand. Let suppose, you have two outbound Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) working on the product launch.

You can compare the productivity of both representatives by reviewing the number of cold calls, emails and LinkedIn messages sent by them every day along with the response rate.

In this manner, you can evaluate the number of meetings booked by each of the representatives. Similarly, you must also let the representatives know the targets in this manner.

By following this approach, you can find the lead which has a higher conversion rate.

The second part of this step is Marketing.

Now, you need to focus on laying some assumed conversions from one stage to another of the funnel. This will be different for content as well as for the paid direct demo requests.

In this step, you will also be able to figure out the budget that you can use to work on the possible opportunities. Here, you will get opportunities from the amalgamation of content and paid ads.

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Step 5 – Select your Method

 There are several ways to reach your ICP and these methods include:


This is the first method to find and define your ICP. Data is very important to pitch the right product to the right people. The availability of B2B data providers makes your work easy.

Some of the B2B data providers are Cognism, ZoomInfo, Lusha and LeadIQ. All these companies offer high-quality data.

Your sales team can easily pitch products or services according to the preference of the lead. This practice is helpful to perform outbound sales.

Marketing strategy

You are required to perform a room test while building a GTM strategy plan. This test is important to try and optimize.

Begin with an offer and then try to adapt the same offer to multiple channels which have a high conversion rate.

Now, you will require different offers for the top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom (BOFU) of the funnel. Also, you are required to table the offer separately on all channels.

You must begin from BOFU, as it performs better than others and hence is looked as an ideal place to start from.

Try to retarget the audience on various platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook and build campaigns on Google and Bing. The best way to do the same is to use high intent keywords.

Here, you can start TOFU and MOFU strategies.

What is a go to market strategy? How to develop it? 9 The Digital Chapters

Content plan

The next big thing is a content plan. If data or lead is your primary outbound method, then content must be your inbound method.

The basic thing here is to remember that keyword research is of utmost importance to create a content plan.

You can make use of free keyword finder tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush to name a few.  They help you find the right keywords and use the keywords similar to that of the competitors to rank high and give a tough fight to other players.

Visit the dashboard to monitor the ranking of your target keywords and guide the team about how to use the keywords to be more effective.


Partnership or collaboration is an important thing if you decide to enter into the market.  The new players for a limited market growth let you go for partnership.

It will be a good option to collaborate with the right kind of people to expand business. So, here is the list of best co-marketing initiatives include:

  • Joint webinars
  • Joint virtual events
  • Joint white papers/eBooks
  • Guest blogging
  • Newsletter

Step 6 – Offer Feedback

Feedback plays the most important role in business. Build a way to know what clients think about your product or service. This is an important part of the go-to strategy.

For the creation of the same, you must assign some of the team members to keep a track on your strategy.

The separate reports given by the team members help in improving with time and all this ultimately results in:

  • A winning ICP that you target on the right channels
  • Messaging which has high conversion rate
  • A product that act as a painkiller for your ICP

Keep all these things in mind and build a smart go-to market strategy. if you need to develop a GTM strategy please write in comment box, I will guide you step by step.

Top 8 YouTube Tools to boost views

If you are a Youtuber then you must be focusing on getting more views and subscribers on your channels. You must be thinking about the best Youtube SEO Tools or Youtube tools to boost views. We are sharing some of the best Youtube tools 2021 and Youtube Marketing tools for YouTubers.

There are various ways to promote video content. But, here we let you know the top 8 YouTube tools to grow audience and revenue mainly. Let us begin with:

1 TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is the best YouTube tool to grow your audience. TubeBuddy can be used with any browser and hence you can launch it anytime without downloading a separate browser. Other than being the top YouTube tool to reach the target audience, TubeBuddy also acts as an assistant to manage the channel, as it easily integrates with YouTube.

By using TubeBuddy, you can enhance the content quality as it lets you know where you need to improve such as:

  • Tags
  • Titles
  • Thumbnails
  • Descriptions

With this tool as an assistant, you need not bother about uploading videos, as TubeBuddy gives you the chance to schedule uploading of videos on the Youtube channel.

