Top 8 YouTube Tools to boost views

If you are a Youtuber then you must be focusing on getting more views and subscribers on your channels. You must be thinking about the best Youtube SEO Tools or Youtube tools to boost views. We are sharing some of the best Youtube tools 2021 and Youtube Marketing tools for YouTubers.

There are various ways to promote video content. But, here we let you know the top 8 YouTube tools to grow audience and revenue mainly. Let us begin with:

1 TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is the best YouTube tool to grow your audience. TubeBuddy can be used with any browser and hence you can launch it anytime without downloading a separate browser. Other than being the top YouTube tool to reach the target audience, TubeBuddy also acts as an assistant to manage the channel, as it easily integrates with YouTube.

By using TubeBuddy, you can enhance the content quality as it lets you know where you need to improve such as:

  • Tags
  • Titles
  • Thumbnails
  • Descriptions

With this tool as an assistant, you need not bother about uploading videos, as TubeBuddy gives you the chance to schedule uploading of videos on the Youtube channel.

You can schedule the uploading of the video in two ways. Firstly, you can select the date and time for the same or can do it manually. After uploading video, TubeBuddy tracks its performance, ranking, analytics and compares it with those of the competitors to offer you an accurate insight.

TubeBuddy is an ideal YouTube tool to promote videos as this tool also allows you to improve thumbnails. There is a wide range of thumbnail creator process for different users such as:

  • Creators
  • Brands
  • Agencies
  • Networks

TubeBuddy works well for all niches and thus is helpful to reach the maximum number of target audience.

2. vidIQ

vidIQ is the second-best YouTube tool for the growth of audience and revenue. This tool proves beneficial to track and analyze YouTube audiences.

vidIQ is the YouTube tool that helps you find the target audience and manage comments. This tool also helps to know the top trending and most relevant keywords used by competitors. All this helps in knowing the audience and in the creation of videos that would generate more revenue.


3. Camtasia

Camtasia is the third-best YouTube tool for growing target audience and revenue. Camtasia is a screen recording tool and video editor software that improves content quality.

Post recording you can make the video look attractive by using various filters, edits, captions, effects highlights and notes. All these features make the video eye-catching and result in an increase in audience.

The voice narration feature of Camtasia lets you speak while recording the video and the wide range of audio effects and music gives you the option to make the video more engaging.

4. Social Blade

Positioned at number four, Social Blade is also one of the top YouTube tools to grow audience and revenue. Social Blade monitors different parameters on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter.

Social Blade is an effective YouTube tool to enhance the quality of social media marketing strategy.

By using this tool, you can monitor your channel growth and can compare the same with competitors or other players. Have a look at some of the analytics of a Youtube channel on Social Blade: Firstly, you have the opportunity to compare three channels at one time.

This offers you clarity about where you stand in comparison to competitors. Secondly, Social Blade helps in deciding whether the YouTube channel is owned by agencies or is a multi-channel network. This proves helpful in channel monetizing which results in revenue.

View the tutorials offered by Social Blade and grow the audience as well as the revenue.

5. YouTube Studio

On number five is Tube Studio, which is also the official YouTube application for creators.

This is also one of the top YouTube tools to manage your channel from the phone directly and to stay connected with the audience.

The biggest advantage of YouTube Studio is to receive analytics in the real-time. YouTube Studios allow you to track channel performance and reply to comments immediately.

Other than receiving push notifications straightway on the phone, you also have the command over monetization settings, thumbnails, scheduling, and more.

6. Woobox

Number six is Woobox.

If you wish to grow the audience as well as the revenue of the youtube channel, then opt for Woobox.  It allows the integration of all your Youtube videos with Facebook.

Your audience reach will expand as users can view your Youtube videos on Facebook too. The user who can watch videos without getting redirected comes back to the page again and again and this is how Woobox is useful in growing audience and revenue both.

Woobox is an ideal platform to turn viewers into customers, as not many people prefer visiting Youtube to watch videos. Youtube has its own set of audience.

Dependency on Youtube to get maximum views ends now, as you can share videos on Facebook by using Woobox.

7. Tubarlabs

Tubular Labs is an actionable video marketing platform that helps creators, media, and brands to build an audience and engage with customers on YouTube.
The software offers marketing analytics services to brands and creators
Grow your subscribers with their Social Video campaigns and Marketing tactics

This software not only helps you with Video intelligence for youtube but also on other video platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and twitch
Tubular Labs is a founding member of YouTube’s Measurement Program. As a trusted measurement partner,
Tubular is able to provide reliable and comprehensive insights to drive your business.

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8. Tubics- YouTube SEO Tool to Get More Views

If you are looking for growing Youtube views and subscribers then you should not forget Tubics for Youtube SEO.
This is one the most like Youtube Tools in 2021 for getting more views on Youtube and engage with the audience
Some of its features are-:

  • Youtube tag suggestions
  • Get real-time content analysis
  • A/B Testing of your Thumbnail
  • Instant Recommendations
  • Data-driven Ideas
  • Brand awareness and user engagement suggestions


I have analysed top 8 YouTube SEO Tools. I hope these tools might help you in building audience and customer engagement. However I do not recommend any tools as every YouTuber and Brands have their own needs and they are supposed to study and analyse their requirements.

I suggest you to analyze and understand your need and buy the tools based on your needs and requirements.

If you have any suggestions and want me to add any Tool in it. Please write in comment box

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