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Free Email Marketing Templates

Sending an Email Marketing Marketing campaign to the desired list is one of the jobs for any Digital Marketers. Finding the right Email Marketing template is time taking and we have found some best email marketing template examples which are free to use.

Technology has given you the opportunity to drop a mail directly in the inbox of your client or the prospect and communicate to them right away. This is a chance to strengthen the brand presence. The receiver will either take the next step to stay in touch with you, else will delete the mail. In whichever case, the person will have a look at your brand and if it is relevant to him/her even by a small percentage, then you have the chance to build a relationship.

There are various email marketing templates available in the market. But, here we let you know the best ones.

Email Marketing template

8 Best Email Marketing Templates Sources

  1. Mailchimp
  2. Active Campaigns
  3. Campaign Monitor
  4. Sendgrid
  5. Sendinblue
  6. Hubspot
  7. Beefree
  8. BenchMark
  9. MailJet
  10. 99 Designs

1. CampaignMonitor’s Email Marketing Templates

The responsive templates by CampaignMonitor are best suitable for desktops and mobile screens. The clean designs, colour combination and features of email marketing templates by CampaignMonitor makes it the user’s first choice.

The drag and drop feature of templates byCampaignMonitor allows you to place elements as per choice and customise the template according to the requirement. This is much better than depending on free tools that offer predetermined functionalities.

The responsive templates by CampaignMonitor are best to run email marketing campaigns on:

  • Vacation
  • Product Launch
  • Announcements

CampaignMonitor welcomes customer feedback while offering flexibility to modify templates as per the need.

2. MailBakery

Free templates by MailBakery are available in HTML. These templates can be used across industry types and some of the major uses of these templates are:

  • Property Listings
  • Launch

3. Zurb Foundation

HTML-based templates by Zurb Foundation are result-oriented. That is why, Zurb Foundation offers templates to help you achieve goals by using the same for:

  • Drip Campaigns
  • Transactional Emails and more.

You can search, preview, and download these templates for customisation further. However, these are the best in comparison to various other email marketing templates.

4. Email Monks’s Platform-Specific Email Marketing Templates

This is different. Free templates by Email Monk are HTML-based and are easy to integrate with the email marketing software you are using.

You can only receive one sample template which can be customised. However, you need to register your email address to receive the same.

5. Stripo

HTML-based templates by Stripo have more than 300 options to choose from. A wide range of templates can help you find the best one according to the industry standard.

The availability of an easy editor lets you customise the design prior to downloading. Also, you can test the template to find its flawlessness. You can also fix the error if any before downloading the template.

6. CakeMail

Templates from CakeMail are best for short, content-based and long email marketing campaigns. The wide range of 20+ templates can be used for newsletter and more. These templates are easy to use for categories such as:

  • Popular
  • Business
  • Restaurant
  • Seasonal
  • Special Events
  • Transactional
  • Educational

The availability of tags such as “first feature” and “second feature” proves beneficial to place elements if this is your first ever emailer campaign.

7. Litmus

Free templates by Litmus are accessible only after registering your email address. These high-quality templates are beneficial to use for:

  • Newsletters
  • Product updates
  • Receipts
  • Product Launch

The best thing is that free templates by Litmus are tested by their 50+ clients and have a high open rate and success rate.  So, you can bet on these templates without any worry.

Wrap Up…

Choose anyone from this list and get ready to witness business growth by manifolds. The increase in clientbase by using these templates will help you set new benchmarks in the industry for others.

The access to free templates and the choice of templates across industry types pushes you towards success in business. These are the ideal choices, if planning your first email marketing campaign.

Use of these templates is a time saving option, as you need not do brainstorming to finalise a design that will surely attract an audience. Explore and find the best template for your business and get ready to have an edge over competitors in the industry.

8 Types of Email Marketing Campaigns you should launch

The creation of an email list is a wise decision. But, the next question is what types of emails you should send in email marketing campaigns to reach the target audience.

Remember only the right types of email marketing campaigns, can help you achieve the goal of business expansion. The more user-engaging content you produce, the more exciting rewards, deals, and discounts you offer, the more your business will grow.


Email marketing will allow you to build a connection with the clients who will eventually turn into loyal ones. Make maximum use of Email Marketing Campaigns to engage your customers.

