Top 10 Quora Influencers in India

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Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 1 The Digital Chapters

Quora is well known and famous website among intellectuals or social media lovers. One who knows Quora does not need any introduction and its statics. It is a Forum where people ask question and reply to the asked questions. Since its origin, it’s been very popular among Americans as they are fond of this forum. 

With over 15 Million users, India has over 25% users only of its total users.

Quora has few features that we need to follow. When you answer any Question here; you need to follow certain policies and terms made by Quora. After you have answered the Question. Users will read it and they may upvote your answer or downvote if your answer is not in good quality and even they can report it to Quora or may suggest edits. Quora also notify you when your question or answer is not in right format.
Your answer is measured with few metrics such as total no of views, comments, and upvotes.
Its not necessary users who has seen your answer will hit upvote or comment or its also not necessary if they comment they will upvote it. 
Users are free whether they upvote or comment on it. Getting upvotes on answer or growing no of followers on this forum is more difficult than other Social Media Platform. 
There are 100s of tools and techniques to grow followers, connection or likes on other social media platform but there is no such tool which can increase your followers on Quora. Only genuine people or unique users are here who will follow you and read your answers.
Quora does not allow any company to create pages on it.  In India there are many users who are addicted to writing or reading answers on it. On the other hand there are great personalities as well who has not only gained maximum no of followers but also they have changed many lives and people’s thought while sharing their experiences and advises. I have researched and following them on Quora .
Following are top influencers on Quora you will love reading them

1. BalajiViswanathan

He has not only writing answers to the question but also writing some posts which are coming in his mind.  He describe himself in following way
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 2 The Digital Chapters

  “ I’m the founder of a robotics company – Invento [Humanoid robots for customer interaction] with a goal to be a pioneer in the emerging field of AI enabled hardware.I started my career as a software engineer in Microsoft HQ in Seattle – in Windows core division, later in Live Labs and Windows PhoneAfter about 5 years in the US, I returned to India with romantic notions of revolutionizing education. I started among the first MOOC platforms – NalandaU – back in 2009.I have two full time Masters degrees – both on scholarship. A MS from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and an MBA from Babson college. I worked with some of the top professors in Artificial Intelligence/Multiagent Systems and did my thesis work on Multiagent Systems (developing a platform for100s of intelligent agents such as robots or wireless sensors to work together to solve a problem).

2. Dr. Awdhesh Singh

He is another great writer on Quora from India. He is very famous writer among young Indians. He has also written few books which are liked by many. His two books ‘Myths are Real, Reality is a Myth’ and GST MADE SIMPLE: A Complete Guide to Goods and Services Tax in India” are great to read.
You can read more about him at here as he describes himself. Few lines are enough to know him in better way  
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 3 The Digital Chapters

Dr. Awdhesh Singh is an officer of the 1990 Batch of Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) and presently posed in Chennai as Additional Director General, Directorate General of Central Excise Intelligence. He did his B Tech from IIT (BHU) Varanasi, M Tech from IIT Delhi and PhD from ABV- Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management ( IIITM) Gwalior.

 3. Deepak Mehta

 His well maintained profiles explained everything that you need to know about him. He can guide you how to use Quora or Reddit and also can suggest you how you should go with MBA course.  His blog on ‘Quora Arbitrary Thoughts’ is really awesome which you will love reading
What tells about himself is as below
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 4 The Digital Chapters

I am a 23 year old male, hailing from Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. I am the elder of two siblings and have a younger, but far more intimidating, little sister.A Computer Science graduate from BITS – Goa and an Master of Business Administration Degrees from IIM – Ahmedabad. I am currently in Mumbai trying to settle down into the corporate life.

4. BhuviJain

Bhuvi Jain- Who don’t know her ? She is most followed active Quoran. Personally, I love reading her answers, I feel like reading mom’s advice on Quora. She is brilliant, witty and has a great presence of mind. She has a great fan-following and more than 16 million views on her answers. Isn’t it surprising? She is really Mom of all Quorans. 
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 5 The Digital Chapters

How she describe about herself as below-:

 Quoramom to many here…A vintage Electronics engineer from REC, Trichy long before it reinvented itself as National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. I am Director in a firm dealing with precision machining of automotive components.B.E. ECE Electronics and Communication Engineering, from National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli

5. Virali Modi

She is one of the famous lady on Quora who is loved and listened by all Quoran carefully. She spends time for writing and motivating people however she has no time but spare time for humanity. Really inspiring perso
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 6 The Digital Chapters

One of the Quora writer write about her,  “She’s beautiful, in every way.  If you don’t know what I mean, you haven’t interacted with her, because, when you do, it’s obvious you’re experiencing something very special.  True beauty.  I’m lucky to call her my friend.”

I just listened her conversation on soundcloud which was awesome. She talks about everything on this sound could  you can also listen it learn more about her.

6. Gopalkrishna Vishwanath

He is first Quoran who is spending all his day to contribute to coming generation. He is guiding, motivating and educating people through Quora. He is Retired Structural Engineer & language and internet/social media enthusiast.
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 7 The Digital Chapters

He describe himself as below I am a retired structural design engineer, aged 68 as on May 2016, and live in Bangalore. My parents and ancestors originally hail from Paalakkaad district of Kerala state in India, and we speak a mix of Tamizh and Malayaalam as our native tongue. I spent my childhood and had my schooling at Mumbai and later proceeded to Rajasthan for engineering studies. [BE(Hons) from BITS Pilani] and later to Uttar Pradesh (ME in structures from University of Roorkee now called IIT Roorkee)

7.  Ashish Kedia

Ashish is one of the youngest Quoran who has earned huge reputation on Quora. He is Web Solutions Engineer at Google, Hyderabad and quite often he spares time to write about to different things. He writes about himself as below
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 8 The Digital Chapters

Vegetarian. Night owl. Extreme opinions. Educational Tech enthusiast. Loves Psychedelic Music. Thrives on Adventure Sports. Adrenalin Rush. Programming Nerd. Texts over Calls. Late night chats over meetings. Career over Relationships. Family over everything. Amateur Photographer    

8.       Tejasvita Apte

She is most daring and motivator on Quora who is ready to reply you all the question that you have in mind. She is intelligent snd sharp minded loving being actinve on Quora. She is Medico-Legal consultant, Advocate, Public speaker, Teacher and TEDx speaker
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 9 The Digital Chapters
She writes about herself as below-:

I do not give free legal advice. If you need advice, please take an appointment. (The reader admits that this is not solicitation).28, Medico-legal consultant, Advocate, Public speaker, Teacher to my bones, Linguaphile, amateur singer (Taste of my singing), Synesthete, Soft Determinist, INTP.

9. Brijesh Kumar

He is an Assistant Professor at IIT Roorkee, one of renowned Institution in India. He writes on selective point clearly and explains everything as student are listening him in a class and make all the chapters clears

Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 10 The Digital Chapters

 10. Ankur Warikoo

He is Entrepreneur and owner of nearby. Being a business person it is very difficult to spend time but he is managing it.
Top 10 Quora Influencers in India 11 The Digital Chapters
He is technology freak; excel sheet obsessed, photographer, public speaker, wannabe DJ and wedding photographer!
So all of these are top Quora Writers who are doing great. I also write on Quora. You can follow me here 

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G Vishwanath
7 years ago

Thank you so much for including my name among all these great stars!
I am grateful to my readers and followers for this encouragement and support.

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