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Referral Marketing Program: Everything You Need to Know About

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 Everything You Need to Know About Referral Marketing Program

Referral Marketing Program: Everything You Need to Know About
Referral Marketing Program: Everything You Need to Know About

From the past few years referral marketing has been acquired by many top brands and this is really helping them to grow faster than any other strategy for their business.

In Digital Marketing world when you plan about growing business online than you can’t ignore the referral marketing program.

Referral marketing program has helped several businesses to engage their customer and have helped them to retain their customers.
Many of the businesses are far away from referral marketing but in the coming years it will be necessity to bring loyal customers on board.
Referral Marketing Program: Everything You Need to Know About
Referral Marketing Program: Everything You Need to Know About
If you want build your brand or grow your online presence than you should not forget the referral marketing program.

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing is when you get your customers to tell their friends about you.
This is a way of making fan following, creating a list of customer by obtaining support from specific sources or this is way getting referred your business to your customers friends
According to the New York Times, 65% of all new business comes from referrals. That means on average, two-thirds of consumers make purchases because someone they know recommended a particular product or service.
In normal words Referral marketing is a technique of promoting your products, services or your businesses to your friends.

How Referral Marketing help you in your business

This is great way promoting your brands organically without spending much on Advertisements. You just need to make great referral marketing program that engage your existing customer. The program should help retaining your customers and help you bringing new customer
Why should you use referral marketing?
Because you are human being and you always share your happenings and experience with your friends. When your friends recommend something to buy a product you definitely buy that and that’s referral marketing.
  • 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know – Nielsen
  • People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend – Nielsen
  • Consumers rely on word-of-mouth 2-10x more than paid media. – Boston Consulting Group
Following are the few reasons to use referral marketing-:
  • It saves your marketing budget
  • It retains your customer and acquire new customer
  • It is user friendly and customer centric marketing strategy
  • It engages customers and gives them benefits to retain with the brand
  •  This way you not only save your money but also bring new customer.
Referral Marketing Process
Any referral marketing program depends on the product, service, nature of business and its type of customers.
Let’s discuss few things about referral marketing process-
  • Discuss with your sales and marketing team about the customers
  • Understand the customers behavior and trends of the business in your industry
  • Draw a plan with sales team about what they can offer to a customer if that bring another customer
  • Discuss the finances with marketing team and chalk out the promotion plan
  • Make digital marketing plan to advertise your referral marketing program
The success of referral programme depends on the sales and marketing team. You need to plan the great rewards, offers, discounts or cash back offers to bring more customers or retain the existing one.
I will discuss the details of Referral Marketing in next article. Happy Reading.
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