How to Write Meta Descriptions for your website SEO

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How to Write Meta Descriptions to Boost Your SEO

How to Write Meta Descriptions to Boost Your SEO
How to Write Meta Descriptions to Boost Your SEO

Have you ever had to wonder why some of the Google search results do not have any content below them? Have you wondered while some links have content telling you what is inside, some have absolutely nothing? Will you click on the link with no description or content below it? Definitely not!Well this small description that really catches the attention of the readers is what referred to as the Meta description. And it is imperative for every website to have one and if you have a website you should pay close attention to having the right Meta description for it. This is the attempt a website makes to catch the attention of the consumers and encourage them to click on your website link.

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Importance of Meta descriptions

It is not just about catching the attention of consumers for which the Meta description is used. It is also one of the key factors used by the search engines to rank the websites. Without the right description or the absence of a meta description could potentially lead to loss of leads, visitors and eventually loss of possible consumers.

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While Meta description is widely understood as the one that is featured on search engine results, they are not limited to that. Whenever people share the content of your website, on social media, the same description will be featured.

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While Meta description is definitely taken into account for ranking, it is not included as such. So you don’t have to jam up your Meta description with the keywords for the sake of ranking. However, we would suggest that you look at human behavior when using the right Meta description. Won’t you want your customers to know that the link is what they need to try for their outcome?

Tips for writing the best Meta descriptions to boost SEO

Meta description is only a few sentences that you need to use for boosting the importance of your website and to catch the attention of your consumers. The Meta description should be written with the objective of gaining a click and every word should reflect the passion. You need to ensure that you present facts while meeting with the consumer expectations. It is easy to write or modify a Meta description but since you wouldn’t want to be changing them too often, here are some tips to get it right the first time. 

CTA is another key in having the Meta description to work for you. A sales copy is only considered great if it is in the present tense and has actionable words to it. Also your words should inspire the reader to click on the link and go through the same. In fact your words can make the reader to beyond their search and raise their curiosity.

Make your Meta description be the answer that the readers are searching for. Every time a person is looking for something online it is to either read or buy or know about something. This will make your website more competitive.

Do not have long descriptions as that may not retain the attention of your consumers. Be honest and yet inspire the reader to proceed.

Meta descriptions may not have a direct impact on your SEO and yet they do have a crucial role to play in getting the much-needed click-through.  

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