You can schedule the uploading of the video in two ways. Firstly, you can select the date and time for the same or can do it manually. After uploading video, TubeBuddy tracks its performance, ranking, analytics and compares it with those of the competitors to offer you an accurate insight.

TubeBuddy is an ideal YouTube tool to promote videos as this tool also allows you to improve thumbnails. There is a wide range of thumbnail creator process for different users such as:

  • Creators
  • Brands
  • Agencies
  • Networks

TubeBuddy works well for all niches and thus is helpful to reach the maximum number of target audience.

2. vidIQ

vidIQ is the second-best YouTube tool for the growth of audience and revenue. This tool proves beneficial to track and analyze YouTube audiences.

vidIQ is the YouTube tool that helps you find the target audience and manage comments. This tool also helps to know the top trending and most relevant keywords used by competitors. All this helps in knowing the audience and in the creation of videos that would generate more revenue.


3. Camtasia

Camtasia is the third-best YouTube tool for growing target audience and revenue. Camtasia is a screen recording tool and video editor software that improves content quality.

Post recording you can make the video look attractive by using various filters, edits, captions, effects highlights and notes. All these features make the video eye-catching and result in an increase in audience.

The voice narration feature of Camtasia lets you speak while recording the video and the wide range of audio effects and music gives you the option to make the video more engaging.

4. Social Blade

Positioned at number four, Social Blade is also one of the top YouTube tools to grow audience and revenue. Social Blade monitors different parameters on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter.

Social Blade is an effective YouTube tool to enhance the quality of social media marketing strategy.

By using this tool, you can monitor your channel growth and can compare the same with competitors or other players. Have a look at some of the analytics of a Youtube channel on Social Blade: Firstly, you have the opportunity to compare three channels at one time.

This offers you clarity about where you stand in comparison to competitors. Secondly, Social Blade helps in deciding whether the YouTube channel is owned by agencies or is a multi-channel network. This proves helpful in channel monetizing which results in revenue.

View the tutorials offered by Social Blade and grow the audience as well as the revenue.

5. YouTube Studio

On number five is Tube Studio, which is also the official YouTube application for creators.

This is also one of the top YouTube tools to manage your channel from the phone directly and to stay connected with the audience.

The biggest advantage of YouTube Studio is to receive analytics in the real-time. YouTube Studios allow you to track channel performance and reply to comments immediately.

Other than receiving push notifications straightway on the phone, you also have the command over monetization settings, thumbnails, scheduling, and more.

6. Woobox

Number six is Woobox.

If you wish to grow the audience as well as the revenue of the youtube channel, then opt for Woobox.  It allows the integration of all your Youtube videos with Facebook.

Your audience reach will expand as users can view your Youtube videos on Facebook too. The user who can watch videos without getting redirected comes back to the page again and again and this is how Woobox is useful in growing audience and revenue both.

Woobox is an ideal platform to turn viewers into customers, as not many people prefer visiting Youtube to watch videos. Youtube has its own set of audience.

Dependency on Youtube to get maximum views ends now, as you can share videos on Facebook by using Woobox.

7. Tubarlabs

Tubular Labs is an actionable video marketing platform that helps creators, media, and brands to build an audience and engage with customers on YouTube.
The software offers marketing analytics services to brands and creators
Grow your subscribers with their Social Video campaigns and Marketing tactics

This software not only helps you with Video intelligence for youtube but also on other video platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and twitch
Tubular Labs is a founding member of YouTube’s Measurement Program. As a trusted measurement partner,
Tubular is able to provide reliable and comprehensive insights to drive your business.

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8. Tubics- YouTube SEO Tool to Get More Views

If you are looking for growing Youtube views and subscribers then you should not forget Tubics for Youtube SEO.
This is one the most like Youtube Tools in 2021 for getting more views on Youtube and engage with the audience
Some of its features are-:

  • Youtube tag suggestions
  • Get real-time content analysis
  • A/B Testing of your Thumbnail
  • Instant Recommendations
  • Data-driven Ideas
  • Brand awareness and user engagement suggestions


I have analysed top 8 YouTube SEO Tools. I hope these tools might help you in building audience and customer engagement. However I do not recommend any tools as every YouTuber and Brands have their own needs and they are supposed to study and analyse their requirements.

