8 Plagiarism checking tools for free

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8 plagiarism checking tools for free

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying another person’s work without their knowledge or approval and then presents it as your own original work.  Plagiarism is an illegal act which violates the law and is punished by fines and in some cases up to one year jail sentence.  It is something very important that you need to keep in mind that work should never be plagiarized and it should be unique.

There could be lots of liabilities for them. It is very important that we keep that in mind, if do not then there could be some serious issue and people could face some problems. There are many people who do not understand how badly plagiarism can affect them, they need solutions which is something very important. If they go not get good results, there could be problems.

The major importance of plagiarism is to define your dependency on someone else work and also to draw a differential line between your original works from that of your source.  

It is very important that you do not copy what is there word by word, you can take idea from there but write in your down words which is something very important and should always be kept in mind, if it is not then you could land up in big trouble.

There are a number of ways to prevent plagiarism that include; understanding the concept and then presenting it as defined in your understanding(paraphrase), using quotation mark in case you have used somebody else work or you can also use software that aid in checking for plagiarism.  

So it is something very important that you take care of and if you want to give good results, then you can go in for that.

Examples of Plagiarism

  • When someone does an assignment for you then you present it as your own original work. This is something that should not be done and you need to keep this in mind and you can get very good results for this.
  • Copy pasting information from online sources and other literature sources then presenting that as your own original work.
  • Using other people’s brands, logos or names with the intention of presenting as the original, without their approval or their knowledge of it.

Different types of plagiarism and example

Plagiarism is divided into different categories based on the the technique used in copying.

Complete plagiarism is where the writer copies an entire external work then, without any alterations, pastes in their work then tries to own that work as their original.

This is the worst thing one can do and should be avoided at all cost and this is something that can cause major harm to your reputation and also have impact on your ranking in search engines if you are doing online market and should not be done at all.

Paraphrasing plagiarism is the case whereby a writer will find a source information reads it then try to paraphrase by editing; deleting and adding, some words.

This is something that should not be done and should be avoided as some of the told at the present time are quiet capable of getting this traced and that is the last thing that you want.

Direct plagiarism 

this is when you copy someone else’s work and inject into your work then you attempt to present this work as your own without any indications of trying to acknowledge the source of the information you are presenting.

Direct ‘patchwork’

here, the writer copies information from different sources. Rearranges this information to create a new copy without making citations from the external sources he/she has used.

Incomplete citation

when a writer attempts to copy someone else work for his or her use then they need to completely show citation for every single piece of work imported. This is something that should be completed avoid and if you want to do good work, you should not be doing this at all.

Top 8 Tools for Plagiarism

As part of a fight against plagiarism, there are several tools designed to help in detecting any form of plagiarism thus helping people to create original and unique work.

Top 8 Tools for Plagiarism

Some of these plagiarism checking tools are free of charge while others have a fee charged.  They include;

1 DupliChecher

This is a free plagiarism tool which allows the users to either paste their work on it or to upload the work for checking any copyright breach.

This is something that one must know and are looking for solutions which will make things easier for you.

2 Copyleaks

This plagiarism checker tool detects plagiarism by scanning document(s) over the web resources. This is known to give good results and you can be sure, that it will give you perfect output and will help you to detect any kind of plagiarism which is there.

3 Whitesmoke plagiarism checker

This tool scans a document over the online web sources to seek to detect any plagiarism preset.

4 ProWritingAid

This tool is designed to check for plagiarism in manuscripts, novels, or literary works. Other than that, it also helps in detecting grammatical errors in a document.

This is known to work well and give desired results and it has got a paid and a free option as well and can really give some good insights about the quality of work in term of plagiarism.

5 Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a free plagiarism aid tool designed to detect copied content from blog articles. This is known to give good results and is very popular.

6 PlagiarismCheck.org

It’s a vital resource in helping to detect plagiarism by comparing your presented document against its database information

7 Quetext

In This plagiarism tool, you simply paste your work then it compares your work against the web pages in its database.

8 Copyleaks

Checks for unauthorized content used, by scanning a document over a web database. Even shows where the work was extracted from.


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