Top 10 PPC tools for 2020- Search Engine Marketing Tools

The past decade has seen a massive penetration of the internet amongst the developing countries. Over time, the data is now available at cheaper rates and this has prompted the growth of internet as a critical advertising medium and has ushered in the virtual “Information Age”. In this information age, any company serious about selling its products has an online presence. One of the most up and coming segments in digital marketing is Pay Per Click (PPC).

In internet marketing PPC model is becoming increasingly popular. As per this model, a fee is paid by the advertisers for every click on their advertisements. In other words this is nothing but a way of buying prospect visits to your online marketplace.

Advertising through search engines is the most common and one of the most effective forms of PPC.

Search Engine Marketing enable marketers to place bids on for Advertisement placing in the search engine`s links (sponsored section) which would be triggered when a prospect searches for a specific keyword related to the marketers product or service.

For instance if one clicks “Anti-Virus”, Norton Antivirus shows as the top result on Google`s results page. Every time this is clicked, Norton would pay a fee to Google.

However creating an effective PPC campaign is an arduous task and isn’t very simple. However, over the past decade or so, extremely worthwhile and capable PPC tools have been developed and released.

Here we look at ten of the most efficient PPC tools for 2020 which not only significantly reduce the effort duration but help create an impact PPC campaign as well.

1. Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a fundamental and critical developed by Google to manage PPC campaigns. The tool is free for use and helps in the simultaneous editing of multiple Google Ads campaigns. This feature rich tool performs the following functions

  • Bid management by raising or lowering bids for keywords
  • Campaign management by tweaking of ad text, keyword lists
  • Managing the keyword match types.

It offers a near complete suite for efficient optimization of bulk edits and is quite efficient and fast.


SPYFU is the virtual equivalent of an intelligence agency for PPC marketing. As the name suggests, it is used for spying on your adversaries. 

With its enormous data base, it tracks and records the campaigns and keyword lists of your competition.

Not just this it let us know the amount bid by competition keyword wise, the advertisements run and edits made to them over their entire run,  the total amounts spend by them amongst other things.

By getting to know the keyword optimizations of an adversaries’ successful PPC campaign, one can save a truckload of time and effort for the same.  In short, you gain a critical advantage.

3. Wordstream Advisor

As mentioned earlier management of a PPC campaign is not very simple, but is inherently time consuming and complex.

To make this job easier, an efficient tool called Wordstream advisor is available.

The tool is especially useful for SME and mid-size businesses and is extensively used by this segment to efficiently manage their PPC campaign.

The flag tool highlights the areas of the campaign that require swift attention.

The tool can be customized to take corrective action based on personalized recommendations and it can keep track of the resulting performance.

Apart from PPC campaigns, the toll of also adept at managing Facebook campaign making it a feature rich integrated platform.

4. Opteo

This tool is primarily targeted to cater to the SME segment, medium businesses, freelance marketers and Social Media managers.

Opteo is essentially performance enhancing optimization tool which populates recommendations basis continuous data tracking and account monitoring of the performance related data points.

The tool allows simultaneous bulk editing of the GoogleAds.

The software has over forty different enhancement features like bid control, spend control, efficient schedulers, and real time trackers amongst others.

5. TenScores

This tool is unique in its methodology towards managing the PPC marketing.

It does not vouch to be a complete know it all tool. Instead it focusses on one of the most important aspects of PPC marketing. i.e efficient optimisation.

The tool uses a unique scoring approach to instantly optimize your Google Ads.

The user interface itself is extremely intuitive with detailed and simple to understand analysis represented through various charts. Basis its analysis, Ten-scores provide adequate recommendations to improve ad engagements, reduce spends and enhance overall returns.

This is one tool which provides real time performance improvement.

6. SpeedPPC

SpeedPPC was launched in 2007 and had been a hit ever since launch.

It has presence in close to 100 countries. The software is a cyclical tool that robotises a company`s PPC marketing campaign.

This automation enables the company to create a focused and targeted campaign in the matter of a few minutes. The tool optimizes the ad quality scores resulting in cost savings and tighter integration between the keywords and Ad placements.

The tool is highly flexible and can be tailored to your organization`s needs.

7. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an all in one tool that encapsulates various aspects of analysing content, discovering trends, measuring performance and determining Return on Investment.

All in all it serves as a one stop shop by providing important and essential features pertaining to trend discovery and content management.

The tool has features like alerts for brand mentions, deep research tools and trending keywords pertaining to your product.

Additional features like customer query analyser tools, Facebook analyser tools, keyword influencer and top author tools are unique features of this software.

BuzzSumo is considered a critical part of PPC content stack of any organization.

Its layered approach is extremely unique and provides critical inputs into prevailing trends.

8. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is an intuitive and simple tool developed by HootSuite and it focussed specifically on Facebook ads. The tool breaks down every complete Facebook campaigns into a series of manageable parts. The individual parts are then optimized using demographic tools and subsequent results. AdEspresso is also extremely efficient at result tracking and allows users to get access to conversion tracing and subsequent customer conversions.

9. MeetKite

The MeetKite is a PPC a fast paced tool focused on ROI optimizations.

The tool prioritises recommendations from a large number of Social Media data points.

The tool tend to view your businesses as a combination of the following

  • Lead Generation business: Determines costs per trail and recommends suitable actions.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Focuses on sales volume scaling
  • eCommerce Business: Using inputs from the above, this module throws u immediate “hot” conversion leads and suggests unique campaign pitching.

10. Ahrefs

While Ahrefs is one of the leading search engine optimization tools, it has extensive PPC features as well. Similar to SpyFu, this tool has the spying ability.

It is able to spy on competitor keyword bids and analyse their traffic flow. It is especially adept at keyword benchmarking, Using its extensive data base, the tool is able to segregate the keyword basis spend, traffic and uniqueness.

Using internal analytics the tool is able to present scenarios which compare an organic search against a sponsored search.

Combining these features with the search engine optimized features, Ahrefs is an excellent tool to manage PPC marketing.

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