I suggest you to analyze and understand your need and buy the tools based on your needs and requirements.

If you have any suggestions and want me to add any Tool in it. Please write in comment box

Top 10 SEO Tools for 2021

Last year in 2020, We explained to you about the best SEO tools 2020, and this time we are back with another blog post best SEO tools 2021. What are the top SEO tools free and paid.

SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization plays an important role to make your content rank high on the search engines. Here we have listed the best SEO software to help you with content visibility on the search engines to increase user engagement, website traffic, and profit ratio. Let us have a look at all of them one by one.

1. Ahrefs:

If you are struggling with link building, Keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking, site audits, and local keyword analysis then you should use Ahrefs.

Ahref Webmaster tools is free and also it provides you free Web extension that you can use in Chrome and Firefox

Ahrefs is the number one SEO tool to crawl the content. The Site Audit feature of Ahrefs proves helpful to figure out the elements of your content which need improvement to rank high in the search engines. From a competitor outlook, you would prefer using Ahrefs to find the backlinks used by the competitors, as the same with a twist can be used in your content as well. 

Ahrefs is useful to find links relevant to your niche, find and fix broken links on your website, and also get an overview of your best-performing pages.

Top 10 Best SEO Tools to use for SEO in 2021 11 The Digital Chapters

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the second best SEO tool. This tool comes free of cost with each website allowing you track and report website’s growth in Google SERP.

You are only required to verify the website by adding a code to the web page via Google Analytics. By doing this, you can submit a sitemap of your website for indexing.

After this, however, you do not require a Search Console account to rank in the search engine as your indexed pages will reflect as your account. Google Search Console is one of the top SEO tools that let you understand how Google works and users view your website so that you can optimize the website to perform better in Google search results.

Top 10 Best SEO Tools to use for SEO in 2021 12 The Digital Chapters

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is another SEO tool that is highly used for the optimization of websites. SEMRush permits you to access ranking and figure out changes along with new ranking opportunities. One prominent feature of SEMRush is the Domain Vs Domain analysis.

This feature lets you compare your website with that of the competitor. By having a look at analytics reports you can have a better understanding of your website’s search data, traffic.

You can also compare keywords used by competitors. SEMRush one of the top 10 SEO tools helps you track website ranking and ways to improve website performance.

4. KWFinder

KWFinder is another top SEO tool that proves beneficial to figure out long-tail keywords which are less competitive in comparison to others. This SEO tool is the best to get in-depth analysis reports on backlinks and SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

The Rank Tracker tool of KWFinder finds your ranking easily. You can also receive a bunch of new keywords to improve ranking by creating content with more relevant keywords.

5. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is another one of the top SEO tools which stays updated in spite of continuously changing Google algorithm. Moz Pro helps to receive in-depth data against any question asked.

It also works in case you are wondering for keywords to crawl a website or any other SEO requirement. The free MozBar toolbar can be downloaded to witness your website’s metrics while browsing a page.

6. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest, one of the top SEO tools designed and developed by Neil Patel. This is a free keyword finder tool which proves beneficial for you to figure out keywords. Not just this, it also shows the reasons for high ranking of keywords in SERPsFrom starting from short to long-tail phrases.

You can also find the accurate terms to use on your website as Ubersuggest also offers suggestions from keywords.

Metrics Ubersuggest comprises keyword volume, competition, CPC, and seasonal trends in its report. Ubersuggest is ideal for organic SEO and paid PPC as this SEO tool assists you to find how competitive a specific keyword is or not.

7. Answer The Public

Next amongst the top SEO tools is Answer The Public. This SEO tool lets you figure out the trending topic to write blogs for your website. This tool is ideal to use for content curation while keeping keywords in mind for a better ranking on the search engine.

For example in the fitness niche. This tool can be used for curating content with keywords such as fitness, yoga, running, Crossfit, exercise and expanding the audience reach.

It’s great for finding featured snippet opportunities. This is one of the most impactful ways for content creation to rank high on the search engine.

8. SpyFu

Ranked at number eight, SpyFu is also a top SEO tool. You can select the paid service to begin expansion with the first step. You can increase the number of times a keyword is searched every month by evaluating the ranking difficulty of that keyword.

