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Top 10 Social Media Marketing tools 2020

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Top 10 Social Media Marketing tools

Social Media plays a critical role in enhancing the prospects of businesses. It can be a source of great information and a platform with a great number of people. They are gaining an immense amount of popularity with each passing day. Its integration is quite important in order to take businesses to greater heights of success with best free social media management tools 2020.

Social media can drastically improve the traffic your website gets, also the traffic is quick and much targeted and if done well is going to product good results and that is something that you need to know well, if you take care of a website and look for social media marketing tools free.

You need to take help of social media tools 2020 for marketing, which makes the process much easier to make use of social media for promotional work.

Once you get hold of good tools you will be able to make your process much easier and will be able to get very good results out of it.

One thing you need to keep in mind that good quality social media management tool will not only help you to make your social media promotion more productive, but also very efficient and less time consuming.

Also if you have multiple website that is even making things much more difficult. You should keep this goal in mind and based on that you need to select some good social media marketing tools and they will surely help you in reaching your goals and make the process much simpler with best free social media management tools.

There are abundance of tools in the market and selecting the best is never easy and hence you need to be sure, what tools offer what features and how they will help you improve your social media marketing efforts and give a better ROI which is something very important that you need to keep in mind and this can be done with help of social media management tools free.

Each of the tools have got its own set of  pros and cons and hence it is for one to figure out the best and the ones which works for them, but not to forget that some of them are classics and they give the best results with most people.

So let us look at social media tools list.

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is, One of the best Social Media Management and Marketing Tools that provides all Publishing, Promoting, Scheduling, reporting and ORM at one Place.

It is one of the best free social media management tools. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. It helps in effective management by providing a proper social media campaign with regular reports and statistics.  

This is a great tool and helps people in managing multiple social media accounts, and that makes it much easier and hence this is something very important.

Agorapulse Features

  • Easy to use and quality messaging inbox with automation.
  • FB and Instagram ad management
  • Find the right content and label the best contents
  • Social publishing, reporting, messaging and listing at one place

Agorapulse Prices

  • Medium- 79$ (2 Users with 10 Social Channels)
  • Large- 159$ (4 Users with 25 Social Channels)
  • X-Large- 239$ (8 Users with 40 Social Media channels)
  • Enterprise-399$ (20 Users with 60 Social Media channels)

2. Hootsuite

Social Media management can be made easy by this tool. It will aid your business by connecting you to millions of people in no matter of time. Access properly to all the eminent social media networks with this tool.  

This is known to give good results and people really like this one, lots of people from all over the world are making use of this and it is worth the price which is there.

Hootsuite is one of the best and renowned Social Media Tools and most popular tool among social media managers. I have been using this over 5 years. It is also trusted by millions of users across 175 countries for social media management  

Hootsuite Features

  • Multiple integrations possible with this tool
  • Promote content and get analysis of each post
  • Schedule your post and curate content
  • Team collaboration and Monitoring 

Hootsuite Pricing

  • Professional – INR 1915/month (1 user with 10 social channels)
  • Team- INR 7540/month (3 users with 20 social media channels)
  • Business- INR-45000/month (up to 10 users with 35 social media channels)
  • Enterprise – Customized pack

3. Sendible

SENDIBLE, is the finest social media tools for marketing for any scale of the business arena. It provides detailed reports, analytics, statistics, trends and efficient audience management for the business networks.

Since there are so many features, you can call this one for all as there is so much that it offers and it is worth the price that you spend on it.

