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12 Bulk Email Marketing Tools | Mass Mailing Tools

Well email marketing is something that is surely going to give you good results over a period of time and there are no two ways about it. So one needs to have a plan for getting good results with best email marketing tools and for that you need to find the ones which are known to give best results which is something very important that you need to keep in mind.

There is so much choice in the market and it is never easy to sect the best one. But we have tried to list the top then based on lots of research and have made your work much easier. Also you want these email marketing tools to be affordable, and also easy to use.

Once they have these feature then you can may be make use of few of them to make your process easier and start getting good results with your email marketing efforts with help of bulk email marketing services.

You want your customers to be repetitive leads for your business and for that you need to tae care of email marketing is bound to produce a good results with mass email marketing.

This is like and equity that you have with you and you can send them a message whenever you want, but not too frequently and they may start taking you less seriously also you need to keep one thing in mind, that your content has to be well written and attractive to get more attention and sales and you will need to take help of some good tools which can help you reach your goals.

This is one of the main reason why we created this guide as it gives very good insights about which tools you should be making use of and what you should be avoiding, here we have been very honest with what we have listed and that will surely make things much easier for you and you do will surely get better results with mass email marketing tools.

Though all this sound very simple, it is not since there are so many email marketing tools out there, and finding the best one is not easy and will require lots of time on your part.

Hence here we will be providing you will a list which will make the process much simpler and that will make things much easier for you.

As this will help you to get more traffic and better sales and but sure to know email marketing pricing.

Emails play a pivotal time when it comes to the business arena. They should be impactful and influential enough to make you reach your goal effectively in one go.

Here are some finest tools which one can integrate into the business procedure to make it grow at wider scales-

1. ActiveCampaign

It is one of the finest tools which allows the users to access services like email automation and effective email management along with CRM categories to make the business prosper. It is available and effective for all scales of businesses.

This is one of the most popular tool in the market and is known to produce good results. It has done that over a period of time and this is considered to be one of the best and is liked by people one and all.

Activecampaign Pricing

Free- 500 contacts a month


  • Lite – 9$ a month
  • Plus – 49$ a month
  • Professional -129$ a month
  • Enterprise – 229$ a month

Activecampaign Features

  • Set up Personalised Inbound and outbound email and automation
  • Tasks, territory, Contact and account Management.
  • Best in integration.
  • Lead Management and opt in management

2. Sendgrid

It is among the best email marketing tools as it effortlessly manages the emails providing an enormous range of organizing images. It offers the business portfolio with considerable guidance and expertise on emails.  

This is very popular and gives very good results. People really like making use of it and is worth every penny you spend.

Sendgrid Pricing

Free– You can store 2000 contacts and Send up to 6000 emails a month free. You can design and edit the campaigns and learn how to send email campaigns.


  • Basic- 200$ a month (1L Contacts and 3L emails you can send)
  • Advanced- 900$ (Save 2L contacts and send upto 10L Emails a month)
  • Custom Plan- Talk to sales as per your requirement  

Sendgrid Features

  • ISP monitoring, SMTP and SMTP Api available
  • Detailed analysis of email campaign such as open, click rate, unsubscribers tracking
  • DKIM customization, Custom integration and marketing campaign

3. Sendinblue

It will help to organise the working criteria in an enhanced manner by assisting with impactful strategies.

 The organ uses emails and creates an everlasting impact on other business making companies.

Take your business to a huge level of success by building strong relationships with other platforms just by right email hits.

Sendinblue Features

  • Personalized email campaign to your existing or non-existing customers or prospects.
  • Use any service Email, SMS, Or Chat at one platform
  • Use FB Ads and landing page to collect contacts
  • Easy integration with any tool with their API

Sendinblue Pricing

Free- 300 Emails a day and Unlimited Contacts you can add

Paid- Sendinblue offers 4 types of packages which are here-:

  • Lite- 25$ a month (Send up to 40,000 emails a month)
  • Essential- 39$ a month (Send up to 60K emails a month with Advanced statics and A/B testing)
  • Premium- 39$ a month (Send up to 120K emails a month with marketing automation and multi user access)
  • Enterprise- If you need more things to add in these plans. Communicate with team.

4. Mail-chimp

It is one of the organised best email marketing tools which help in building a strong relationship with clients.

It is loaded with features and strategies to enhance your business prospects.