You can also have a look at keywords that your competitors are using to know many organic keywords can be used to receive clicks, Google ads, and more.

9. Woorank

One of the top 10 SEO tools is Woorank. It provides free and paid options to monitor and prepare a report of your marketing data.

You can check the keywords used by competitors to add them in your content to rank higher than them. Understand how keywords perform and then optimize the same for users and search engines.

Last but not least know the things which need improvement on your website both technically and content-wise as well.

Woorank proves helpful in the identification of content redundancy and security issues. Woorank offers guidelines to resolve the same.

10. Majestic: Marketing SEO Tools

At number 10 is Majestic.

Majestic has a number of features which helps to make a website rank high in the search engines. The Site Explorer feature of Majestic also lets you get an overview of the number of backlinks you have received for the website.

All the above-listed are the top SEO tools which prove helpful in ranking websites high in the search engine.

Local Listing in SEO is one of the interesting parts of Digital Marketing. Here in this guide, I am explaining the usage of Local Listing and Google My Business and Google my business set up guide.

What is Local Listing in SEO

Local Business Listing Site, A Website where you can set up a Business Account and fill up your business details including address, phone number, E-mail, products, and services. 

It is considered as a website where the beneficiaries find Local service providers, the latest offers, business audits, and a lot. 

These are the online formats of local directories in print media. Like yellow pages and phone book diaries. Similarly online Listings are there in Digital format to find nearest local stores 

There are two types of listings 

  1. Free Business Listing 
  2. Premium Listing Sites 

If you are a start-up and do not have enough marketing budget Free Local Business Listing is best for you. You can get your business online for free and generate Business leads.

Local Business Listings are very useful in having Local citations if you follow the correct steps to fill up business details.

There are several Business listing sites in India to get your business on loan in just a few minutes and start generating business leads.

Here we have put the best Business Listing Sites you can use:

Google My Business (this one’s numerous)

• City Search

• Mapquest

• Manta

• Bing Local

• Yellow Pages

• Merchant Circle

• Super Pages

• Yellowbot

• Yahoo Local

• Yelp

• Facebook

• Angie’s List

• Foursquare

• Glassdoor

• Better Business Bureau

• Instagram

• LinkedIn

Components of Local Listings

Each time you create a structured local business listing, whether at Google, Facebook, Yelp, or elsewhere, you’ll be filling out a form with a specific set of fields:

  1. Business name/title
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Website URL
  5. Categories
  6. Description
  7. Tagline
  8. Social profiles
  9. Images
  10. Additional media
  11. Alternate phone numbers
  12. Fax number
  13. Certifications
  14. Brands carried
  15. Payment forms accepted
  16. Attribute

Google my business GMB

One of the most important free business listings sites that you can post your business to is Google My Business. 

To achieve digital marketing success through a strategy based on the geographical location of any business, the majority of SEO professionals tend to take advantage of the most important free tool provided by Google for business owners, which is Google My Business. 

Google offers companies and business owners a Google My Business directory tool – this free tool – that helps business owners manage their presence on the Internet and search engines, especially in local searches or what is known as Local SEO, local search engine optimization.

When you search for a service in the Google search engine, it displays all commercial activities that provide this service locally, which allows you to appear in the initial results with ease, as well as display all your data through the identification card,

in addition to the ability to appear on Google Maps in distinctive images, It includes an icon that expresses your activity, and the road leading to it, either by car or pedestrian and other roads.  

What is Google My Business Directory?

Google Business Directory or Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to manage how your site or store appears on Google search and maps.

This includes your business name, business hours, peak times, and location on the map in addition to audience comments and responses to them

And it enables you to add photos and publish information about Your business, interacting with the audience, as well as knowing how the audience finds you.

Is Google Business Free to Use?

Of course! Using Google My Business is completely free, but to benefit sufficiently from it, you must interact with the audience face to face, as you cannot benefit 100% from it without dealing with customers.

What are the advantages of using GMB Business Directory?