Here are types of email marketing or types of emails you should while doing email marketing

Build Email list using Email Marketing campaigns

We are doing a lot of email marketing campaigns from time to time but have you ever thought How important is building email lists?
If you need effective email marketing and want to get a good open rate and click rate then you should focus on building email lists.

Here are some of the options that will guide you in building email lists from the scratch-:
1. Create Lead Generation campaigns for your product and service
2. Use Pop up forms on your website or micro-sites to collect emails
3. Run Offer and sale campaigns with contact forms
4. Add more call to action buttons on your website and blogs
5. Connect your landing pages with email marketing tools

Here is the list of the top 8 most popular and engaging types of email marketing campaigns that can prove beneficial for your business. Scroll down the post and have a look at them:

8 Types of Emails for Email Marketing

1. Welcome emails

types of emails in email marketing campaigns

A welcome email is a sweet gesture you show towards clients. Also, it is a way to thank the subscribers who signed up to be a part of your mailing list. This can also be a friendly message to know what they expect, how beneficial your brand is for them, rewards, deals which are in the offering from them, and more.

The best thing about welcome emails is their high open rates because people always like to be appreciated, welcomed, or thanked.

Still, there are a lot of things to be revealed.

A welcome email is all about acknowledging a person. That is why only “Hello’” will not work. You need to tell subscribers about what they have unlocked by adding to your mail list.

2. Service feedback Emails

Feedback is important to improve product or service. Hence, it is important to ask clients to share their reviews about the product or service via email.

Feedback is important not only for development but also to know what clients expect from your brand. This is the best way to boost user engagement. It is advisable not to ask in-depth questions in the review form. But, ask some precise questions about the product working, the scope for improvement, and more. It will help better.

3. New Launch Emails

Subscribers must be aware of updates and latest happenings about your brand especially if it is about a launch of something new. Give away a free trial or a one month subscription free and make the clients feel special. This also proves helpful in keeping clients happy and feel valued.

A new launch update is one of the types of email marketing campaigns. The new feature update is one prominent type of email marketing campaign that suggests you add maximum details to share with the clients. This email marketing campaign will be an answer to many doubts, and queries.

4. Email confirmation Mails

Confirmation is the one thing we all look upto. The email confirmation messages to the subscribers increases authentication of your brand. Confirm your subscriber of being a part of your family and this small gesture will make them trust you. Also, ask them to acknowledge the same and this will work as a mutual consent to send and receive emails.

Email confirmation mails help you stay more accurate with the open-rate, click rate and conversion rate. 

5.  Thank you Email

After a successful event or after the achievement of a milestone in business, share a thank you mail with subscribers. This will motivate them to be an active participant in all your events and activities in the future.

Also, it shows good gesture to thank all of them who help you achieve success.

With email marketing, it is easy. You can push thank you mailers to earn clients’ trust. Let’s suppose, companies like Grabyo use them to celebrate special events. One different approach would be to such emails to share rewards, coupons, and more to foster the relationship with clients.

 6. Fun Activity Email

Fun and vacations go hand in hand. Run a vacation-based or a fun activity email. Share interesting holidays or a festive thing in the email and encourage subscribers to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Such emailers are always appreciated and clients start looking forward to more emails. This is also one of the best types of email marketing mails you can send to subscribers.

7. Nurturing emails

Many people subscribe to email lists, but they never open them to view any of the  products or services your company offers. Sometimes it is good to look beyond customisation and target audience. That is why it is called ‘nurturing’ email.

For example, CloudApp is almost perfect as it has a personalized feel as if it is asking a friend for an opinion. It also offers free-of-cost services for a month. So, to understand what the client expects from them and to meet the client’s requirements.

Remember, softness is always beneficial rather than being direct. It’s best to focus on improving user experience.

8. Email Newsletters

Share a weekly newsletter that comprises all updates which happened recently. Right from the increase in share price to finalizing a new deal, everything. This will keep your client informed about what all your company is doing to offer the best user experience.


Choose the types of email marketing campaigns, as they play an important role in increasing the number of subscribers, clients and users. 

Let suppose your emails have a fairly good open-rate, but you start sending emails with intricate content which is difficult to understand. Then, this open-rate will fall quickly. So, it is always better to go with the flow in spite of experimenting and making your own loss.

However, it is important to work on the sales pitch, as the business will grow only if sales figures increase. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and you will be the best in the industry.

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