Mail chimp features

  • One of the oldest Email Marketing tools which adds only Opt-in database
  • All Marketing and Automation at one place including social, landing pages and web integration
  • Best in security and 300+ app integration

Mail chimp pricing


  • Store Contacts up to- 2000
  • Send Emails up to- 10000

Paid – following are monthly plans based on contacts and Mail chimp Pricing policies*

Essentials- 9$

  • Store Contacts up to- 5, 0000
  • Send Emails up to- 5, 00,000

Standard- 14 $

  • Store Contacts up to- 1, 00,000
  • Send Emails up to- 1.2M

Premium- 299$

  • Store Contacts – 2, 00,000+
  • Send Emails – 3M

5. Drip

Drip provides bulk email marketing services including email support which will assist you in designing perfect emails for satisfying clients.

Drip Features

  • You can store your customer database here with no cost.
  • Set easily personalized notification to web visitors and customers
  • engage with your customer while analyzing the customer buying journey
  • Detailed analyzing with compete customer behavior and analysis

Drip Pricing

Free- Use free subscription to send up to 100 contacts


  • 2.5 Contacts- 41$ a month
  • 10k Contacts- 149$ a month
  • 100k Contacts-779$ a month

6. Converkit

It allows businesses to expand their email reach by perfect CRM automation and email management. It can provide up to 1 to 6 million client base.

Convertkit Features

Attractive signup forms and landing pages.

Create multiple landing pages and sign up form in no time

Best to set up automation based on customer choice and visitors

Analyse and organise the customers’ behaviour with the database

Converkit Pricing

Free- create account, create landing pages and store subscribers up to 500.


  • 3k Contacts- 49$ a month
  • 10k Contacts- 119$ a month
  • 105k Contacts-679$ a month

7. MoonMail

One of the promising bulk email marketing services which help in enormous email marketing and aids the business portfolio in creating and organizing the finest emails.

Moonmail Pricing

  • Free- NO
  • Paid-
  • Lite- 21$ (1000 contacts, 5K Emaila a month)
  • Starter- 149$ (10K contacts, 60k Emails a month)

8. Mailjet

This useful tool helps the business organisations in creating superbly organised emails and also assists in fetching good client responses by designing accurate emails.

Expand your emails proficiency with Mailjet.

Mailjet Pricing

Free- No trial expiry, No credit card needed. Send up to 6,000 emails per month

200 emails a day


 Based on your contacts you can choose the best plan that suits to you starting from 10$

  • 9.65$- Send 3ok email a month
  • 18.95$- Send 60k Emails a month
  • 68.95$- Send 150K emails a month

You can also select different plans offered on their site.

9. iContact

iContact aids in mass email marketing by providing mass email marketing tools. It allows plugins and assists the business makers in creating fine responsive email designs. 

It presents free templates along with the creation of approx 40 thousand emails at reasonable rates and in the minimum time possible.

icontact features

  • Create Email Marketing campaign speedily with their hand made templates. Easy to customize
  • Do a/b testing on different devices
  • Automate your campaign based on requirement and customers
  • Nice chat support

icontact Pricing

Free- No trial   


icontact offers two plans Base and PRO. You can choose one that suits to your need.

  • 15k contacts- 129$ a month
  • 55k Contacts- 349$ a month

10. Infusionsoft or Keap

earlier it was infusion-soft but now this is keap. It offers professional email marketing tools

In a reasonable email marketing pricing. It allows business organisations in creating the best designs for emails and responsive email designing.

It is loaded with GDPR compliant and serves the purpose in a short course if time provides the fastest speed possible. 

Keap Pricing

Free- No trial 


  •  Keap Grow- 79$ a month
  • Keap Pro- 149$ a month
  • Infusionsoft- 199$

11. Campaign Monitor

It uses a known email marketing software-based tool which assists users in creating the best designs with utmost proficiency.

It allows a wide range of tools to create emails which will fetch clients as well as a good reputation. The speed is comparable and the creation of emails is imbibed with professionalism 

Campaignmonitor Pricing

Free- No trial 


  • Basic- 9$ a month (2500 emails)
  • Unlimited – 29$ a month
  • Premier- 149$ a month

12. EmailOctopus

It is packed with smart features and concrete analytics which will gain a good response from clients. Create the best email designs for your business along with compliance and bounce email tracking.

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