1- Manage your business information

2- Motivate customers to visit your website

3- Add your business data to Google Maps

Just Dial or JD Local listing

  Discover at all times and places! This application seems as the obtained solution for whole daily requirements satisfaction either data about films in your location, near restaurants, hotels, airlines, resorts, real estate, or nearest ATM. 

Furthermore, it enables you to review the assessments of Justdial users to assist you in making effective decisions.

  After getting the JD App, you will have an opportunity to benefit from the interesting features listed below:

  • Determine your current location automatically by GPS interaction. 
  • perfect search through “near me”
  • acquire well-known options for restaurants, movies, doctors, and more. 
  • classify your search by merits like rating, distance, or popularity.
  • Obtain trends via an interactive map
  • Obtain business data via Email/SMS. 
  • Obtain an incredible best agreement.
  • Define businesses as your “Favorite” for facilitating use. 
  • Gather your business listing Free of Charge.
  • assess and review business 
  • Tag your friends and review their ratings. 
  • Classify friends Alphabetically or by Ratings or Name.

 look forward and download the JD App now and enjoy via your Tablet to make achievements than just play and talk.

How to create Google My Business (GMB) account?

In simple steps, anyone can create an account on this service for your business. Go to the service website, then click “Login” in the upper corner of the screen.

Then add the name of your business, company, or business, then hit the Next button.

Simply click on “Yes” and it will take you to another window where you will be asked to enter the address for your business. Sometimes, wallpapers, backgrounds, track, path, and path are precise to your site.

If you are making the delivery, then inform customers, just click No. If you do, click Yes, I also serve them outside of my place. Symbol by symbol.

The order of defining your business, which will help Google present it to an interested audience, choose the correct classification and accurately.

You only need to add your business phone number and website so customers can contact you.

Guide to Create Google My Business GMB Listing

Google my business is also available in-app from both iOS and Android. You can use the app to:

  •  Update your business information. 
  • Post statues and pictures.
  • View search insights.

You can’t use the app to:

  • Delete your business settings.
  • Change its settings
  • It doesn’t enable you to grant ownership to someone else

Start your Google My Business Listing

First, sign in to google my business account. And conduct a google search to ensure your business doesn’t already have a google my business listing.

If you have already listed you need to claim it. You can manage the information. On the information, tab add your business information such as business name and address.

It is already listed and it will inform you. If already someone listed your business follow these steps:

  • Fill out the remaining business details.
  • Check all information you add even grammatically correct 
  • Add your category details.
  • The last thing, you have to add the location you provide your service.

Add or edit details

If you want to add or edit your service details, first of all, you need to sign in to Google My Business and click the information icon and add or edit your business details. And click the save button.

Verify your Google My Business Listing:

Next, you need to verify your google my business listing once you have submitted your business information you need to verify it. It is provided by email and it will get the address that you are added to your business address.

It is important to recognize that google won’t display your business information until it is verified. 

Verification typically takes less than a week. Google will send you a verification code postcard, once it gets to verify the code and your business will be live. Publish your Google My Business Listing

Some basic but curial tips for optimizing your listing

1-Enter complete data for your listing

Always Local search results are more important than the relevant results for searches. And business offering the most detailed and accurate information well. Be easier to serve in search. Don’t leave anything as guessed it helps the customers to get to know about your service.

2-Include keywords

Just like the website SEO. Google uses a variety of signals to serve search results and including keywords helps to list.

3-Keep business service hours

It is most important to enter your business service hours and also important that update when it changes. Google allows you to choose holiday and event creating, it helps customers always get in touch with you.

4-Add photos 

Adding photos will help the business to perform more than other business owners.

5-Manage and respond to customer reviews

Interacting with customers by responding to their reviews. Illustrates that your business values its customers and the feedback that they leave regarding it. Positive comments help your business potential customers when researching your business. You have to apply for all correct details and try to update it with google my business listing.

You can watch our video for more details and learn more about GMB Listing

Email marketing calendar 2021

Planning – Most Essential for Marketing Campaigns

Planning is the first and very important step for anything we wish to start. Here also you must plan to organize an email marketing calendar. To begin with, precisely check each month and note down the dates which are important as per your organization and industry type.

This is necessary because it will help you plan an annual meet, conclave, or conference accordingly. 