Sendible Features

  • The tool is quite simple, flexible and easy to use. Reports and menu of the tools are impressive with perfect reports that look neat.
  • Easy and handy reports in a few times that explain you all about the social channels performance.
  • Community building, customer engagement and Sentiment analysis is another great feature in it.
  • Creating Social Calendar, Scheduling posts in easy way and Shared library is a great feature of it

Sendible Pricing

  • Starter- 29$/Month (1 user with 12 Social Channels)
  • Traction- 99$/Month (3 users with 48 channels)
  • Growth- 199$/Month (7 users with 105 Social Channels)
  • Large- 299$/Month (12 users with 192 Social Services)

4. Tailwind

Tailwind is known for Pinterest Scheduling tools, one of the best tools ever I have used for Pinterest Scheduling. I have been using this tool for 5 years to grow on Pinterest and it has helped me to boost my Pinterest Business Profile.

This tool can drive great engagement to your business making websites in no time, greeting you with positive results in terms of audience. It manages all major social media platforms in order to keep the business’s trends updated.

Tailwind Features

  • You can automatically pin with this tools at the right time.
  • Analyse your web traffic, pin engagement, profile growth and all analytics in its dashboard.
  • Create Pins and analyse its performance
  • Schedule pin for anytime
  • Free to use
  • Safe and secure tool

Tailwind Pricing

  • Pinterest Plus- 14.99$ /Month (1 Pinterest profile with 400 posts )
  • Instagram Plus- 14.99$/ Month (1 Instagram profile with 400 posts )

5. feedly

It is the most promising one in the social media tools list as it has a users list of more than 15 million people. It provides you with all trendiest updates at your own pace and allows you to keep an eye on all the updates in the business world.

6. Tweepi

Tweepi, Twitter app is one of the astounding applications as it has a great audience. This tool will assist you in developing more followers on Twitter using some sharp tactics.

This is AI-Artificial Intelligence based twitter tool to grow your brand. With the help of this tool you analyse, measure and grow followers on twitter. It is best for them one who have no time to spend on twitter to grow.

Tweepi Features

  • Follow relevant users who match to your profession or profile
  • Unfollow undesirable users
  • Get updated for latest recommended users

Tweepi Pricing

  • Silver- 10.75$/Month (300 daily recommendations, 150 f0llow)
  • Platinum- 20.75$/Month (600 recommendation, 250 Follow)

7. Crowdbooster

It is among the best free social media management tools. It helps in gaining rich traffic in the social media platforms especially Facebook and twitter by optimising them with sheer perfection. It supports the business in expanding its reach by enhancing the quality of content provision.

8. Canva

It is a major social media management tool-free. It offers stupendous graphic designers for creating brilliant layouts and graphics in order to promote businesses on a wider scale.

Canva is most popular tool for graphic designer and visualizers. Her you can create all types of Digital marketing graphics, posts, resumes, PDFs, presentations, and even videos. It is free tool for you if you are planning to learn graphic designing.

Canva Features

  • Free layouts for all types of designers
  • Fonts and multiple colour choices
  • Customise branding assistance and recommendations
  • Image cropping, video edition and video creation free

Canva Pricing

  • Free Trial- Use free templates over 8K
  • Canva Pro- 12.95$/Month (100GB storage, Team functions)
  • Canva Enterprise- 30$/Month (Multiple features, team collaboration and assignments, Unlimited storage)

9. Influential

Through this tool, a business can formulate strategies for wide campaign promotion. It includes a massive audience engagement which will provide you with good analytics’s reports and timeline strategists to boost the audience on the bigger social media networks.

10. Socedo

It rewards users with great audience insights and helps them in engaging audiences with their business portfolio. Elevate your marketing database to a greater extent. It helps the business making websites in developing these dogs’ amount of followers on twitter in order to make business oriole at remarkable rates.  

11. Mention

is another effective platform by which one can grow traffic on their business websites and can also effectively manage the competition existing in the outer arena. Take your business to new heights of success by following all trends. Engage with online media and greet an enormous audience on your site.

There are hundreds of social Media Marketing and Social Media Scheduling tools available but what is best for you is you can decide. Review your requirements, Team Size, Social Chanel’s, Social media goals and Industry

Here is the video where I have explained all these tools and additional tools to schedule your posts online.


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