Note down the dates as they will play a pivotal role in highlighting the reason behind running an email marketing campaign specifically for those days. By organizing an email marketing calendar you can focus on creating result-oriented email, social media, and various other online marketing campaigns.

The best way to organize your email marketing calendar is to keep an update about what’s going on around.

This is very important as it helps in scheduling email campaigns and saves you from lying in the stack of inbox like any other promotional email.

Understand this with an example. What if you also send a promotional email to the subscribers on Cyber Monday? On this day, the receiver will already have a flood of deals and coupons in the inbox and your email will also lay in that crowded inbox. It sounds disheartening.

But, if you curate a unique emailer for the day, then it will surely grab the receiver’s attention. Hence, your motive gets fulfilled.

You must follow a four  step approach to organize an email marketing calendar. These steps are:

  1. Mark
  2. Plan
  3. Execute
  4. Monitor Results

This is the best way to make emailers work for you in a seamless and positive manner.

Other than this, here are ways to organize your 2021 email marketing calendar in the best way possible:

May 2021

  • May 4 — Star Wars Day — May the 4th be with you!
  • May 4 — Teachers’ Day
  • May 5 — Cinco de Mayo
  • May 9 — Mother’s Day
  • May 31 — Memorial Day

Monthly themes

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • Jewish American Heritage Month
  • Mental Health Awareness Month

June 2021

  • June 6 — Drive-In Movie Day
  • June 8 — Best Friends Day
  • June 14 — Flag Day
  • June 19 — Juneteenth Independence Day
  • June 20 — June Solstice / First Day of Summer
  • June 20 — Father’s Day

Monthly themes

  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month

July 2021

  • July 1 — International Joke Day
  • July 4 — Independence Day
  • July 17 — World Emoji Day
  • July 19 — Ice Cream Day
  • July 22 — National Hot Dog Day

Monthly themes

  • National Ice Cream Month

August 2021

  • August 7 — International Beer Day
  • August 9 — Book Lovers Day
  • August 9-16 — Shark Week
  • August 13 — Friday the 13th
  • August 13 — Left-Handers Day
  • August 21 — Senior Citizen’s Day
  • August 30 — National Marshmallow Toasting Day

Monthly themes

  • Black Business Month
  • American Artists Appreciation Month

September 2021

  • September 6 — Labor Day
  • September 6 — Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown
  • September 12 — Grandparents Day
  • September 15 — Yom Kippur begins at sundown
  • September 21 — International Day of Peace
  • September 22 — September Equinox / First Day of Autumn

Monthly themes

  • National Latinx/Hispanic Heritage Month (runs from September 15 to October 15)

October 2021

  • October 11 — Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • October 29 — National Cat Day
  • October 31 — Halloween

Monthly themes

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

November 2021

  • November 4 — Diwali
  • November 7 — Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am
  • November 11 — Veterans Day
  • November 25 — Thanksgiving
  • November 26 — Black Friday
  • November 27 — Small Business Saturday
  • November 28 — Hanukkah begins
  • November 29 — Cyber Monday
  • November 30 — Giving Tuesday

Monthly themes

  • “Movember” — Raising awareness for men’s health issues
  • Height of holiday preparations and shopping

December 2021

  • December 6 — Hanukkah ends
  • December 21 — Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year)
  • December 24 — Christmas Eve
  • December 25 — Christmas Day
  • December 26 — Boxing Day
  • December 26 — Kwanzaa
  • December 31 — New Year’s Eve

Monthly themes

  • Height of the holiday season
  • End-of-year fundraising


After noting down all the important calendar events, it is important to work on the content and layout. Instead of opting for free templates for email marketing, try to create something on your own to offer a customized look.

Tips to Create best Email Marketing Plan

Are you sending your first Email Marketing Campaign? Stop it now. A good Email Marketing plan always helps to reach the right audience and this is Email Marketing Strategy for you.
Create an Email Marketing Plan, Email Marketing Strategy, and Set Goals.

The ideal way to reach a target audience is email marketing. A maximum number of companies prefer email marketing to connect with the target audience, as it allows them to share information at large by shooting bulk emails.

Another reason to use email marketing is effectiveness and cost-efficiency. A high return on investment is expected with each emailer. Hence, companies prefer to spend less when they can earn more by using a specific technique.

If you wish to connect with the audience, then here is the way to build the best email marketing plan:

1. Create Your Email List

Firstly, build your email list because relevant content and a beautiful layout are useless if nobody is there to watch it. So, start preparing your email list for which you be required to do:

  • Insert Call-to-Action button on Website
  • Promote Newsletter on social media
  • Send invites to people to sign up for your email  list
  • Gather email addresses from point-of-sale such as billing desk, window shoppers and regular buyers.
  • Offer deals, discounts, coupons and referral points to those who have already signed up.

While doing all this, you will realize that building an email list is also easy and somewhat promotional to make your brand presence strong. 

2. Know your Audiences that you Wish to Connect With

It is important to segregate the email marketing plan as requirements vary from client to client. Let’s suppose you are promoting skincare products. Then, some potential buyers will come running to try the new range of products you are offering. However, some would just check in to see what all products are there. Similarly, some people will come down asking for a specific brand or a product.

So, you must have a convincing answer for each one of them. This can only be done by segregation. Hence, segregation will make your email marketing plan more effective to answer the right thing  to right people.

Segregation depends upon various factors such as customers by age, gender, customer type, loyalty level, and more. 

3. Build Campaign with Goals to Achieve

After finishing work on the email list and segregation process, now it’s time to focus on your goal. The best email marketing plan is the one which focuses on questions such as what will be the frequency of your email to the audience and what do expect the audience to do with the information you shared?

Your list of goals to achieve should include something like:

  • Growth in registrations for an upcoming event
  • Increase in bookings for appointments or treatments
  • Increase in Website Traffic where people can know more about your brand
  • Increase in footfall at outlet

You must have multiple goals to create content and shoot them at different times. Running behind only one goal will not work. Let’s suppose your goal is to increase footfall in your outlet.

This can be achieved by scheduling in-store events where people need to register their email addresses to mark their attendance. This goal can be accomplished by running an email marketing campaign.

4. Build Content Calendar for Email

Content is the king in email marketing as well. Thus, the content should be of the high-quality.

Plan a content calendar while noting down the purpose of the same. Select theme for the content if you plan to send a newsletter on a monthly basis. To create email content you can work on ideas such as:

  • Highlight blog content to increase website traffic
  • Build exclusive deals, coupons, and discounts for regular subscribers
  • Remind people about the upcoming events and ask to buy tickets for the same in advance
  • Share alluring photographs to get maximum user engagement as soon as email drops in the subscriber’s inbox
  • Send personalized messages to the subscribers

Set the tone right while writing email content and choose relevant images, fonts and templates to make the entire email look perfect.

5. Monitor your Growth

The most important and crucial stage of the best email marketing plan is to monitor your growth. Keep a track of important points such as open rate, click-through- rate, and unsubscribe rate. All these things will help you understand where the scope for improvement is?

You can also monitor conversions which were possible because of the content. Give them exclusive coupons and deals for the same and foster your relationship with the client.

Monitor the above-mentioned points every month and find your growth trajectory moving with time. It will prove beneficial in strengthening the brand presence and win customer loyalty like no other company.

6. Timely Review Your Email Marketing Plan

Email marketing plan proves beneficial to accomplish goals. But, only an effective email marketing plan can do so. Experience comes with time as you progress, you are likely to feel the need for change in approach. It is because not all subscribers or email receivers are responding the way you expected.

To meet your goals on time, it is important to review your email marketing plan at regular intervals. Steps to review email marketing plan:

  • Set up twice a year review system.
  • Review frequency, content, and call-to-actions in your email. Also, review email marketing plan according to the segregated data. Set new and higher goals to achieve in the next six months.
  • Understanding the importance of customer retention. You need support of loyal clients to gain the trust and reliability of the new prospects to yield maximum profit.

Use email marketing to stay connected with clients and keep them updated about every new thing in the business. It will help you hold back the client and promote your brand.


Email marketing is a smart, cost-efficient, and inefficient way to reach the target audience. Use it wisely and focus on all the above-mentioned points to build the best email marketing plan for the growth of the business.

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